Epic Easter Bunny Fail.

Before you scroll down to see this year's Easter Bunny picture,
be sure to click HERE to see the Easter Bunny pictures from the last 3 years!
It will give you a nice preview of what to expect.

Okay, are you back?

It goes without saying that my girls don't like the Easter Bunny.

Here is the 2010 Epic Easter Bunny FAIL:
{click to enlarge}

Classic! I am a mean mommy & LOVE pictures like this.
My girls didn't disappoint me this year! ha!
We were quite the scene at the mall this afternoon.

I wish you could see the cute shirts I made them using my friend Julie's tutorial.

So, here they are up close (since you can't see them in the Easter Bunny picture:
I am pretty happy how they turned out considering this is the first thing I have sewn without any help at all!


  1. love this mel!
    pure perfection.... and your cute shirts. adorable. thank God for Julie is all I'm going to say :)

  2. Hahaha! Best bunny pic ever! And great job on the shirt!!

  3. Love the shirts, great job! And LOVE the Easter Memories! Totally laughing!

  4. Adorable shirts! Love them :)
    And the pic is too much..I've got to agree w/ the girls, there is just something creepy about the bunny @ the mall.. ;)

  5. I knew there was a reason we're friends! haha

  6. Seriously funny. Your girls are totally going to get you back one day for that trauma! I'm going to say it will be in the form of teenage rebellion. :)

    Great job with the t-shirts!!!

  7. how funny! i would totally display this photo, too. classic.

    thanks for coming to visit my blog. i'm following yours now too -- your photos are gorgeous! it helps that your girls are totally beautiful. ellie's middle name is claire and kate is a name we considered for her middle name. funny, huh?

    i'm a 6th grade English teacher. people think i'm crazy, but i love my middle schoolers. :)

    nice to meet you, mel!

  8. love it!!! those are the best pictures. i was not a fan of the easter bunny as a child either...lots of me crying on his/her lap.

    great job on your shirts...they look so cute!

  9. hahahahaha!!

    cute shirts :-)

  10. i love those! seriously funny, and those shirts are a.dorable!!

  11. Super cute bunny shirts! Nice job.

    And I am laughing at the classic picture of the girls crying on te bunny's lap. Those make for the best pics. Our Santa pics looked just like that.

    PS- Come on over, I'll save you a beer and a brownie. :)

  12. haha that's hilarious! thanks for the comment on my blog earlier. Your girls are just precious.

    come visit again! I posted a giveaway tonight. :)

  13. I mean, what kiddo in their right mind would like a gigantic bunny with glasses bigger than their heads. They were probably afraid the bunny would eat them. I would never subject my kids to such torture . . . unless it was a fat old guy with a beard.

  14. Ha! Looks like the girls are keeping up with tradition! :)

    Kudos on the adorable shirts- they look great!

  15. I love love love this picture. Alex was so scared of Santa this year, he took off running down the mall when Santa said hi to him, so I have a lovely picture of Nate happily sitting on Santa's lap without Alex.

  16. he is just freaky! i know you've seen my bunny fail shots. hahaha! YAY for the shirts!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. first of all, the easter bunny is THE SCARIEST thing ever! I'm with Kate & Claire, "Get me off of this scary pretend, freak-o-nature bunny!"

  18. I LOVE IT!!! Hi-lar-ious!!!
    Great job on the shirts, too...super cute!

  19. This is TOO funny and I just love those bunny shirts!

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