Twelve Things on a Thursday.

How about some Thursday randomness?

Here are 12 random things I am thinking about:

My favorite, favorite, favorite season of them all.
This week has been a great week.
 Mostly because of my attitude change and my giddiness that Fall is HERE!!!!!!! 
Cooler temps. Crisp Air. PUMPKINS.
Trader Joe's had their pumpkin food display out. Made my heart happy.

I forgot to put in my earrings earlier this week. 
I went the whole day without wearing earrings. 
 I am wore my necklace, rings, my bracelets (and clothes) but without earrings, I feel naked.
Anyone else have those issues like me?

Little Boy clothes are growing on me.
Plaid shirts & cargo pants.
And, little converse. I die of cuteness.

So dang adorable.

It rained on the first day of Fall. Like, a crazy rain. We don't get rain in California in September, EVER. The girls were in heaven splashing in puddles.

Know who wasn't in heaven? My sister, Rebecca.
My nephew Jack turned 1 last week & his party was on Saturday & was supposed at a park.
Massive Rain = No party at a park. Kevin and I offered to have it at our house.
It was fun. Here is a sneak peek:
I took TONS of pics. But haven't uploaded them yet.
(Sorry, sister....I'll get them to you this weekend...)

These nude/gold flats are one of my current favorite shoes. 
LOVE them. Real leather & under 40.
I wear them 1-2 times a week.

Get them HERE.

Have you entered my giveaway to win a Keurig & Green Mountain Coffee? 
 Enter HERE!

I thought this was a bag of normal candy corn. Turns out it was candy corn/peanut mix. IT IS AMAZING.

So good. What a happy accident. Go buy some. Now.

Pin-Spired will be this Tuesday, October 1st! 
 Link up your Pinterest Inspired outfits with me, Sheaffer & Shay!

This video. WRECKED me. 
Have tissues handy. Oh my word.
Watch it HERE.

It's almost October. That means, it's almost CROCK-TOBER!
My 3rd annual Crock Pot recipe link up will be on Monday, October 7th. 

You can check out the 2011 Crock-tober HERE
And, the 2012 Crock-tober HERE
Mark your calenders! 

Have you been enjoying Fall TV Preimere week?
I have! Here are some highlights:
How I Met Your Mother. LOVED it.
New Girl. Week 2 didn't disappoint.
The Voice. Wasn't on my line up, but The Biggest Loser isn't starting for another few weeks & Kevin was working late on Tuesday and the Voice was on. Watched it & loved it. Need to watch more!
Lucky 7. It's new show, wasn't on my list to watch, but it somehow got DVR'd. I really liked it.
Low lights of Fall TV Priemere week:
Dads & Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Buh-Bye. You are out of my line up.

 I have the kids Halloween costumes all ready to go. A month ahead of schedule. 
We have a theme (again) I will milk a theme as long as I can with my kids.
The majority of their costumes are hand-me-downs. Score!
Can't wait. So excited. 
Here is a sneak peek.
Any guesses?!?!

Happy {almost} Weekend!


  1. I am a fall girl too. And a pumpkin girl as well. (Just wish we had a TJs so I could partake of some of that fall yumminess!) A friend introduced me to the candy corn and peanut combo a few years ago. So yummy! Way to go on the Halloween costumes! I am betting Wizard of Oz with a lion for Luke, Cinderella for Claire, and Gilnda for Kate. I have the fabric for my girls. Now to just get them made before October 30th.
    Happy Fall!

  2. We had a Dorothy and Tin man combo one year :)

  3. I'm guessing the Wizard of Oz - Dorothy, the Lion, and the Scarecrow (or Glenda the Good Witch) - I always wanted to do themes for Halloween but my kids were just too opinionated for that to happen - can't wait to see

  4. I saw that bag of candy corn at Target the other day and almost gagged!! Sounds so not good. I'm a huge candy corn fan!! Maybe I'll try it now that you gave it a test run! :)

  5. We just got Trader Joe's in Houston and I love it! I bought some Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds that have sea salt on them the other day and they were heavenly!

  6. Girl, if you think candy corn and peanuts are amazing, try adding some Reese's pieces to the mix. OMG. It's the best fall mix EVER. I could seriously eat my weight in it.

    SO jealous of your Trader Joe's pumpkin goodness. Still waiting for the Boulder and Denver stores to open sometime this year.

  7. Mixing peanuts with candy corn is one of my favorite fall treats! Sweet and salty...gotta love it!

    I have a little boy too, and after having so much fun dressing my little girl, I was pretty bummed about the clothes situation, but they're totally growing on me too!

    Enjoy Fall!!!

  8. I love theme costumes! I'm so going to milk it as long as possible too. First year my daughter was obsessed with Cookie Monster so she was Cookie and her little brother was a cookie of course. Next year he was obsessed with Peter Pan so she was Tink. And this year my daughter will be Jessie, my oldest son will be Woody, and the 1 year old boy will be Buzz or as his brother calls him baby Buzz. I love Halloween!

  9. I watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine too and hated it. Like, it was painful to watch. I also checked out the Marvels show, but I don't think I can get into it. I'm going to try the Blacklist tonight and see if its as good as people have said.

  10. Love all of this! Yes to pumpkins. Yes to rain. Yes to coordinating Halloween costumes. :)

    Miss you friend! When is the grape crush???



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