Claire's Tangled Birthday Party!

Saturday was Claire's 5th birthday party. 
For her 4th birthday, she asked me for either a Candy Shoppe Party or a Tangled themed party.
We did the Candy Shoppe Party for her 4th because I really wanted to do that theme for my candy loving Claire, and I was also trying to avoid a Tangled Party.
I love the movie Tangled, but throwing "character" parties isn't my favorite.
(Kate had a Minine Mouse 3rd Birthday and a Cinderella 4th Birthday, so I was kinda over the whole character thing)
About a week after Claire's Candy Shoppe 4th Birthday Party, she told me that she couldn't wait for her 5th Birthday Party because it was definitely going to be a Tangled Party.
Sure enough, she has talked about it ever since, so I knew I had to follow through for her and throw her a Tangled Party that she had been talking about for over a year.

Invite that I made:
I decorated our front yard to make it look like a scene from Tangled.
I hung paper lanterns from the trees:

 I pinned a Wanted Flynn Rider sign to the tree:

As you entered our house, I had Tangled's braid (yellow crepe paper) coming out of the door and leading into my house:
The "hair" was strung throughout the downstairs:
 Aren't the tissue balls pretty? Kevin helped me make them. What a guy!

You know I love dessert tables. Because her party was 2-4, I just had snacks/desserts.
The backdrop to the dessert table was a sun bunting I made out of paper & a Snuggly Duckling sign.
My awesome Mother in Law made the cake:
I made cupcake toppers to go on the Puffs.
 My neighbor let me borrow 3 of her cast iron skillets. If you have seen the movie, you know that the frying pan is part of the movie!

First thing the girls did when they got here, was pick a crown with Rapunzel hair.
The banner above the crowns said "Let Down your Hair"

 I had stickers/decorations for the girls to decorate their crowns:
I also had Rapunzel coloring pages for the girls to color:
I had chalk for the girls to chalk all over our patio:
 Since Rapunzel LOVES to paint & paints on her tower, I thought it would be fun to let the girls paint on the side of our house. I made a ton of my Sidewalk Chalk Paint, gave each girl a sponge paint brush & them paint our house.
The girls couldn't  believe we were letting them paint our house.  The paint chalk washes off, so this was so fun to let them do.
Then, it was time for the big surprise.....the main event of the party. 
Rapunzel herself!!!
You should have seen these little girls....they were speechless. It was precious.
Rapunzel read the Rapunzel story to the girls
She sang.
{Behind Rapunzel's chair, I made the paper bunting & it says, "Best Day Ever!"
She did some "magic" tricks:
Then, she did face painting for all the girls:

We sang & ate cake:
The favors were Watercolors for each of the girls, since Tangled loves to paint.
Having Tangled there was for sure the highlight of the party.
Such a fun, fun, afternoon.

Claire screamed after her party was over that "THIS WAS THE BEST DAY EVER! "
And, that's all I was hoping to hear!

Claire's Parties throughout the years:
4th Birthday - Claire's Candy Shoppe Party
3rd Birthday - Claire's Cowgirl Party
2nd Birthday - Claire's Ladybug Party
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  1. I love love LOVE seeing the real smiles from Claire in all the photos. I know sometimes it is such a pain to get real smiles out of your kids and it's so clear she was so happy. Totally worth it!

  2. You are so creative!!! What a lucky little girl to have such a sweet mama to throw her this party!!!

  3. WOW! I'm speechless and I'm 32 years old! I can only imagine how Claire felt! So glad it turned out so well. :-)

  4. So cute! I love the last two pics the best! Such a treasured moment! xo

  5. Oh her smile!! What an awesome party! I always love your dessert tables. What a wonderful mommy you are!

  6. What an adorable party. I'll have to keep this in mind. My girls love tangled

  7. Oh you must have felt SO good to hear her say that! Both the girls look completely thrilled! =)

    Such great ideas, too- I love the rice krispie treat paintbrushes and crepe paper hair strung throughout the house! So fun!

  8. Such a wonderful day! I love, love, love all of your tiny little details! Such a great party Mel! Good job!!

  9. How cool, you rocked that party. And That cake is crazy cool

  10. WOW. Anna has been talking non-stop about having a "Belle" birthday party this year. (She hasn't even seen the movie, she just likes her big yellow dress!) The thought of throwing it is giving me heart palpitations. Do you do consulting??

  11. You are the party throwing ninja! Way to go! What a special party. And to be last minute....ugh I wish my parties I threw looked like that with planning! ;) I have tried to make those tissue paper poms but they are always to scarce. How many pieces of tissue paper do you use?

  12. AMAZING PARTY, Mel! Please come throw my next birthday party...I swear it won't be character themed! Haha! But seriously, those decorations are so creative and everything looks great! I'm sure it was the best day ever! (By the way, I think you could start ANOTHER side business in party planning.)

  13. Everything looks amazing. Great job on the details!

  14. YOU NEVER LET ME DOWN WITH YOUR PARTIES!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND GOD BLESS YOU FOR BEING "THAT MOM".....your creativity is a gift and I am SO glad you use it and share it with all of us!!!

  15. now, that party is going to be hard to top!!

  16. I think you have taken creativity to a new high! I love your blog and enjoy all that you write and post but this is probably the very best character party I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing and you get my vote for Mother of the Year in spades!!!

  17. so cute! I love the yellow crepe paper, the cupcakes, and the crowns with "hair"!! :)

  18. Cutest party ever!!! Seriously, great job! So creative. I love how you strung the yellow streamer through the whole house. Really awesome!

  19. Oh all the cuteness!! You rock momma! Your girls and you are creating such lifelong fun memories!!

  20. You did an amazing job Momma! Everything looked awesome
    I love all the little activities you had planned for them and that cake was AMAZING!!!

  21. You do such a good job organizing your parties. Everything looks fantastic!

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Mel-another awesome party! Makes me want to be 5 and live at your house! :). Lucky girl!

  24. Where did you find Rapunzel herself to hire for the party? I've been looking to do something similar and have had a hard time finding the characters to hire.

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  27. Can you give a brief resource list? Such as where you got the materials to make the crowns and some of the other supplies like candy and paints? Thanks, beautiful party!

  28. What program did you use to create the invitations?

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