My Fall 2013 TV Line Up

It's here peeps. 
Fall TV Premiere week. 
One of my favorite weeks of the year!

By the way, thank you for all your comments on my Back to School Post
Glad to know that I am not alone with kids who are melting down and that back to school is kicking your a$$es also. Misery loves company, ha! :)
 What I love to do at the end of the day is just sit down with a glass of wine & zone out in front of the TV.  How about you?
Lucky for us, it's Fall TV Premiere Week!!!!!
I've been waiting since May for this week.
No more re-runs.
We get to find out what happened after months since the Season Finales!
Get ready.....Let's talk TV!
Here is my current lineup of what we watch & are going to try out this Fall:
Monday Night Football
(LOVE Monday Night Football)
How I Met Your Mother:

LOVE this show. We have been watching it since the beginning. It is equivalent to FRIENDS for me. A good replacement! This show is what FRIENDS was for me in college. This is the final season. We have faithfully watched all 8 seasons & I own the seasons on DVD. Can't wait for this season....Barney & Robin's wedding....and finding out who Ted marries!! )
And....I can't believe it took me this long to figure out that BOB SAGET is the voice of future Ted. Mind = Blown.
2 years ago we started watching 2 Broke Girls
Last season was Eh. But, I will give it another chance this season. Let's see how many episodes I watch before I kick it off my schedule :)

New Shows on Mondays that I will check out:
We are Men:

I would also like to watch The Voice, but I can't commit to it since it would take up 2 nights. Monday night show & Tuesday night results show. I gotta draw the line somewhere ;)

New Girl
 Started watching it the first season & LOVE it. SO good. Loved the season premiere last week!

Biggest Loser

New Tuesday shows that I will check out:
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
 Both of these shows had their season premieres last week. I watched them. 
Wasn't impressed. Lame so far. I will give them another week before they get the boot ;)
Premiering this week on Tuesday is The Goldbergs. It's about an 80's family. I will watch the pilot.

We don't have any shows we watch on Wednesdays, which is fine because we have Small Group Bible Study on Wednesday nights this year.
(We never watched Modern Family, so we will just have to Netflix it sometime)
Starting in January, American Idol will be on Wednesdays & I will absolutely watch. Haven't missed a season yet!

So, so, so, sad The Office is over. *Sigh* Thursday night TV just won't be the same.

2 and a Half Men:
Wait...This show is still on?!?!
 We have last year's ENTIRE season on our DVR. Never watched any episodes last year.  Guess it's time to break up with this show, since I kinda forgot about it.
We never started watching Parenthood, but I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to start watching it, so I am going to DVR this season and try and catch up on previous seasons. I am OCD & have to watch them in order :)

New Shows on Thursdays that I want to try out:
The Crazy Ones (staring Robin Williams & Sarah Michelle Geller)
 The Millers (staring Will Arnett)
Welcome to the Family 

 We use Fridays to catch up on all our DVR'd shows that we don't watch during the week.
Sometimes I will watch Undercover Boss and Shark Tank. 
I don't add them to my DVR, but will watch them if there is nothing else on.

College Football
Some Saturdays, we rent a $1 movie from Red Box.
Or, go on a Date Night or hang out with family/friends.
Saturday is not a big TV night for us.

Sunday Night Football (we love Football in the house!)
Amazing Race
Shows that were cancelled that I watched:
Whitney was on for 2 seasons and they cancelled it this year. The first season was pretty good, last season was blah. I am not surprised it was cancelled.
Rules of Engagement. I am SHOCKED this got cancelled. I didn't find out until today. Totally bummed. It lasted 7 seasons, I was pretty surprised they cancelled it. So many things unfinished on the show and now it's cancelled. BOO. 

 Never got to see Audrey & Jeff as parents. 
 (I must admit, the dragging out of the surragate's pregnancy for 2 years?!? Come on.)
And, we never got to see Jennifer & Adam get married after being engaged for 7 years. #annoyed. Wish they would have let it go just one more season. Oh well.
  Can't forget about The Bachelor that starts in January.
2 words:
I will be watching. Haven't missed a season yet.
*All images from google images*

This post makes me sound like a TV junkie (maybe I am!), but we mostly just DVR everything and watch it on Friday nights. We are SO exciting. Ha!
And, as the months go on, we cut out shows that we don't like or they just stay unwatched on the DVR in what I call "DVR Suburgatory"

What are your favorite shows? 
What new shows are you excited to try out?
Any shows you broke up with after last season?
Anyone else as excited as I am for the Premieres this week? 

And, check out my friend Sheaffer's blog, she has a awesome contest going on for Moms of Special Needs Kiddos.

Check it out HERE!


  1. I was so sad to see Rules of Engagement go too! I really liked that show! And we are also How I Met Your Mother junkies :). But Parenthood is one of my absolute FAVORITE shows!! I loved your line-up!!

  2. Parenthood is awesome - definitely check it out. Nashville is a great show too. LOVE How I Met Your Mother. So many great new shows to try this season. The DVR will be on overdrive this week.

  3. Love Parenthood!! I cry every episode! Some of the best writing on TV! I read that if you have never watched now is the best season to jump in because it has jumped ahead about 8 months! But it's definitely worth starting from the beginning too!

  4. The Good Wife is awesome. Nashville is probably the show I am looking forward to most this season. Scandal and Greys are main stays for me. Downton Abbey needs to come back like yesterday. Starting watching Veep now and if you have Netflixs House of Cards is a must.

  5. I am sad about Rules of Engagement also. I felt the end was the same as King of Queens and I needed more from them.

    I am looking forward to Big Bang Theory and Mike & Molly.

    I want to check out the Robin Williams show, The Crazy Ones.

  6. I love Castle...Monday nights on ABC! Give it a shot...you know, in alllllllllll your free time :)

  7. what about the Michael J. Fox show? I think I'm going to give that one a try.

  8. I love this post!!1 I'm do not watch so many tv... I guess I religious watch The Vampire Diaries... The next season start on oct 3 yeiii... and Pretty little Liars!!! BIG FAN I love that series... they are now in mid season break... and the other on was Grey's Anatomy, But I stopped watched in the middle of the last season, I want catch up before the new season start!!

  9. Thanks for the reminder! I am going to check some of those shows out too. I am looking forward to Nashville and Revenge....I have to watch revenge bec my daughters name is Emily Thorne, the same as the main character! ;)

  10. Ditto on Parenthood! Love HIMYM, we started watching 2-3 seasons ago after catching up. Other shows I watch - Grimm, Greys Anatomy, Once Upon a Time, Revenge, The Vampire Diaries, Big Bang Theory, and I'm sure I'm missing a few. Like you we DVR them and watch when we can.

  11. i only watch food network
    i am officially old and boring...and hungry

  12. I LOVE parenthood. I never watched it when it was on until this season but I caught up last Spring and I can't wait for it to come back! Watch it, for sure!!

  13. I also love HIMYM and have watched from the beginning...even though I wasn't that impressed with last season. I'm excited for this season to see how the series will end. I noticed you're watching every show on FOX on Tuesday but The Mindy Project. Maybe you started last season and couldn't get into it? They did some re-vamping about half-way through the season and it's much better now. I think it's time for you to let the American Idol ship sail and switch to watching The Voice. ;) I also put Parenthood on the DVR and watch basically the whole season at once. I expect that's what I'll do again this year. The hubs and I are going to give The Blacklist a try this year. We had a lot of shows we watched on HBO and Netflix over the summer, so I'm trying to cut back this fall lol. Also, I love all the "guilty pleasure" Housewife shows on Bravo!

  14. I like Parenthood, too. Have you ever watched "The Middle' on Wed. nights with Patricia Heaton? It's really funny.

  15. Juan. Pablo. Need I say more?!?!?!?!?!?!

  16. Parenthood = Amazing. I watched the first 5 seasons on Netflix in 2 weeks while on maternity leave with Jack. Cried during every.single.episode. You will love it!

  17. I love HIMYM and 2 Broke Girls. I am also psyched about Chicago FIre. You should totally watch it. I'm not sure what new shows I'll be watching. I feel somewhat overwhelmed with all the old shows I have to catch up on. I also started watching Parenthood on Netflix, and I'm planning to DVR the new season. I also need to catch up on Nashville. I loved Connie Britton on FNL.

  18. I LOVE New Girl! And I totally agree - How I met your mother is my Friends replacement :)

  19. I am way too excited for all the premieres this week! I am seriously a TV junkie!! lol! I watched Dads and Brooklyn Nine Nine last week as well and wasn't really feeling them. I may or may not give them one more shot tonight. Super excited for The Goldbergs tonight! I just love the 80's! I can't wait for the return of Nashville and Parenthood :) Excellent dramas!!! I think it would be best to watch Parenthood from the beginning to get the whole story of how they came to this season.


  20. We don't watch too many sitcoms in our house - my hubs and I just don't think they make them like they used to but maybe we'll give one a try at some point. We mostly watch reality TV shows, but we are not religious (other than The Bachelor for me- ha!). We like Survivor and Shark Tank a ton. Oh, and we like Blue Bloods! I may have to try out some of your faves!

  21. Parenthood, most definitely. I know I am in the minority, but I LOATHE How I Met Your Mother. Like, can't even be in the same room when it's on loathe it! The Big Bang Theory and Parks and Rec are great and I also like the Tim Allen show that's on Friday nights, Last Man Standing. I watch NO TV during the summer, so this new season is fun!

  22. What??? We've been watching reruns of Rules of Engagement! How could they syndicate it and then cancel it without allowing any closure? Craziness!

    Counting the moments until we get to see Juan Pablo! YUM!!!!

  23. What??? We've been watching reruns of Rules of Engagement! How could they syndicate it and then cancel it without allowing any closure? Craziness!

    Counting the moments until we get to see Juan Pablo! YUM!!!!



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