Sidewalk Chalk Paint

This may be the easiest craft ever. 
And I mean, EVER.
My kids love to paint & watercolor, but cleaning up after regular painting & water coloring is SUCH A PAIN. 
Can I get an Amen?
Enter Sidewalk Chalk Paint.
 Easy to make & even easier to clean up.
I found out about Sidewalk Chalk Paint on Pinterest last summer.
Making Sidewalk Chalk Paint has been on our Summer List the past 2 years.
The girls LOVE it.
Here is what you need:
 Food Coloring
(As well as a mixing bowl, cups & paintbrushes)
 You are going to use equal parts water & corn starch. 
For this batch I did 1 cup of each.
Whisk the cornstarch & water.
Divide into plastic cups. I wanted to make 6 colors, so I used 6 cups.
 Drop food coloring into the cups. I think I did about 8-10 drops per cup.
 Red food coloring makes pink paint. 
{I used red & yellow to make orange. I used red & blue to make purple}
 The colors are so fun and the texture is really easy to paint with,
 Paint Brushes work great to paint with, but I prefer sponge paint brushes (not pictured) they are much easier to paint with on the sidewalk.
 The neighborhood kids love when I make chalk paint!
 (The adults love it also, because it keeps the kids entertained while we all sit in the court & have adult conversation)
 Plus, it makes the streets & sidewalks of our court look pretty & colorful.
Sidewalk Chalk Paint washes RIGHT off with water. Does not stain at all. 
 Which is good because our next door neighbor told the girls they could paint her stone mailbox.
 So, if you make this, have no fear. It washes right off cement and stone mailboxes.
 Our neighbors had quite a colorful mailbox for awhile.
  It washes right off skin and clothing also. Win-win.
 So, if you need a quick & easy activity with your kids, I totally suggest making Sidewalk Chalk Paint..
It looks messy, but it's really not. Nothing a hose can't take care of.
Beacuase it's made with corn starch, it basically turns into a powder when it dries.
And, I use disposable drinking cups and just throw them away after the girls are done painting (Sorry, Earth)
And, if you have a little 1 year old baby boy who tries to drink some of the paint, no worries...it's just water, corn starch and food dye. Totally safe.

Linking up with my sweet friend Jess (and praying her baby girl #3 arrives soon..she is a few days over due!
 Thanks, Pinterest for another great idea!


  1. Still up and saw this and had to laugh because if you look at our mailbox it says "Anna" with hearts all over it in pink chalk :) Need to make me some chalk paint!

  2. I love this idea! There are no words I fear more than, "mom, can we paint?". I get a sick feeling every time they ask. I love this idea for outside!

  3. Such a fun idea! Definitely going to try this!

    Lindsay :)


  4. I made this with my 2 and 4 year old and it got really messy. I should have had them wear their swimsuits! Ha!

  5. I've had this pinned for awhile and still need to try it! Such a fun and cheerful looking thing!

  6. i made this, but froze it in ice cube trays for a cooling summer time treat!

  7. Good to know it washes off of stone and brick because often regular sidewalk chalk does not! It does look messy...I love water color painting because I think it is so easy and mess-free. One mom's stress-free activity is a stress-inducing for another. :)

  8. I HAVE to try this! In a few months when it's summer (yippee!) and warmer. A little bit too cold tight now, lol!

  9. LOVE this! It looks like so much fun! And your pics were so pretty!!!

  10. I've made some yummy Pinterest recipes too http://www.mamachitchat.com/2013/09/pinterest-recipes/



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