Goodbye, Summer 2012

Summer 2012, It was a good one.
Even though school started last week, I always declare Labor Day Weekend as the official end of summer.
We finished up our 2012 Summer List over Labor Day Weekend.
Out of 32 items on our list, we completed 30.
This is the best we have done (probably because this is the only summer haven't gone on vacation (since Luke was due in August, we didn't plan any trips)
We were home a lot & were able to get most of the items checked off.
The only 2 we didn't get done were:
Have a Lemonade Stand & Pick fresh fruit.

Here are some of our highlights from our Summer List 2012:
Make Homemade Strawberry Jam:
4th of July Pool Party & Sausage Fest:
Going to the Beach:
Going to the Fair:
Make Sidewalk Paint (SO fun & easy! Tutorial coming soon!)
Make S'mores (I like my s'mores with Reeces PB Cups)

And watch a movie on the lawn!
The Daddy-Daughter Backyard Movie & Camping Night was a hit!
They did this over Labor Day weekend & it will now be an annual tradition and a great way to end summer.

My highlight of the summer list & my favorite thing I checked off was have a baby
(and finally find out if it is a boy or girl!)
Hooray for Luke joining our family!
It was a great summer & a most memorable one!
Now, bring on the Fall....My most favorite time of year!


  1. I have been wanting to make lists like this for season activities, you have inspired me to get working on a fall one.

  2. We had two thing left on our funner sumn list as well.
    I like your idea of Labor Day being the end of summer..end of summer fun list. My kid went back on August 13th and that last weekend we were busy getting stuff crossed off our list.
    Love the movie in the back idea..I may have to steal that from you:)

  3. I love the camp out photo! What a great way to end the summer! And of course I love your last photo of your new little guy. I'm sure that was the absolute highlight of the summer.

  4. All that strawberry jam! wow!
    Love the campout and movie with Dad. too cute!
    And of course Luke is absolutely adorable...
    looks like you guys had a fantastic summer!

  5. LOVE this! We finished all but one on our list-drive in movie. I'm hoping to get there before the end of the year.
    I also love Boulder outside the tent! I can't hardly wait to get a dog.

  6. The summer list is the best. So glad you got to so much of it! Can't believe all that summer jam. And nothing beats s'mores with Reese's!!!

  7. What an amazing summer! Can't wait to see what the Fall has in store for ya.


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  8. So fun!!!

    We do a neighborhood campout at the pocket park across the street every Labor Day weekend. THe kids LOVE it and we have so many fun memories from the past 9 years.

    Here's an idea for you: I have a daughter with a Sept bday also (actually I have 3)...for her 8th bday we did a "movie" party in the backyard. The party was from 5:30 - 8:30 and we did pizza and cake till 7 and then they watched a movie on the lawn in the backyard. We rented a popcorn machine, I made special "shayna bucks" that they could use to buy candy, popcorn and soda at the concessions stand and we gave them each a cute blanket as a party favor so they could snuggle up with their goodies and watch the movie. It was a lot of work but a huge hit! Just thought that might be something that you might be interested in as the girls get older...




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