First week of Kindergarten + Back to School Printable

I want to thank each of you who left a comment on my last post.
Thank you for the encouragement & for letting me know I am not along about being scared/anxious/excited about Kate starting Kindergarten.
The first week of Kindergarten is in the books and it has been great!
Kate absolutely loves it.
Words straight from her mouth....
"Kindergarten is awesome!"
 The first day was only 2 hours long and the parents stayed the entire time
(so, the 2nd day of school was really the first "real" day of school)
Her teacher (who we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE)
 Her teacher had a cute classroom scavenger hunt for the students & parents to do as a way to get to know the classroom.
2 of my favorite quotes from the week were:
1. On Thursday, their class had music. Kate said she couldn't wait to go to music class because, "I just know we are going to sing Jesus Loves Me, that is the best song!"
We had to explain to Kate that she goes to a public school and that they probably won't sing that song in music class. Doh.
2. Kate really wants homework (crazy kid). On Friday, she said to me:
"I can't believe I have been in Kindergarten for a week & I still don't have homework. I just really want to do homework. I have been waiting all summer for it."Oh, Kate. I hope you have that enthusiasm about homework when you are in middle school & high school.

We decided to make Kate's teacher some cookies as a way to let her know that we are excited to be in her class. I made my favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies, put them in a mason jar & stuck it in a brown lunch bag with some washi tape.
In the lunch bag, I also included a little questionnaire for her teacher that I made.
I saw a similar idea on Pinterest, but wanted to make my own version of it.
Kate's teacher gave it back to us the next day all filled out.
I think it turned out so cute, so I thought I would share it with you so you can give it to your kid's teachers to fill out! It makes giving them gifts so much easier if you know what they like!
{Click to download. Right click & then Save.}Hope you are having a great Labor Day weekend & Happy Back to School!
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  1. I am so glad the first week went well. Why does everything look cuter in a mason jar!? I love the questions too, what a cute idea.

  2. Brilliant!! Just printed it!

    And YAY for a great first week!!

  3. I am SO downloading that and using it for Connor's 1st Grade teacher! Thank you!

  4. Thank you for making this printable! I am sending it with my daughter to school tomorrow :) She is the only one of the kids left where I can spoil the teachers. My sons in Jr. High and Highschool no longer do that stuff for all of their teachers :(

  5. Can I have Kate in my class when she gets bigger???

    Cookies the first week is such a nice treat : ) (although I will admit that one of the parents of my students dropped off a 12 pk of diet coke for me the second day of school, she already knows the way to my heart!)

  6. I am excited to be your newest follower! Nice to meet ya! Found you on GFC. Please follow back when ya get a chance :).

  7. she sounds like a student for life! love it!

    and that teacher printable is so cute...what a great idea for every new school year!

  8. This is so cute! Thanks for sharing!

    julie @ Naptime Review

  9. Those printables are so cute. Thanks for staring!

    My last name is Larson, so I am so excited that I've found your blog on the GFC blog hop. New follower! :)

    Follow me @ www.thedreamymeadow.com

  10. cutest idea ever! wish i was the teacher who got it haha

    Have a fabulous day! Stop by nichollvincent.blogspot.com and say hello! :)

  11. So glad she had a great first week!
    She looks so bright eyed in that picture. :)
    Avery was SO happy when she got her first
    bit of homework.
    I hope it lasts. :)



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