Take me out to the ball game

On Thursday, my sister Elyse and I took Claire & Luke to their first San Francisco Giants game!
My sister got amazing (and free!) tickets to the game from one of her clients at work and she asked me if I wanted to go with her. 
It was a Thursday day game, most people had to work, but since I am on Maternity Leave, I was able to go and I brought along Claire & Luke since Kate was at school.
Our tickets were right along the first base line. So awesome.
 Luke did this most of the game:
Claire had a blast & was excited about her new Buster Posey T-shirt.
One of my favorite things about baseball games is the food.
Since we were in the city, we had access to our favorite...The Coffee Bean!
It's not a baseball game without peanuts!
And Cracker Jacks! (Gotta love the vintage packaging!)
I had one of the yummiest Philly Cheese Steaks for lunch!
 Claire did really well at the game, she sat for 6 innings and then we decided to take a walk around the ballpark and check out some of the fun kid friendly things in the park (the tot lot and the slides)

I didn't get to take pictures of Claire and all the fun things she got to do because of this:
Beautiful views of the Bay Bridge from the park.
 Because it was Claire & Luke's first Giants game, they got certificates from Guest Services.
 It was a great day at the game, and I am so glad we went!
It was the final home game for the regular season & we won 7-3!
So glad I was able to go to the game.
It was definitely an adventure taking a 7 week old & a 4 year old to a baseball game, but it was really fun and they did much better than I expected, I am so glad my sister invited me, Claire & Luke!
Next up....the playoffs! Go Giants!


  1. Mel, you are so brave! Luke is adorable.

  2. I have never been to a baseball game, but this looks like it was fun!

  3. what a fun outing! so glad the kiddos both did so well!

    we love going to baseball games

  4. I didn't know there was a coffee bean in San Fran, next time I am up that way I must go!

    Love the first game certificates, what a fun way to celebrate! Looks like you had a great day :)

  5. Sounds like a fun day to me! I LOVE going to the Giants games and am so sad we did not make one this year. Your sandwich yummy. They have a greek wrap the I just love there.

  6. I had no idea you could get that souvenier at guest services! So cool! You are awesome. I am super jealous about all of that.

  7. I was just thinking how BRAVE you are going with both kids! Looks like a great time though! Luke is PRECIOUS!! I am about to have my third as well. Its going to be crazy!



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