Fun at the Fair

Ahhh....The County Fair.
One of my favorite places to go each summer!
My sister Rebecca & I took the girls this year.
Our first item to do at the fair was to see the Pig Races.
The girls just love watching them (and so do I!)
These pigs just crack me up.
Who knew racing pigs could be so entertaining?
I love the sights & sounds of the fair.
Gotta love all the fun food that they sell.
Deep Fried everything at one booth, including deep fried cereal. What?!?
Nothing screams County Fair like Funnel Cakes.
The day we went to the Fair was a hot one!
But, it was also $1 ride day, so the girls got to go on more rides than I usually let them go on.
They went on rides by themselves since I can't go on them while pregnant.
Claire wanted a goldfish. Keep dreaming.
This was the first year both of them were tall enough to go on almost all the rides they wanted to go on.
At 34 weeks pregnant & 28 weeks pregnant, we were exhausted by the time we left the fair!
(Photo by Kate)
It was a perfect, quintessential summer day at the Fair!
Do you go to the Fair each summer?
I never grew up going to the Fair each year, but Kevin did and it's something I gone to ever since Claire was a baby.
It sure is fun!


  1. That looks like SO MUCH FUN! I miss fairs.
    I'm from Toronto, so not really a small town girl here, but every year at the end of summer, the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) would come for a few days and we'd go and shop and eat and go on rides and eat some more. So fun.
    We'll definitely be going to fairs when we get back to Canada! (We're living in Uganda until next summer.)
    Great pics.

  2. how fun! We don't normally go to the fair anymore, but I always crave the food every year when fair season comes around!

    I can only imagine that Elyse will think she needs to go in a few years!

  3. Small little county fairs are the best! I think its so neat that you and your sister are pregnant at the same time!

  4. We never went as kids, but Tom's family always did. So i have been the last few years, I make it my mission to try something new "deep fried". This year was the cookie dough, which was amazing!

  5. Fair time is my FAVORITE!!! I crave funnel cakes allllll year round.

  6. Love county faris much better than the big state fair that started today in our area. Love your pictures!

  7. Someday you'll have to come out to the Minnesota State Fair. Butter carving contests. Fried cheese. Live neuterings of animals. The list of awesomeness goes on.

  8. I grew up in Kansas City and my parents took us to both the Kansas and Missouri State Fairs each summer! Great memories!



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