My Fall TV Lineup

It's here peeps. 
Fall TV Premiere week. 
One of my favorite weeks of the year!
I thought I'd lighten things up around here since I have been so EMO lately with post partum hormones & Kate starting Kindergarten. 
I'm ready for a shallow post, aren't you?
Let's talk about TV!

Here is my current lineup of what we watch & are going to try out this Fall:

Monday Night Football
(LOVE Monday Night Football)

How I Met Your Mother(LOVE this show. We have been watching it since the beginning. It is equivalent to FRIENDS for me. A good replacement! This show is what FRIENDS was for me in college. )

Last year we started watching 2 Broke Girls
 It is pretty cute, we will watch it again this season.

New Girl
 Started watching it last year & LOVE it.

A new show on Tuesdays that I am going to try out is Ben & Kate.
It's on right before New Girl, so I will give it a chance!

We don't have any shows we watch on Wednesdays, so I want to try out Nashville. I have no idea what it is about, I just want to watch it because Connie Britton (aka Tammy Taylor from FNL) is staring in it.

 And, we will try out Guys with Kids because it looks funny.

The Office (hope it's better than last season)

2 and a Half Men

Final Season, so I am going to watch. I'm ready for this show to be over.

 We use Fridays to catch up on all our DVR'd shows that we don't watch during the week.
One of the new shows we watched last year, Whitney was moved to Friday this year.

College Football
SNL (no more Kristen Wiig or Andy Samberg, so sad!)
Or Saturdays, we rent a $1 movie from Red Box

Sunday Night Football (we love Football in the house!)
Amazing Race

Shows that start up in January:
Rules of Engagement:

Biggest Loser!
This season they are having kids on it, to focus on tackling childhood obesity.
And, Jillian is back! YAY!

American Idol!

 Can't forget about The Bachelor!
Guess who is the Bachelor, it was announced this afternoon....

 Sean! #teamsean all the way!

*All images from google images*

Shows I "broke up" with from last year....in other words, they are still on my DVR not watched for some reason.
  • Modern Family (we missed the first season, and just never got into it)
  • Parenthood (missed the first 2 seasons, haven't started watching them)
  • Up All Night (missed the first few episodes, but have all the others on my DVR)
  • Glee (never finished season 2, but have Season 3 on my DVR)

This post makes me sound like a TV junkie (maybe I am!), but we mostly just DVR everything and watch it on Friday nights. We are SO exciting. Ha!
And, as the months go on, we cut out shows that we don't like or they just stay unwatched on the DVR in what I call "DVR Suburgatory"

What are your favorites? What new shows are you excited to try out?
Any shows you broke up with after last season?


  1. I need to check out some of these fun shows, I haven't seen a lot of them. I also really love the Voice... in my opinion, it is a better version of american idol :)

  2. I still DVR Parenthood, Up All Night, Office & Glee but they aren't always my priority. LOVE New Girl-- one of my fave shows on TV. Also, excited about Ben & Kate. O use my DVR frequently but rarely have time to catch up. Then, when I get sick, I'll spend a day on the couch watching my shows!! :)

  3. How can you not watch Modern Family?! It's the funniest show out there!

    I love TAR and have watched it since the first season. I always get giddy when it comes on.

    We aren't watching many new shows this year. In fact, just one, The New Normal. I've seen the first three episodes and couldn't stop laughing.

  4. I am watching Revolution on NBC..it's on Monday nights so it goes up against Monday night football but if the Steelers aren't playing then I am not watching. :)

    I also love to watch HIMYM, Grimm, Blue Bloods, CSI:New York, NCIS: Los Angeles, The Big Bang Theory and The Vampire Diaries.

    I am interested in checking out Arrow on The CW...we are super hero fans in our house so I am hoping we like it.

  5. I am so glad I'm not the only one who enjoys tv shows. It's funny how people choose different shows. Also, thanks for informing me about The Bachelor. So excited!

  6. You have GOT to try out Downton Abbey. It is AMAZING! Its a show from the UK.

  7. Nashville I think is from the creators of Revenge. That show is awesome so hopefully Nashville is good!!

  8. SOOO excited about Jillian being back on the Biggest Loser! :-)

  9. It took me an episode or two to get into Modern Family (to understand the quirk) but once I did it was sooo worth it. It's great!

  10. You HAVE to watch Parenthood. That is one of my favorite shows and I can even get Scott to watch it too.

  11. My hubby and I watch Dexter together. He leaves me to watch Grey's Anatomy and Glee all by my lonesome :)

  12. Wait! You made a mistake...go back and start watching Parenthood and Modern Family again. It's worth it. I probably cry at least once at every Parenthood episode because it's just that good. And Modern Family is hilarious. Those two are worth resurrecting!

  13. As a math teacher, I'm surprised you haven't added "Big Bang Theory" to your line up! We got into it late, but finally have caught up! Its SOOOO funny!

  14. I guess one would call us TV junkies too,but like you, we watch on weekends or late at night. We love Parenthood, Survivor, Vampire Diaries(dont laugh), New girl, and Revenge. I dropped Bachelor and the Office off the list. Happy Fall TV!

  15. My favourites are Parenthood, Up All Night, 2 Broke Girls and Modern Family for the fall. I've dropped How I Met Your Mother though.

  16. You need to NEED TO go back to parenthood and up all night. Especially Parenthood. This season has already been amazing with only 2 episodes and you didn't need the back story. DO IT!

  17. DOWNTON ABBEY! Sooooo good. And give Parenthood a try, start from the beginning, you guys will love it.

  18. I love the Bachelor too. I am friends with his sister and you should really check her blog out...http://mixandmatchmama.blogspot.com/



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