Preschool & Back to School Feast 2012

Last week Claire had her very first day of Preschool!
She was so excited and couldn't wait to go.
We are lucky to be in a class with several friends that we already know. It should be a fun year!
With her sweet teacher & playing with her friend Kayla.
The night of her first day of School, we had our 3rd Annual Back to School Feast to celebrate both girls going to school.
Back to School Feast 2010
Back to School Feast 2011

The kitchen table decorated with flowers & their crowns.
Garland on the window:
And, fresh flowers. I am a sucker for fresh flowers.
We ate outside because it was a beautiful night out.
Any guesses on our theme?
We have been talking to the girls about what it means to:
Love others. Love yourself & Love to Learn for the School year.
Love Others - If you see someone who doesn't have anyone to play with or sit with, then be a friend and invite them to join you. Loving others also includes being respectful to your teachers!
Love Yourself - By doing your best you are loving yourself. By making good choices you are loving yourself.
Love to Learn - Kindergarten & Preschool are all about exploring school. They are a foundation for school and I hope & pray my girls will love school & love to learn new things.

At the bottom of our theme paper (which is hanging on our white board) I have the verse,
"We love because HE first loved us" at the bottom as a reminder that we love because God loves us (no matter what!) and I hope that others will be able to see God's love through my girls & the choices they make.
I got them little favors as a Welcome Back to School treat.
(Thank you Michaels $1 bins)
They got a heart glow stick wand, a sparkly pencil case that had pencils, an eraser & a pencil sharpener inside.
Our meal was something the girls LOVE...breakfast for dinner (and red jello in heart molds)
I made waffles with my heart waffle maker, scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes & bacon.
2 happy little girls excited about the new school year.
And, our little guy, sporting his crown.
Dessert was Pizookies that I made in my heart baking dish & vanilla ice cream.
The Back to School Feast is for sure one of my favorite traditions that we do.
Love Others. Love Yourself. Love to Learn....It's going to be a good School Year!


  1. I absolutely love that you do a back to school dinner every year. What a great tradition!

  2. You are a really good mom. Your kids will always remember these traditions.

  3. What a fun tradition. I can't wait to do fun things like this with Pearson each year!!

  4. That is an awesome tradition, you have so many great ideas.

  5. your blog is my favorite. everything you do is just so cute!!

  6. What a lovely tradition and SO filled with love!

  7. I am speechless. All with a newborn? You are amazing. What lucky kids you have.

  8. So stinkin cute great ideas!!

  9. I love this idea-- and the family theme for the year!

  10. Love this theme. And I love that you are teaching your girls to seek out others. My nieces are teenagers and always thought that simply being nice to your friends was all you needed to do. They thought by not being mean to others, they were doing the right thing. And in a sense they are. However, I try to instill in them that they should seek out the kids that are left out, that look lonely, the don't necessarily fit in. Often times those kids just need someone to care about them.

  11. I love this idea!!!! So cute and such a fun night to celebrate the start of the school year.

  12. adorable!
    I have to ask where you found the heart waffle maker. We used to have one and it died-haven't been able to find a replacement. Would love a suggestion:)

  13. Love it! Maybe I will start this cute family tradition next year! I linked your post on my blog if you don't mind! ;)



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