The Yellow Chair

Remember this yellow chair that my Grammy handed down to me this summer?
I finally used it last week for Claire's 2 year photo shoot!
(Of course, I had to take some pictures of Kate with it as well!)

Claire was very cooperative & I didn't even need to bribe her with candy!
She was posing up a storm for me on this little yellow chair
(that is from a one room school house in Colorado over 80 years ago)
She looks like a little girl & not a baby!
Claire also had her 2 year old check up this week.
She weighs 25 pounds (25th %tile) and is 35 inches tall (50th %tile)
Claire did great at the doctor & he said she is right on track for everything & that I should probably start potty training her since she is showing so many signs of being ready
(like refusing to wear her diaper and sitting on the toilet every time Kate goes potty)
I told him I was going to wait until Thanksgiving Break to potty train. I need to do it when I have a week off school!
Claire has the sweetest little profile!
And, the longest eyelashes! (She can thank her Daddy for those)
Love her smile. So genuine. So full of life!
These last 2 are my favorites:
Framing this one, for sure...maybe I will turn it into a canvas:
And, for fun....here is a picture of Kate when I did her 2 year photo shoot:

I couldn't leave out Kate....she really wanted to take pictures with the yellow chair as well.
Of course, I didn't get any pictures of them together...
(they were too busy fighting over the chair)
Kate was so funny, she was totally "posing" with the chair:
Kate informed me that for she wants to use the yellow chair again for her 4 year pictures.
Love this one of Kate!
Can't wait to use the yellow chair again!


  1. Love the yellow chair and the girls outfits. Your littles are precious!!!

  2. Adorable! I love the little yellow chair!


  3. they all turned out so sweet! i love their outfits, too!!

  4. They all turned out so great. I would have a hard time deciding on just one to frame or to put on canvas.

  5. Everytime I see a post with pictures I get more and more excited about our date in November, can't wait for you to take awesome pics of my little family. Your photos are gorgeous!!

  6. LOVE! I meant to ask you to bring that to Cole's newborn shoot! We'll have to use it when you do our Christmas cards!

    Holla for S.D.! (not San Diego :)

  7. I am so jealous of your photography skills! What beautiful photos of both girls!

  8. Great pics, Mel! Love Claire's headband and that awesome yellow chair!

  9. Your girls are so SO CUTE! And I am super jealous of your photography skills... I need lessons!

  10. Your girls have such enormous, beautiful eyes. You really captured them with these photos. Claire is just breathtaking. Amazing she sat still long enough to get a clear shot. :)

  11. Beautiful pics of your girlies! Loving the yellow chair! Presh!!

  12. just a blog reader here...can i ask where you got claires adorable outfit? the shoes, dress, leggings, headband...all so adorable!!

  13. Those are great. Your daughters look amazing alike in those pix.

  14. Oh you did SUCH a great job with those. I definitely want to use that yellow chair for Mase's 2 year shoot... :) You're right, Claire does have the most precious profile.



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