Claire's Ladybug Party

Saturday was the big day.....Claire's 2nd birthday party!
(Her actual birthday isn't until this Thursday)
I have been planning this party in my head for over a year.
In fact, I had the theme of her 2nd birthday party before I had the theme of her first birthday party! (I am crazy like that).

I had so much fun planning her party and I thought it turned out cute.
Get ready for a photo overload of Claire's Ladybug party!

Here is Claire on the front porch before her party started.
I wanted to get a few pictures of her before the party because I knew once the party began, her dress would be messy & her hair would be crazy!
I got her dress from Ashley at Lil Blue Boo. She makes upcycled tshirt dresses and the quality is amazing! She is the same girl who made Kate's frog dress .
The ladybug dress was a custom dress that I had her make to match the colors of Claire's party. I LOVE how it came out!
Kate wore a simple white & black polka dot dress to match the theme.
Here they are, ready to Party!
This is one of my favorite pictures of them....they are both smiling AND looking at the camera!
Here is the invitation I made:
{Now available in my Etsy shop!}

I made a lot of the stuff for the party at the end of summer because I knew once school started, things would be crazy busy!

Party Details:
Black & Red Candy Table
Birthday banner:
Ladybug Spots (aka: licorice bites)
Red Ants (aka: Hot Tamales)
That name was Kevin's idea!

Claire sneaking some candy...
We found out Claire loves black licorice :)

Ants on a Log (aka: celery, peanut butter & raisins)
Hummingbird Hummus:
(aka: Hummus served with carrots & pita chips)
The drink station:
Ladybug Juice (Fruit Punch):
Bumblebee Juice (Lemonade):
It's not a ladybug party without polka dot balloons!
I got them from Polka Dot Market,
The dessert table:
Close up of the pom poms I made:
(I used THIS tutorial)
Cupcake tower:
I made 5 different cupcake toppers for the party:
I also made ladybug cupcakes:
They were red velvet cake, red icing & topped with a junior mint & chocolate chips:
The amazing ladybug cake my mother in law made:
Antennae (aka: Chocolate Dipped Pretzels)
Party Activities:
I printed out ladybug coloring sheets for kids to color:
I hired my next door neighbor (she is also one of my students!) to do face painting and balloon animals for the kids.
Lunch Menu:
Potato Bug Salad (aka: Potato Salad)
Butterfly Salad (aka: Bowtie Pasta Salad)
Grasshopper Salad (aka: Tortellini w/Pesto Salad)
Caterpillar Kabobs (aka: fruit kabobs)
Hot Dogs
Chicken Apple Sausage
And, of course Buns!
After lunch, Claire was about to have a melt down (nap time!) so we declared it cake time!
We actually got a family picture (thanks, Becky!)
Claire was a little overwhelmed with everyone singing to her:
To her defense, there were over 50 people at the party.
She wasn't quite sure what to do...
Good thing she had Maddie & Kate there to help her blow out her candles!
Happy Birthday, Claire!
Cake time = Happy Claire!

I got magnified bug catchers for each kid & then made a name sticker for each one to personalize it. I tried to get a real ladybug for each kid and called about 5 different Garden Centers, but they only carry real ladybugs in the Spring. Sorry, kids :)
{I got the containers HERE}

And, I had chocolate ladybugs on a stick for each guest:
They turned out SO cute!
I got them from this etsy shop & then I added my own favor tag!

We got so busy at the party, we forgot about the ladybug pinata that was hanging in the yard!
I think it is so funny we forgot the pinata because the pinata was one of the main reasons I had a ladybug party. LAST summer I got this ladybug pinata on clearance and that is what gave me the idea to do a ladybug party!
So, after naps, we let the girls attack the pinata!
She wanted 3 lollipops, all at once!
Oh well, it was her birthday party, we let the rules slide a little :)
It was a great party and so fun having a house full of family & friends!
The party was 2 days ago & I think I have finally recovered!
All this party planning has been a good distraction for me because I am in denial that my baby is turning 2! (tears!)
Thank you to everyone who came and helped us celebrate Claire turning TWO!

Click HERE to see her 1st Birthday Party - Ice Cream Theme


  1. wow!! happy Birthday Claire!! And can you come organize MY kids' parties next Spring?? :)

  2. Whew, I'm exhausted just reading about all the fun! Great job with the party, looked like she loved it!

  3. I think ladybug is a perfect 2nd birthday theme. I love all your ideas. I'll have to keep them in mind for Liv's 2nd birthday. Great job!

  4. What a wonderful party... I love all the little details.

  5. what a fun party! i love all of the details and things you made...great job!

    i already have a few ideas for the girls 4th party! just have to figure them out and it is not until june!

  6. Okay, your mother-in-law is officially baking cakes for all my life's events in need of a cake. Birthdays, wedding, etc. Cute party!!

  7. SOOOO FUN!!!! What a great party :)

    Happy 2nd Birthday Claire!

  8. Great party! So many wonderful details! Aww...Lacey had a ladybug party when she turned two. We called it a "Laceybug" party. It was my favorite theme so far. She was a ladybug for Halloween that year too!

  9. Everything looks amazing! Especially your food set-up. Way to go, Mama!

  10. what a precious party!! i love all the details and the ladybug theme-- ahhh too cute. I love all the pictures. they are great!

  11. Good times and I love the triple lollipop look!

  12. oh mel it turned out so great... you never miss a thing with your parties. I still LOVE Kate's circus party.

    Is Kevin telling you enough w/the big parties now? lol!

    love you

  13. Happy 2nd Birthday, Claire!

    What a fun party- everything looked so BEAUTIFUL, including the birthday girl (and big sister of course!)! Great job with all the details Mel!

  14. What a super-fun and super-duper-precious party!! You definitely celebrated your 'bug' in style! I love all your details!!! We actually call our O "Bug" a lot - long story but I foresee a lady bug party in our future! So glad I can use some of your ideas!! Ha! Your birthday girl looked presh. LOVING her dress!! Great job, Momma!

  15. What a lucky ladybug! That party was fabulous. Fantastic job on the cute foods and decorations.

  16. Oh my gosh, this is the cutest birthday party ever!!! I hope Claire had a great time, it looks like the party was a huge success!

  17. Very cute, I too did a Ladybug themed party for my daughter's first birthday!


  18. Absolutely ADORABLE!!! every-little-detail!
    Happy Birthday to your "little lady!"
    Many Blessings!

  19. Oh how much fun!!! Addi's party is in a few weeks and i can't wait!! you did a GREAT job!!

  20. WOW! Great job! Fantastic party! And your girls are sooo beautiful! I told my girl who was looking at the pictures with me that she needed to get some hair like your daughter's! :)

  21. Super cute!!! Love all the sweet details but nothing beats that ADORABLE picture of your little lady with 3 lollies all at one time!! Frame worthy!!! :)

  22. Love all the details! This would be great for my great-niece. Her mom loves ladybugs! Thx for sharing!

  23. Mel-- that dress is aDORable! You did such a great job with the party! (Of course) I love the pictures of all four of you. :)

  24. Came over from LBB. The party looks like a huge success! Love all of your ideas...so creative! Happy Birthday Claire!

  25. Super cute! Adriana had a ladybug party last year, very cute :) Sorry we missed out on all the birthday fun! Happy birthday to Claire on Thursday! 2 years goes by so fast!

  26. ADORABLE!!! I was cracking up that you had the theme before her 1st bday! :)

  27. Cutest birthday party and theme ever! All the details were perfect! So fun.

  28. love the 3-lollipops picture!! It was such a great party, Mel!! every last detail was perfect and we had a blast!

    Happy Birthday, Claire!

  29. Happy Birthday Party to my b-day buddy!!!

    Looks great!

    Harper has informed me recently that she wants a ladybug party, which I think is great since we did her nursery in ladybugs. I might have to snag some ideas from you

  30. I love ladybugs so much, I have one tattooed on my body. And, no baby girls in my life. But, if I did - I'd want to have a party just like this one. FANTASTIC!!!! IT's absolutely perfect!

  31. once again I have to say BEST MOM EVER!!!!!!

  32. Wat a beautiful party! You thought of everything and it all look perfect... Claire is a lucky little girl!

  33. Oops, sorry for the spelling mistakes, I had a toddler on my lap whilst typing that!

  34. Genial brief and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you for your information.

  35. I love this idea. How did you do the tags for the treats and food?

  36. Super cute party. I loved the color scheme and your attention to detail.

  37. I know I already tweeted you about the adorableness of this party. But had to again. Cuu-ute!
    Thanks for linking up to my Pity Party!

  38. WOW! That is an awesome party! I love the ladybug theme. What precious girls!

  39. This is too cute! What a great theme and I love all your decor. The cake is super cute!

  40. Your girls are stunning. Love the lady bug dress she had on! Super cute party!

  41. What an adorable theme! I love her shoes, and the three lollipops! :P

  42. Super cute party! I bet the girls didn't mind having the pinata all to themselves. ;)

  43. I love your cake idea! I might totally borrow it for this summer for my daughters birthday! What a great party! :)

  44. I love the ladybug cake! Do you know how your MIL made it? I would like to make one that isn't fondant.

  45. Mel, this is an adorable party. I found it on Pinterest and will be featuring it on my Celebration Sundays - Ladybug Party Theme later today. Come check it out at The Mandatory Mooch. Thanks, Nichi (p.s. my last name is also Larson...small world) www.mandatorymooch.blogspot.com

  46. Wow, you are an amazing mother! Your children are absolutely adorable!

  47. Wow, you are an amazing mother! Your children are absolutely adorable!

  48. Do you have your printables available? I am doing a ladybug theme party for my daughter's 1st birthday. Thanks!

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