Sneak Peek: Summer Photo Shoots

I had a busy summer photographing some fun families!
Because it was such a cold summer, none of the photoshoots were in 100 degree weather!

(I am happy to say that all of these pictures are safe & backed up on not one, but two external hard drives!)

Here are some of my favorite pictures from my summer photo shoots!

How cute are these siblings?
The girls were working the camera for me!
They loved getting their picture taken.
Sweet Baby Girl Emerson turned 9 months old, so we did another photo shoot
(I also did her newborn pictures)
She is such a good baby & has amazing blue eyes!
I took some sisters pictures in honor of these 2 girls turning 3 years old and 6 months old.
Baby Evie loved the camera & was so cooperative!
One of my friends from church, Kim had me take pictures of their family!
Their daughter is full pf personality & is such a fun little girl!
And, how cute is their little boy?
He is one of the happiest babies ever!
Those eyes....he is going to be a heart breaker one day!
I also had the privilege of photographing one of my favorite families in the entire world.
Their mom used to babysit my sisters and I.
I have known these kids since they were born & I love them like my own family!
I also got to do a very special photo shoot for my friend Brooke's new son.
A child they have been waiting for and praying about for years.
Here he is at 3 days old:
He is just beautiful & a gift from God!
He can't keep his eyes off his Mama:
Congrats Brooke! I am beyond happy for you!
How cute is the name Ivy? She also had the most gorgeous blue eyes.
Ivy was so happy & smiley for me during our photo shoot.
Even the photo shoot was mostly for Ivy, I was able to snap a few pictures of her brother.
My friend Emily wanted me to do a photo shoot for her 2 kids.
Emily is Emerson's (shown above) aunt.
Here is her energetic son! He is a ball of energy!
And, her sweet daughter (also named Claire!)
Emerson was also there, so I also took some pictures of all 3 kids (cousins!)
And another one of Emerson, she has grown up so much in 2 months!
My final photo shoot of the summer came the night before school started.
Literally, the night before school started. I got home from this special photo shoot at 11 pm!
As soon as my friend Heather told me she was pregnant, she asked if I would take pictures during the delivery.
I have done this once before for my friend Lesly & it was an amazing experience.
There is nothing like witnessing a baby being born. What an honor.
So glad I could be a part of Baby Cole's birth day.

Moments after he was born:
Welcome to the World Baby Cole!
Soaking in the newness of life...
It was a fun & busy summer photographing lots of sweet families!
I am looking forward to some fun Fall photo shoots.
And, you know what Fall means....Holiday & Christmas card photo shoots!
Love this time of year!


  1. Great pictures, they are all so wonderful!
    My favorite is of Heather with the tear rolling down her cheek holding her sweet baby boy :)

  2. I absolutley LOVE the one that you captured of Heather w/ the tear on her cheek...priceless :)
    And I AM going to back up my pictues..I'm embarrased to say how many I have and haven't backed them up..I would be SICK if I lost them!

  3. Mel, these pictures are fabulous! You are very talented!!! I hope to one day be able to take pictures for families as well...

  4. Amazing. The pics of Kim's family are so cute! You totally captured the kids' sweet personalities. I'm so proud of you!

  5. gorgeous pics!!! i so wish I would have had our photographer come up to the hospital to take pics when noah was born. :( such sweet memories!

  6. What beautiful shots, and awww, so lucky you got to witness that birth, I love it!!!

  7. Hoping the timing will be right for you to come take pictures of Baby "T" or "M". Still no name, can't get Erik to commit! I still have to show you the shoot I did for my friend Amanda's newborn, lots of fun! LOVE the black and white of Brooke & fam-that one should be blown and canvases-beautiful!

  8. I so want to photograph a birth...lucky you!

    Oh and you should have mail tomorrow as requested ;)

  9. Hi Mel,

    Great photo shoots! You really have a knack for this stuff.

    Hope you are adjusting back to school okay. Good luck!

  10. Wow, beautiful pictures, do you take them professionally, or just for your friends? I've been looking for a northern California photographer and these are gorgeous, if you have a website or any info, I'd love to know!!

  11. You have been so busy!

    I need to get with you to book some dates for some shoots in the next year...

    The pictures from the delivery-- amazing.

  12. nice work! beautiful photographs!
    i hope school is going well!

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