This is what happens...

...when your 2 year old grabs a Red Velvet Cupcake off the counter without asking.
I couldn't get mad.
I mean, how can you get mad at this face?
All I could do is laugh (and get my camera, of course!)
Thanks for the entertainment, Claire!


  1. Mmmmmmm....Red Velvet..... How could anyone resist??!! Glad you commented, I love your blog!

  2. Definitely couldn't get made at that face. Too cute!

  3. LOL!! She is definitely still cute covered in red! But you know my first thought? EEK! I hope it comes out of her shirt!

  4. nope. you can't get mad... not at that precious little face. LOVE that first shot so much!

  5. She' adorable. Red velvet cupcakes are yummy but so scary looking because they are so red, ;). My girls STOLE and ate 24 GoGurts in one sitting two weeks ago and then stashed the evidence in the floor vent in the playroom...

  6. hahahahaha!!! that is hilarious! today, while i was tapping away on the keyboard, piper decided it would be a good idea to wash her hair with her yogurt. i kinda felt bad that the first thing i did was grab my camera, but not anymore. :) have a happy weekend!

  7. oh my goodness that is hilariously cute!

  8. Oh Clairey Claire! She is JUST like my Claire isn't she? Can you imagine the trouble those two would get into if they were friends?

    Those were cute pictures though. :)

  9. Yes!!!!!!!!
    Love moments like this.
    These pictures are too much.
    I almost peed in my pants!!!

  10. Ahahahaha! :) I can't blame her though... I kind of want one of those cupcakes...



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