Happy 2nd Birthday Claire!

Dear Claire Kristine,
Today you turned 2 years old.
Has it really been 2 years since you were born?
{Moments after you were born, all 9 lbs 6 oz of you}

2 years old means you aren't a baby anymore.
But, you will always be my baby. Always.
This has been a big year for you.
You have completely transformed from a baby to a toddler to a little girl.
Last year on your first birthday, you could barely walk.
You had only taken a few steps at a time.
You only said 3 words.
This year? Well, you still don't walk....you RUN.
Walking is too slow for you...you have places to go & things to see!
You are talking up a storm.
You refuse to wear your diaper. You like to take it off & would rather run around naked than wear clothes!
Your first year of life was a piece of cake.
Having 2 kids 19 months apart was easy the first year.
The second year? Now THAT has been exhausting & much harder.
As soon as you turned one, you changed from a happy, smiley mellow baby to a toddler who was ON.THE.GO. You never stop!
(My mom says that watching you is like watching a version of me when I was a toddler. Sorry Mom!)
Right after your first birthday, you developed an opinion, and wow, do you have an opinion!
And, you started having a little temper. You can throw a temper tantrum like the best of them.
You are a very stubborn little girl who knows what she wants, when she wants it.
I pray you use this quality for good in your life!
You adore your big sister. Every morning and every time you wake up from your nap, you ask, "Where's Date?" (we are still working on you say the "K" sound)
You want to do everything your sister does.
If Kate is drinking out of a big girl cup, you want a to drink out of a big girl cup. (and, you are surprisingly good at it)
If Kate goes potty, you want to sit on the potty.
Almost every night, you try and convince us to let you sleep in her bed. (Not going to happen!)
You want to wear her clothes & her shoes. You idolize her. It is adorable.
I love how you guys love each other.

You are becoming more and more a Daddy's girl.
Your whole first year you were a Mommy's girl. You wanted nothing to do with Daddy.
But after I stopped nursing you after your 1st birthday, you took quite the liking to Daddy. And, he is pretty smitten with you also. Not to mention, you look exactly like him. You got your big brown eyes & long eyelashes from him. Lucky girl!
Claire, your name means "Bright" and that you are.
You are a joy to those around you. You have a twinkle in your eye that exudes happiness.
You have a zeal for life & spark for life and you are only 2 years old.
There is a fire in your eyes & you aren't going to let anyone hold you back!

You like to climb...everything. Kitchen counters, the table, the bathroom vanity.
I can't keep my eyes of you for fear of what you are going to get into!
You won't sit still for more than a few minutes. It is amazing how different you & your sister are.
I understand how you have to parent each child differently based on their personality.
I have a feeling you are going to give us a run for our money as a teenager! I am already praying about that!
You have the greatest smile.
Everytime you give me one of your big grins, my heart melts a little bit.
You love to dress up in princess dresses, wear beads & my jewelry, and wear high heels.
You have pizazz!
At two years old, you love Elmo and Mickey Mouse.
Your favorite food is pizza, candy & dessert. (Just like your mommy!)
I can't have any diet coke around you because you always try and steal sips and exclaiming,
"mmmmm......yummy!" after each sip.

You are quite the entertainer and you have a sense of humor.
I never thought a 2 year old could have a sense of humor, but you do.
You like doing silly things to make all of us laugh. And laugh, we do!

We had a fun family dinner tonight with all your celebrating your special day.
Grandma got you a new bike, you were SO excited!
And we got you a shiny new helmet!
Watch out, The Bear is on a bike!
You look way too old in this picture!
You loved all the attention tonight.
You loved everyone signing to you!
Make a wish sweet girl...May all your dreams come true!
Happy 2nd Birthday Claire!
(aka: Claire Bear, Crazy Claire, CC, The Bear)
It was fun celebrating YOU today!
I love you more than you will ever know.
You were the best surprise I could have ever asked for.
Our family wouldn't be the same with out you!

Love, Mommy


  1. Happy Birthday Claire!
    As you described Claire it sounded as though you were describing my daughter (19 mo) almost to the T. But she loves Daddy's Pepsi. Sounds like we both have our hands full.. but would not have it any other way!

  2. Happy Birthday Claire! Love all of the great pictures you have of her...she is such a little cutie. And sounds so much like the second child to me...and a lot like Missy Mara in our house. I wish I could say the option thing goes away, but it just gets stronger and stronger!

  3. I almost cried. I'm a bit mushy like that.

    Happy Birthday Claire!!

    I had to laugh a lot, cause it was like you were talking about Kenzie. At one she was also barely walking and at 2 we couldn't stop her... it hasn't gotten any better in the last 8 months either. So I'm wishing you lots of luck and patience over the next year.

    And I know all about already praying for the teenager she will be.... I feel the exact same. OH MAN.

    And I love the sister pictures, and the fact that Claire loves her big sister so much!! Sisters are special.

  4. Happy birthday Claire! (And is that one of those new bikes that stays balanced? Does it really work?)

  5. Aww. Happy Birthday sweet Claire.

    Okay, I knew that both our babies our named Claire, but did you know that my Claire's middle name is Kristin? After my Mom? I know yours is Kristine with an "e", but still, how crazy is that?

    Does her new bike not have training wheels?!

    And how in the world did tiny petite you deliver a 9lb 6oz baby! Both my girls were 8lbs and I don't know how I could have fit any more poundage in there. :)

  6. Happy Birthday to one of the cutest little girls around!

  7. Oh Mel, what a beautiful post. Those pictures are ALL amazing-- the one of Claire in the grass with the sun flare... gorgeous!

    What a big girl! Happy Birthday Claire!

    (P.S. I want to know how she likes the balance bike, I want to get Mase one when he turns 2.)

  8. what a wonderful birthday post! happy birthday miss claire!

  9. Happy birthday Claire!!
    love this post..its so crazy how much they change from 1-2yrs..a little bit sad :(

  10. Happy Birthday Claire! I love seeing how much she's grown over the past two years! She is quite the little lady :)

  11. what a precious post! we just celebrated Noah's 2nd birthday. It's so hard to believe it. They do grow up so fast. :(

  12. We need to get our girls together for a playdate! Claire and Anna are so much alike! From tantrums to stealing sips of soda, loving dessert to playing dress up, they have a lot in common! BTW, Claire will go straight from her Strider to a big girl bike! We have an orange one that we got Kieran for his 4th birthday. Anna needs a helmet because she's been begging to get on it, we need to lower the seat. Kieran rode his big boy bike in 20 minutes when we made the switch! Happy Birthday to Claire!

  13. So cute! Love the dress. What a great way to celebrate your baby-big girl.

  14. She is such a cute little girl, it is always a blessing for us parents if our child is having a birthday! Happy birthday little girl!

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