Totally Awesome 80's Party

On Saturday night, my friend Kelly threw her husband Gregg an 80's party for his 35th birthday.
Everyone dressed up in 80's outfits.
It was hysterical seeing what people came up with.
So much fun, I LOVE costume/theme parties!
This one did not disappoint!

Get ready to see some obnoxiously awesome & hideous 80's outfits!
Here we are:
Yes, it was our goal to look as gross & tacky as we could!
Kevin didn't shave for a week so that he would have an 80's stache for the party.
Our outfits are vintage 1980's.
My outfit was splatter paint shirt, acid wash denim skirt with fringe, white fishnet tights, slouchy socks & white lace gloves.
Kevin's acid wash jeans were his brother's from the 80's and a white fur trim jean jacket (which were found in his old bedroom closet!) I think the mullet wig adds a nice touch!

Gotta love the slouchy color coordinated socks!
I also painted my nails with neon nail polish:
Kelly asked me to make an invite:
(Now available in my Etsy shop!)

Here are some more pictures of what people wore.....
Andrew, Ryan & Kevin:
One of our friends didn't even recognize Kevin at first!

Kevin & Ben:
Becky & I:
Muffy & Buffy, the 80's prepsters:
Gotta love 80's Rockers:
There was JOLT soda! I totally remember having this before middle school dances!
There was also Bartles & James wine coolers. Classic!
Some of the girls:
Kelly & her brother (who won best costume)
Seriously, his outfit was legit. Totally 1980's..even the fanny pack!
Ben & Becky:
Nothing says the 80's like Pop Rocks!
And, yes, I borrowed a crimper to crimp my hair!
Close up of us. Eww. Just eww!
Lee & Bridgette
(not pictured, Lee's boom box. He did the Say Anything vibe)
Susan & Becky:
(Susan won best female costume)
Bridgette, Kelly & I:
Gregg & Kelly:
The next morning, Claire found my socks & shoes downstairs and wanted to wear them:

Kelly did a great job & had so many fun details (that I wish I had taken pictures of!)
I may or may not have done the Running Man at the party....
We had so much fun & I totally want to throw an 80's party in a few years for my younger sister's 30th Birthday!


  1. love it! what a great party idea. i'm having serious flashbacks of my hair crimper.

  2. eeewww is right! ha ha you guys are awesome! dude, where did the guy who won get those pants?! CRAZY!!!!

  3. Love the pictures! We have had an 80's party before and they are GREAT!!


  4. you are totally rockin' the blue eye shadow! Knarly, dude!!

  5. Looks like a blast! LOVE everyones outfits too!

  6. Oh girl, that eyeshadow is just awful, but that looks like SUCH a fun theme for a party. I want to copy!!!

  7. This is seriously awesome!!!!! It's so fun to see adults getting into the themed party spirit!

  8. OMG. What FUN! You guys looked so 80's fabulous. Loved it. Everyone looked great. Loved the preps too. SO MUCH FUN.

  9. YES! You did blog the party, totally awesome! And your eye shadow? Gag me with a spoon ;)

  10. omg...you are rocking the 80's style! so much fun...love it!

  11. (too many typos. sorry.)

    stop!! i can't take it! i cannot stop laughing at all the pictures. i love how detailed you guys got. so rad!!

  12. hahah that's so awesome. oh my that long hair!!

  13. I couldn't focus on anything else but kevin.... seriously, he rocked his outfit. what a bad ass. I think he should consider that haircut permanently.

  14. Ouch, that was almost painful to read! HA! You guys all looked great...for the 80s that is!

  15. What a fun party idea! Looks like you totally got into it. :) I'm already excited to check out your Christmas card designs, btw!

  16. Hehe, tooo funny! Just found your blog from fabulous k link party.

    I love 80s parties. I was cleaning out my closets the other day and came across some clothes I wore to one a few years ago. I HAD to keep them, because 'who knows when the next 80s party will be??'

  17. Hi Mel, thanks for leaving a sweet comment over at my blog! Can't wait to poke around yours! I can already see you are an amazing photographer!

    p.s. Love the 80's party - your socks & fingernails were nice touches!

  18. Oh I *love* it!!! You totally did the 80's justice.

    And that half shirt. I'm dying!

    Sadly, I dressed up as an 80's throwback for Halloween 2 years ago, and I bought almost everything new at Target! (Even acid washed jeans. Seriously??!??)


  19. OH. MY. GOSH.

    The guy in the fanny pack... seriously funny.

    You look awesome!

  20. Why did we have to be kids during FOR SURE the most hideous time of all history of fashion??? Brilliant costumes. Gag me with a spoon!!!

  21. Oh my goodness! These pictures are AWESOME! Love it.



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