What I Wore Wednesday

Lindsey over at the Pleated Poppy has been doing a blog series called
"What I Wore Wednesday".
I have wanted to participate for a while, but I never got my act together until this past week!
So, here is what I wore this past week.
When you are a teacher, it is all about comfort & layers (my classroom is freezing!)
Cardigan - Ann Taylor Loft
Ruffled Shirt - NY & Co
Capri's - Gap
Shoes - DB Shoes


Cardigan - Target
Tank Top - Ann Taylor Loft
Necklace - Target
Jeans - Hudson
Flats - Old Navy


Cardigan - Brass Plum
Tank Top - Target
Jeans - 7 for All Mankind
Shoes - Target

What I wore to church (after church, it was back into my bathing suit!)
Dress - Target
Shoes - Target


Shirt - NY & Co
Capri's - NY & Co
Necklace - NY & Co
Shoes - Db Shoes


Blue Shirt - Ann Taylor Loft
Capris - Target
Shoes - Walmart
Necklace - I made using beads from a bracelet I got at H&M
Close up:
I had fun documenting what I wore this past week & this is what I discovered:
1. I buy most of my clothes at Target, NY & Co and Ann Taylor Loft
2. I wear a lot of black, gray & blue.
3. I own a lot of cardigans.
4. Taking pictures of myself is awkward.
5. Our bathroom has terrible lighting! yikes.
This was fun, I will definitely participate in this again!


  1. You are so fashionable!!!!! I now officially envy you completely!!!

  2. Your clothes are so cute! I am in desperate need of some shopping. Nothing I have fits me right anymore. Ugh!!!

  3. You are so cute! Every tank top I was like..."Oooh! Love that...gonna have to try and recreate" ;-)

    Taking solo pictures of myself is one of my least favorite things to do! Smile? Don't smile? Look at the camera? Side glance? It's just weird. You pulled it off tho! XO

  4. I love this idea. I have been watching over at the Pleated Poppy as well and thought it would be so much fun! Hopefully I can get my act together this next week and partcipate as well! I think it is wonderful, and gives great shopping ideas!! Gotta love the tanks!!


  5. You look too cute...what great outfits! I need to do it again...i did it for a few weeks in the summer and then life just got busy!
    Maybe I will start again today!

  6. Oh my gosh so happy I stumbled upon your blog, it is adorable! I love your Target tank in your Friday picture! And I'm a weensy bit jealous of your bathroom, it is so light and airy!

  7. There is no good place for me to take pics of myself! You look so put together every day. Working at home I look like a slob.

    So is that a battery grip on your camera and do you like it?

  8. That is so much fun! You look so good in...everything!! :) I haven't gotten my act together yet either, but I've been thinking about joining in the fun for a couple weeks now....maybe you just inspired me!

  9. Good job. I love it all. I really need to go to NY & Co. I haven't been in years.

  10. you dress so cute! i love all your style. i'm a big fan of cardis. i just don't think you can have enough of them. :)

  11. HOW FUN! I adore your cardigans! :) xoxox Holly

  12. I love all of your outfits! Cute and comfortable. And you have great necklaces!

    I have a "Bejeweled Wednesdays" link up for gals like you who like to coordinate jewelry into their outfits. I'd love it if you'd add your link to it and share in the sharing of accessorizing ideas!
    Bejeweled Wednesdays@jewelscapes.blogspot

  13. LOVE IT! You're adorable, Mel. Love some of those tops!

    So, here I am, giving you the last little nudge to do it and I didn't do it. Doh! But see, I don't have a full-length mirror. Maybe I'll start a new one called, "What-I-Wore-On-My-Upper-Half-Wednesday." Catchy, huh?

  14. ooo, love your outfits! such a cute dresser. You are inspiring me to get more cardigans. you just look so cute in them!

  15. I LOVE thursday & friday's ruffly tanks! You're super cute! :)

  16. You look so cute! I want to do this as soon as the weather gets cold! My fall clothes are so much cuter than my summer clothes!

  17. YAY, so glad you're doing this! Are you allowed to wear jeans all week long? If so, I'm so jealous!

  18. very cute. especially the friday outfit.

  19. Super cute outfits!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I think you should definitely do this again (and I do not think there is anything wrong with wearing a lot of black!)!



  20. Can I trade closets with you? You have great style! I also agree that it's super awkward taking photos of yourself. My husband laughs at me. Thanks for stopping by my blog. We have an uncanny amount of things in common. So nice to meet you!

  21. Fun post Mel! I've been wanting to do it for a while now too. You've inspired me! I'll do it soon.

    Your outfits were all so cute, and all looked like something I would wear too. I've always had a thing for fashion. I say that is why I work, so I can support my fashion habit. :)

  22. Oh how i wish you would have thrown a joker in there. Like a total clashing outfit or something. next time please. maybe an elmo suit or something?

  23. I LOVE this!! You should make it a weekly or monthly thing! I'm a teacher too and I have the hardest time not feeling frumpy when I get dressed, but you look adorable!!
    And I love knowing where everything came from too!

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  25. I love all your outfits! Fun! Thanks for the comment on my blog. The font I used on my pictures was actually a Photoshop Brush I purchased from Designer Digitals. It is one by Ali Edwards and includes each day of the week as well as each month of the year. It's a really handy brush set! If you don't want to purchase the set (it's quite cheap, I believe) Ali Edwards does have a version of her handwriting available as a free font download. I can't remember where I got it - probably her site?

  26. I love that you did this! And... I want all of those outfits... except for the fact that they would all look a million times better on you.

    Reason #5,826,292 to be a teacher: getting to wear jeans to work.

  27. I'm SO jealous that your pool is still open! :)

  28. you're so cute! hope school is going good for ya!

  29. love it all tall girl!
    you are too cute!
    if you have any clothes that are too big for you, feel free to send them my way ;)

  30. Love that you joined in on this post, but jealous that you look so cute when you photograph yourself. I look like a dork when I do it, hence the reason I've never linked up to WIWW.



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