2nd Annual DMV Contest

**Edited on April 15th at 11:15 pm to add 2 more pictures. Scroll Down to the end**

Last year, my friend Wendy had a contest on her blog for the Dirtiest Mini Van.
While, I don't have a Mini Van (I refuse to drive one)
I do have a Dirty Chevy Tahoe.

Guess who WON last year's contest?
That's right, your truly.
Here was my winning entry last year.

The DMV contest has arrived for 2010. I have a title to defend this year!

This year is no different. My car is still filthy.
Same dirty Tahoe, same usual suspects.

You must watch this funny video that I posted last year...
It will help you get in the Dirty Car Spirit:

Here we go with my 2010 DMV submission!
Let's start with the door on Claire's side...splattered with milk from her sippy cup:
She loves flinging her sippy cup around.
Claire's side of the car:
Close up of her carseat area:
Kate's side of the car:
More back seat:
Front Seat Console:
More front seat mess:
Here is what I got for winning last year:
Trunk Area
(note the pink sippy cup that is tucked into the high chair, it had been there since Easter. I took these pictures 6 days after Easter. ewww!!!)
Want to see the "science experiment" that was in the sippy cup?
Totally nasty chunky milk! *gags*

***Edited on April 15th at 11:15 pm to add:
Kevin left this morning for his guy's weekend in Tahoe.
Tahoe might get snow this weekend, so he had to bring my car because it has 4 wheel drive.
So, at 7:45 am before school, I had to rapidly clean out my car.
I may or may not have filled up 3 garbage bags of crap.
Kevin took out the girls carseats because he had to pick up 2 of his friends at the airport on their way to Lake Tahoe.
He took pictures of what he saw when he took out the carseats:

Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:
What can I say? I give my girls lots & lots of crackers while we are in the car. I now know where they end up.

Kevin said in the name of integrity, then I need to add these pictures to this post.
And, I think he is a little bitter that he spent 30 minutes vacuming & wiping down my car.

I'm just excited to have a semi-clean car when Kevin gets back from his guys weekend!
Hopefully, the girls (and I) won't trash his car too much in the next 3 days....

Now, go to Wendy's blog & check out the other entries!
{Click the logo to see the other contestants}

And, it's not too late to participate, you have until midnight on April 15th to enter!
If you are too embarrassed to enter.....that means you should enter!
Go take pictures of your dirty car!
Voting begins April 16th!
I don't think I am going to win again this year, the competition is fierce!
Can't wait to find out who is going to de-throne me!
And, I can't wait to pass on that annoying rubber chicken!


  1. oh i'm dying laughing...the rubber chicken is too funny!

  2. hilarious! love the milk splattered door. my daughter does the same thing. you've got my vote!!

  3. Just found a petrified milk sippy cup myself. also ended up in the trash.

  4. I think you win! Ha! Can't wait to check out the other entries!

  5. I don't know that you are going to be dethroned!
    That chunky milk sippy cup totally raised the bar =)

  6. never mind. I just checked out Anita's, and I think you might lose your reign. =0)

  7. Freaking hysterical! So glad to know that mine isn't the only one that looks like this - not sure if you caught my post a few weeks ago about cleaning out the car, but I recently unearthed a dozen empty raisin boxes from under the seats and there is NO TELLING how long they had set up camp there.

  8. I have a serious problem with old sippy cups with chunky milk or moldy juice!

  9. My van definitely qualifies, I swear I actually live out of it...I am in it probably three hours a day at least!! Hmm, maybe I will enter?

  10. My favorite is the spilled milk on the doors. I bet you look at that all the time and say, "Dang, I need to clean that off." And then never get around to it. Or maybe you never think that. Either way, it's golden.

  11. I think you "done sunk" yourself with that last statement, "I can't wait to pass on that annoying chicken!"

    I'm standing up, waving my arms, and shouting: "oooh, oooh, oooh -- pick me! Pick me!" -- like Horshack (sp?) on Welcome Back, Kotter.

    "I want the rubber chicken!!!"

  12. I am taking pictures tomorrow morning!! My car is right up there with yours, minus the chunky milk! GROSS! lol


  13. oh my goodness, hilarious!

  14. Dude. That's nasty! And funny. :) I am cracking up after seeing that and remembering a comment you made somewhere that Kevin won't even ride in your car. He he!

  15. Ok.. I think I threw up a little with the spoiled milk shot. That is awesome and the rubber chicken..don't we all have those in our cars? Well done, girl!

  16. Hi, I was searching for your email on your blog and couldn't find anything. I saw you were an affiliate photographer for NILMDTS and had some questions regarding that. Would you mind emailing me?

    Thank you so much!


  17. LOL! Too funny! I hope you win! :)

  18. ok, I totally feel better about my car now. when i had my daughter's car seat installed at the police department, i about died from embarrassment when the cop had to remove the seat to get it to fit properly. good to know i'm not alone.

  19. WOW!!!!!!!! The pics you added are too funny and not a sight that's new to me! HAHA! I had an awesome entry but alas, my wonderful hubby bought me a brand new van yesterday!!

  20. This is hilarious! I'm ROFL, seriously, haha! Love it!

  21. Still think IIIIIIII need to vacuum, Tegan?!

    I voted for you over myself :)

  22. the new pictures really give you a few more points. That's like a few meals worth of food on those seats. Maybe Kevin should have left it. If they get stuck in a snowstorm the guys would surely survive off the mushed up cracker morsels....all 3 grown men...for days.

  23. MEL-- those last two pictures Kevin took sealed your win in my mind. Seriously. That's just bad. Holy crackers!!!

  24. Thanks for stopping by. Cute girls! This post does not shock me in the least. I am a CPS (Child Passenger Safety) techniciand and instructor. You would be surprised if you knew what I have seen. And knelt in at checkpoints.

  25. Darn, I totally could have won this one, I got you beat by far, yucko, not sure if that something to be proud of or not!!!!

  26. Ok, I'm officially embarrassed for you. That's disgusting.

  27. This contest has brought on a lot of laughs! The comments/pictures are so funny!

    I would love to know what font you used on your pictures. If you don't mind telling me, ejg979901@yahoo.com


  28. THAT is very funny. Before kids, I didn't understand while people let their kids have food and drinks in the car. Its all too clear to me now. :)

  29. I love this post. And I love you. Hilarious. We totally have the milk splashes, too. Basically the whole back seat is polka-dotted with milk. Delicious!

  30. wait...doesn't every car have a rubber chicken in it????

    well...better to find an old rubber chicken in your mini van, then an old rubber!

  31. oh my word! this is hilarious....i adore you for posting this. and erin at BUB should be glad i saw hers prior to yours...she woulda lost a vote. ; )



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