Sneak Peek: Spring Photo Shoots

The past month, I have had the privilege of doing a handful of photo shoots.

And, they were all different types of photo shoots, which made it fun and gave me some variety.

Here are a few sneak peeks of some of my favorites!

First up, I had Mason's 1 year photo shoot!
How adorable is Mason?
Mason is such a good little boy, he was really cooperative & so easy to take pictures of!
This is my favorite one of the session!
Tegan & Mason drove down from Sacramento for the session!
I had so much fun with you guys!

At the end of March, my friend Kelly asked me to take pictures at her & her husband's 10 year anniversary vow renewal.

During the cocktail hour, the beautiful couple:
I was also able to get some cute pictures of some of the kids running around.
Tyler, their sweet, precious son:
and, their daughter (& Kate's friend) Nicole:

And, their 2 nieces:
What a great smile!
During the ceremony, there were a lot of smiles & laughter...
and, a lot of hand holding...
Happy 10 years to an amazing couple!
Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day!


When we were in Pebble Beach my younger sister Becks and her boyfriend Jason allowed me to do a photo shoot of them on the beach at sunset.

I wanted practice doing beach & sunset photo shoots.
Thanks to Jason & Becks for being my guinea pigs!


Then 2 weekends ago, I had a photoshoot with my first repeat client!
(that made me feel good!)

I first did a session with these 2 brothers last fall for their family Christmas card.

They are 13 months apart & didn't sit still for a minute!
Their mom wanted some fun Spring park pictures of them playing & just being boys!

I was literally running around the park snapping pictures of them!
Big brother was cheesing it up for me:
But, the little brother was more shy & didn't want to smile for me.
This is one of him giving me a "courtesy" smile. ha!

I have a few more sessions coming up in the next couple of months that I am looking forward to!


Even though life is crazy busy & chaotic right now, I love squeezing in time for photography.

I can escape behind my camera & capture beautiful moments amongst the chaos of everyday life.

And, lately there has been A LOT of chaos with our moving situation.
The last two weeks have been a roller coaster ride.
We still haven't closed with our old house, there have been some major hiccups with the buyer's lender/bank/appraisal, etc.
It is really, really frustrating & stressful.
We were supposed to close on our old house last Wed (4/21) and our new house was supposed to close today.
I am not sure everything is going to work out & we might have to start over with the whole process of buying & selling. Just typing that makes me want to cry.

We would appreciate the prayers!


  1. Our buyer decided to change his financial packet from the bank the DAY of closing! I feel your pain! I hope everything works out!

    You did an awesome job on your photography shoots!

  2. Love all the photos. I think the sunset ones are my fave!

    Here's hoping your place gets sold!!

  3. Praying for you! And I love the pictures...the sunset ones are so wonderful...LOVE them. I wish we lived by a beach and ocean.

  4. How stressful! Def. praying for you guys..
    Love all the pictures, especially the sunset ones :)

  5. awesome pics as always Mel...LOVE the birds on the sunset pic...it's like the cherry on top of an already perfect picture.

    I HATED selling both times and our first time selling was a nightmare...I hope everything works itself out sooner then later

    hugs Mel!!!

  6. How frustrating with the house situation. :(

    But on another note? These pictures are all SO great!!

  7. Definitely praying for your family through all of this. You so need a girls night! Excited for next Saturday. :)

    Those sunset pictures are awesome, but my favorite is the hand-holding. So sweet!

  8. You are awesome, Mel! it's all going to work out! AWESOME sunset pics!

  9. Those are all gorgeous! Love the sunset pictures - so pretty!

  10. Sorry about the new hassles with the move!

    Your photos are great! I can imagine how proud and honored you must feel to have repeat customers- yay! =) I love taking photos and have SO much to learn- which setting/s did you use for the sunset pics if you don't mind my asking. Thanks!



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