Easter Weekend 2010

Here is a Re-Cap of our Easter weekend.
In true Larson fashion, we had several Easter celebrations/activities to attend!

To kick off the Easter Weekend, we dyed Easter Eggs at Kevin's parents house.
Claire loved it, although she was into everything, so we had to regulate her egg dyeing.
These two are serious about their egg dyeing.
Can you say look alikes?
Kate dyeing her eggs (from 2 view points)
Some of our finished eggs:
Then, on Saturday morning, we had our neighborhood Egg Hunt.
As soon as we walked up, all our neighbors chastised us & gave us a hard time for moving.
We will truly miss this community.
Every year, at the neighborhood Egg Hunt, the Easter Bunny arrives to kick off the Egg Hunt.
Kate was actually estactic & excited to see the Easter Bunny.
(Obviously, she hasn't been too scarred from THIS)
Lining up & getting ready to collect eggs:
And, they're off!
Searching for eggs:
Claire got 2 eggs & Kate got 5 eggs. They aren't the most aggressive egg hunters...
Kate posing for a picture mid Egg Hunt:
One of our neighbors brought their pet bunny. Both girls were more into the bunny than the eggs:
After the neighborhood Egg Hunt, we headed to Kevin's parents for another Egg Hunt.
We need to give our girls lessons in Egg hunting. They would find an egg, sit down, open it to see what was inside & then eat the candy. They just weren't interested in collecting a lot of eggs.
The girls & some of their cousins:
Then on Easter Sunday, we headed to church.
I helped in Kate's classroom so I missed the service, but Kevin said it was great.
While we were at church, the Easter Bunny arrived at our house:
The girls get the same thing every year in their Easter baskets (swim suit, swim suit cover up, a pair of pajama's & a new sun dress and of course Reeces's eggs. Best.Easter.Candy.Ever!)
This year they also got some new headbands, a coloring book and these personalized dolls with their names on them & a bible verse
( I chose the Bible verse that we read at each of their dedications)
{click to enlarge}

The girls were so excited to see that the Easter Bunny came while we were at church
***I had their Easter Baskets assembled the night before, but when we get home from church, I run inside put the baskets out while Kevin is unloading the girls from the car when we get home from church. We can get away with this...for now!)
Kate digging into her loot (love the dress she is holding up..it is from Target's Libery of London line. LOVE it all!!)
Claire collecting eggs on during our mini inside Egg Hunt (it rained all day on Easter!)
Checking out each other's baskets:
My attempt at an Easter picture:
(Kate was going to have NOTHING to do with it)
I tried again by the fireplace, but they were too obsessed with the eggs & baskets.
Kevin finally made them smile, but my camera was on the wrong setting, so Kate is out of focus & Claire's feet are blurry. Oh well, this was the best one. *sigh*
These were not originally their Easter outfits.
A few months ago, I got them some really cute sundresses & sandals.
But, since we got a cold front & it was 50 degrees & raining, we went with different outfits.
I guess I will save their actual Easter dresses for Mother's Day.

The rest of our Easter was spent with my family & our family friends at our Easter: Resurrected Party .
And, can you believe it....I didn't take ANY pictures while we were there!!
I was having too much fun hanging out, eating & socializing that I didn't even take my camera out of the bag!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter celebrating that "He is Risen!"
I am on Spring Break recovering from a busy holiday weekend & gearing up to move this weekend!


  1. I love that you do Easter baskets AFTER church!

    Your family is beautiful! I love that picture of them petting the bunny!

  2. Yes, Reesees eggs are in fact the BEST candy ever. YUM. Sounds like a great weekend, lots of fun pictures and I love the dolls, so cute!

  3. great minds think alike! addi also gets a swimsuit, coverup and sunglasses each year (well this was only her 2nd easter, but i plan on doing it every year)! what a great way to get ready for summer! your girls are darling!

  4. Well even if those weren't their original Easter outfits, they sure are adorable!

    The rain just missed us on Easter. It rained all day yesterday.

    Good luck with your move!!

  5. Fun! And I love their easter baskets...Allikaye has the same one!!! That's a great idea to get swimsuits!

  6. I can't believe how big Claire is, she looks so much like a "little girl" now instead of a baby. And those outfits they wore were adorable! How awesome that your families are Christians as well and you guys had an Easter: Resurrected party. :) Great idea for the stuff in the Easter baskets too!

  7. adorable!! claire is looking SO big! i love those dolls, and NICE job on the shirts :)

  8. Squeeeeeeee!!! I love the outfits!! I wish I could have your girls clothes in my size.

    Great pics as always!

  9. Looks like your family had a fantastic Easter weekend :)

    I never seen a bunny driving in a car like that in person, too funny.

    Love so many of your Easter gifts too to the girls :)

  10. Haha! Leila would have been way more into the bunny too. So glad you guys had a great weekend!!

  11. so cute! glad you had a wonderful Easter!

    i love what they get in their basket. ours get a kite, bubbles and reese's eggs!! i just might switch to adding their swim suits, too. great idea.

  12. Mel stop!
    these pics are too much!
    love them.
    you are an amazing mommy!

  13. looks like y'all had such a wonderful easter! i want a little girl so bad so i can get them one of those dolls...absolutely love them!

  14. What a wonderful post, so many things to comment upon! I love the bunny shirts they wore for the Easter egg hunt, so cute! Isn't the Liberty line adorable?! I bought a couple of pieces myself for my little girl and am kicking myself for not getting a few other pieces. I love the babydolls and have bookmarked the site as I want to get one of those for my little girl's birthday next month - thanks for sharing!

    Oh, and I hope the house hunting is going well!

  15. I love the Easter baskets...and what great ideas that you put in there...need to remember those for next year. My girls got little dolls too...and Kaylin LOVES her so much...sleeps with it every night.

    And love the bunny shirts!

  16. And I was just happy to actually have Easter Baskets for my kids this year, geez! :) Love that you know that Target clothing line. I go about as far as Circo. Haven't been lately, but with Spring and all the cute clothes, could be dangerous! Hope you are doing okay with the packing-thinking of you guys!

  17. Mel, You gotta come virtual blog party with me. You bring the dessert for sure.

  18. wow, adorable girls and such a great post! reeses eggs are the BEST candy ever!

  19. My girls had to wear back up dresses too! Stupid weather, but the Mother's day idea is brilliant. I got them all three different, but coordinating Liberty of London sundresses. The cuteness. Can't handle the cuteness. I ADORE the dolls. I need to get them for my girlies. So special. LOVE!!!



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