If I let her...

...she would wear this EVERYDAY.
this purple shirt
{which is 2 sizes too small, note the belly hanging out}

this pair of purple leggings
{which is clearly not the same shade of purple as the shirt, but Kate thinks it matches perfectly}

Have I mentioned I am not a big fan of purple?
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the color PINK!
Have I mentioned that purple is Kate's favorite color?
These are the only 2 purple clothing items she has, which is why she wants to wear them every single day.
I think I need to {suck it up} put my purple bias aside and buy her more purple for her Spring & Summer wardrobe.

Watch out Target, here I come.


  1. I love purple!!!
    I will pass down some purple stuff from my girl's closets if you don't go and buy her some.
    Mean Mom!
    She's such a cutie :)

  2. i love the belly! so funny how kids put things together, especially when it includes sparkly shoes. :)

  3. I have finally had to resign to just letting EmmyKate do her own clothes. For her, the brighter the better, so no more pink pastels for us. :(

  4. I'm with you... purple is groooss. :P

    I say let her wear it though!

    Although if Mason ever wants to wear purple every day I might have to change my opinion...

  5. She's so cute! Even if she's all mismatched purple!

    Hope things are working out with your house situations!

  6. i am not a huge purple fan either...i was when i was 8...i think the purple carpet in my room for a few years made me not like it now...but with 2 girls and pink & purple being the choice a lot...i have learn to like it...i don't love it, but that is okay.

    kate will love a few more purple items this summer!

  7. My daughter looks SO pretty in purple. SHe has that same shirt which is starting to look the same on her. Old Navy tops seem to run short don't they? Or is it just me. Anyway, hope you have lots of luck at Target. I've found it's SO much easier if I let my 4 yr old help pick out her clothes now. She's more apt to mix it up if it's something she picked for herself.

  8. Hailey is obsessed with purple too! Maybe we pushed the pink too hard? lol

  9. I love purple too! You and Julie are weirdos! ; )

    Target has tons of cute girlie stuff right now!!

  10. Too funny...this is the story of my life. I too do not like purple. My girls, especially my {almost} 3 year old have total opinions about what goes with what. :)

  11. YAY! So glad you found me!!!

    I'm following you along now too!

    Your pictures are AWESOME! So fun to look at :) and your girlies are precious! I too used to not be a fan of purple...loved pink. But have just now started buying purple for Emma and realized that I really do love it! :) haha

    Can't wait to read more of your blog!

  12. BUt, she wears the too small shirt so well. Work it while you can, right? :)

  13. LOVING the outfit. :) She's such a cutie, love the little belly (my little girl has a total "Buddha belly", so cute!).

  14. Brainwash, brainwash, brainwash.
    Be the mean mom. Resist the purple.

  15. Wow, I think I could have wrote that post myself..lol. My three year old wants to wear the same shirt everyday. She gets out of bed and gets dressed before she even leaves her room. They are so cute at this age! Your daughter is so adorable and the purple looks great on her!



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