19.5 months old

This past Friday, April 23rd, Claire turned 19 and a half months old.
Generally, this is an age that is a milestone, but to me it was fun to have her turn 19.5 months old.

Why you might ask?

You see, Claire was born the day Kate turned 19.5 months old.

The are EXACTLY 19 and a half months apart.
Now that Claire is this age, I CANNOT believe I had kids that close together.
{I know a handful of people who have kids EVEN closer than that, like my childhood friend Shannon, whose girls are 12 months & a few days apart. whoa.}
I just can't get over the differences in my girls at this age.
At 19.5 months old, Kate seemed older than Claire does.
Maybe because Kate was an only child & we didn't know any better.
Maybe because Kate was more verbal than Claire is.
Claire looks older than Kate did at 19.5 months.
And, Claire is about 100 times BUSIER than Kate was.
Claire is into EVERYTHING and climbs EVERYTHING.
We may or may not have given her the nickname "Crazy Claire"
She is exhausting! Her favorite words are "no" and "why?"
Claire has also started having temper tantrums. Those are fun...not.
We love her & can't imagine our family without her....but man, she is always on the go & keeps us on our toes!
I must say I am GLAD that I had Kate first because if the order was reversed and I had Kate when Claire was 19.5 months old...WOW.
That would have been A LOT of work.
If you watch the Today show, make sure you watch it tomorrow (Monday) at 8am.
My friends from college Matt & Ginny will be on the show sharing about their son Eliot.
Be sure to watch, you will be changed & inspired.
Our church is doing a project called Kingdom Assignment.
They gave 100 members $100 to try and multiply the money for the glory of God.
Kevin (along with his small group of senior high guys) & I have teamed up and are trying to raise money to build a well through charity:water.
(This is the same organization we used with Project 320)

One of the high school boys designed this button & made them into stickers to pass out at school.
Our goal is $5,000 & so far we have raised $1,270.
Any donation amount helps, $2, $5, $10, etc.
Click HERE to donate!


  1. Isn't she the cutest?! Love her little pigtails. I am sure it is a lot of work having them 19.5 months apart, but they will be the best of friends. My sister and I are 19 months apart and while there were some fights growing up, I think our closeness in age really led to us having a very strong friendship.

  2. OH my... that little face. Adorable. simply adorable!

  3. Your girls are beautiful!

    My first two kiddos are 17 months and three days apart! And like you, I have a friend who had TWO kids in between mine. Her girls are one year and one day apart. YIKES.

    It was crazy hard in the beginning but once they were school age, I thought it was really fun. I will mention that it took three years and God doing a major heart change in me before we had our third. And she's just icing on the cake.

    Sadly, our youngest is the one that I really enjoyed the "baby" stage with. With my first, I had such an adjustment, and then I was pregnant (and sick) during some of it. With my second, I often wished for life to hurry up and get easier. So yeah, the third one was savored a little more. And she's just the icing on our cake!

    Sorry to write a novel. I just really relate!

  4. My girls are 1 day short of a year apart! :) I wouldn't change it for the world. Just like the previous poster said, their closeness in age will make for a very strong friendship. Your girls are ADORABLE!

  5. sounds like the difference between chloe & camden! chloe's mature personality hasn't changed since she was one, and camden... well, she's just crazy.

    i'm gonna dvr the show!

  6. Claire is just the most beautiful little girl. Her smile is just so big and bright!

  7. my second one is a climber and into everything too!

    I wonder if I can catch the Today Show Clip online??? (I'll be working unfortunately)

  8. Okay, the second picture? Those eyelashes? The "Who, me? Crazy?" sweetness? And the last picture? Oh, goodness, do you and Kevin have your hands full. What a love Claire is!

  9. I thought the SAME thing the other day! My two are 18 months apart... we got pregnanty when Emma was 8 months old. Colt is now 8 months and I could not IMAGINE being pregnant again hahaha! SO CLOSE! But ya know, I LOVE having them so close! So fun having two little best friends :) And my two are the opposite of yours... Emma is the crazy one and Colt is the calm one:)
    So fun!!! Love the pics of the girls!

  10. My Claire and your Claire sound SO much alike! My Claire also into and climbing EVERYTHING! My Claire, also not as verbal as Hannah was at this age. They sure do keep us busy! Her outfit is just darling too.



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