Mom My Ride

Our friend Reid emailed Kevin and I this video about a month after Kate & their son Owen were born. The video is HYSTERICAL. You must watch it! We joked about it and I said my car would NEVER be like that...no matter what.

Fast forward 2 years....

Our friend Wendy is having a contest .
(Kevin and Wendy went to high school together)
Her blog is great & when Kevin & I read about the contest he told me I had to enter. This is a contest I DO NOT want to win, but unfortunately, I am a strong contender.

You see, I am a neat freak. My house is very clean & I don't like clutter around my house. My car, on the other hand is a different story. I used to have a nice clean car. Then I had kids. I swore I would NEVER be one of those mom's who had a nasty kid car. Never say Never. My Tahoe has become my dumping ground! It is quite sad. Kevin gets very annoyed when my car looks like a bomb went off in it. So, here you go in all my glory....what my Tahoe looked like this past week. I WILL be cleaning it out this weekend...I am disgusted at myself!

The contest ended today. The pictures I submitted are below. You can check out the competition here. Can't wait to find out who won! Thanks for the fun Wendy!


  1. congrats sister. email me your address.

  2. Oh no... you won... how funny! I am the same way about my house and my vehicle... looks the same as yours - the car seats & strollers. The kicker... my kids are 7 & 11. It doesn't get any better just because they get older.

    I was thinking about you the other day when I saw a group of the red hat ladies... it made me think of the old lady at the wine tasting whose pic you posted. :0)

  3. Well, I can't say my house is always clean, but I also said I would never let my car become what it unfortunately is today. Mom my ride, indeed. I found a milk sippy yesterday that had become yogurt. Yummay!

  4. Hrmm, I think I know someone who coulda been a contender...cough..

  5. Great post! Hats off to fellow neat freaks.

    I had a "I'm not going to be one of THOSE moms" moments yesterday at soccer. My son's team lost the championship because the OTHER team had an illegal player (obviously older kid, not originally on their team). It really made a bunch of us pretty hot under the collar because if it weren't for him, our team would have won...but we were too chicken to say anything for fear of being pegged as outrageous helicopter parents! LOL!

    And yes, my cars can get pretty messy too...

  6. We live in California; land of earthquakes. Having crumbs and food on the floor isn’t messy, it's being prepared. You never know how long you could be stuck in your car and having food, clothing and entertainment is just good ole common sense!

  7. I couldn't stop laughing when I read this post. :)

  8. Sorry, Mel... but I think I woulda beat you in your Momness!! I, too, revel in a clean house and any little bit of clutter sends my head into a frenzy! But my car? I can't keep that sucker clean to save my life!! We are cut from the same cloth!



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