Spring Break in Pebble Beach

I have been on Spring Break all this week!
Earlier this week the girls & I went to Pebble Beach with my parents and sisters.
We planned this trip several months ago & I almost didn't go so that I could pack our house instead, but I figured that can wait, right?
We headed down to Carmel on Monday morning & stopped in Monterey for lunch.
We walked around Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey after lunch.
It was a beautiful day & we were so glad the rain from Easter was gone!
Kate loved all the boats!
Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey is nice and quaint.
It is filled with fun little shops, restaurants & candy shops!
Speaking of candy stores, we went to an awesome candy shop on Cannery Row.
Look at all that Salt Water Taffy! Yum!
This was Kate's first time in a candy store and she was going crazy!
She was like a kid in a candy store! haha!
I let her pick out whatever candy she wanted & let her fill up her little basket!
Claire got in on the candy action also.
Claire was hysterical, she kept hoarding all the candy by the handfuls.
Kate wanted to pay for her candy "all by herself"
That little bag of candy cost me $11.25 - doh!
Oh well, she had fun (and I have eaten most of the candy!)
Then it was time to head to Pebble Beach house.
We brought Kate's bike & she had fun riding around the backyard.
Claire had fun watching Kate ride around.
Seriously...I love her big brown eyes!
Kate posing with Auntie El:
Bots & Kate:
After dinner, we all took a walk down to the beach to look at the sunset:
Claire wanted to be a big girl & walk like the rest of us.
On our walk, we saw some deer on the Pebble Beach golf course!
Claire getting a hand from Jimmy:
Claire & Auntie Bots:
The deer were still there on our way back.
This picture looks like Africa to me (minus the Pacific Ocean in the background...)
I love this picture of Claire!

The next morning, we hung around the house & let the girls play in the backyard in their pj's.

I especially like Claire's outfit. Have I mentioned she is obsessed with hoodies?
She wants to wear a hoodie 24-7 & gets REALLY mad when you take it off her.
After lunch & naps we headed down to the beach to play.
Claire LOVED the beach.
She just ran and ran and ran around on the sand.
We had to keep a close eye on her because she wanted to run into the water.
This girl has no fear!
This girl on the other hand, didn't like the sand getting in her shoes.
So, she just sat at the bench for a little bit & watched Claire run around.
Taking a break after all that running:
I love her cute little profile:
Kate finally decided that running around on the beach IS fun & Kate took off her precious pink shoes (if you have seen Kate the past 2 months, you know about her pink shoes...more on that later!!)

Running barefoot on the beach IS fun!
Jason & Beck:
Claire leading us in stretches on the beach:
Happy gap-tooth Kate:
We had to drag Claire off the beach, she would have stayed there all afternoon:
The last night & a beautiful sunset at Pebble Beach:
Whenever I travel with the girls, I never know how they are going to sleep.
They aren't the best sleepers when we travel. The first night of Pebble Beach, they did great & they both slept through the night. The second night was another story....I didn't go to bed until 12:30. At 2:00 am Claire woke up. I tried getting her to go back down to sleep, but every time I set her down, she would cry & scream. I didn't want to disturb everyone else in the house, so at 2:30, I brought her back to the room Kate & I were sharing. Well, that proceeded to wake Kate up. I couldn't get either of them to fall back asleep. They were both in great moods, but they would rather play than sleep. They were giggling & running around the room. I was EXHAUSTED because I had only slept for an hour & a half. At 5 am they were both still awake (yes, you read that right 5 am) and Kate asked for breakfast. It was then that I decided to pack up our stuff & just drive home. We were leaving that day anyways, but I decided that I would just leave a few hours earlier than planned so that all of us could get some sleep.
I got the girls breakfast, packed up the car & started my hour and a half drive home by 6am. I left a note on the kitchen counter letting everyone know where we were :)
It wasn't they way I wanted to end our fun time in Pebble Beach, but such is life with 2 little girls who refuse to sleep when we travel!


  1. Lovely pictures as always! You do such a great job capturing everyone. Every photo has so much joy!

    We sleep with our boys on our trips or else no one gets sleep. We trade who sleeps with Alex as he is the crazy sleeper and Nate sleeps like a log. I love those cuddle times!

  2. What a fun trip! Hasn't the weather been awesome?!

  3. Gorgeous!! Looks like such a blast :)
    Your girls are so precious. Love each and every picture of them.

  4. Looks like you had a great time! I loved looking at your pictures; your girls are precious! Spring Breaks are the best!

  5. Those pictures of Claire are killing me! So darn cute! Especially that little belly. :) And, agh, doesn't that wake-up-and-play in the middle of the night drive you batty?! I'm sure the two of them egg each other on too.

    And Heather is right, this weather has been gorgeous!

  6. Mel... that first pic of Kate, gorgeous... love the colors so much!!! The Africa and Claire pic that follows need to be framed... now

    I want to go to pebble beach!!!

  7. Beautiful pictures Mel! So pretty. My favorite is the close up of "gap toothed Kate". :)

    My girls are the same way when we travel. Not the best sleepers. It's tough. I hope you got some sleep eventually.

  8. It looks beautiful there!!! My kids never sleep well when were aren't home either :( Glad that you had a nice time and the girls looked like it too!!

  9. Who wouldn't have fun in a candy store! Even I would still lol. Your girls are so photogenic and your family is beautiful!

  10. love yr photos! and those luvly little girls! =)

  11. Does that guy (your sister's boyfriend) work at Trader Joes?

  12. what a fun trip! the girls are so sweet. bummer about the second night of sleep... but at least you beat the traffic? : )

  13. What BEAUTIFUL pictures. You have an adorable family!! And being a mom of two girls myself ( 16 and 18)- I love little girls :-)

    Thanks for coming by my blog!! I love meeting new sisters in Christ through blogging!

  14. How fun!! You took some gorgeous pictures!

    We're brainstorming somewhere to go for a little 2 or 3 day getaway this summer, and you have me thinking Pebble Beach!

  15. Your family is beautiful and your pictures blow me away. You have such a wonderful talent. Thanks for stopping by today it is great to meet you. Love your blog and am defiantly following :)

  16. I LOVE Claire's hats! Where did you get them?

    I can't believe you drove home at 6am! Weren't you falling asleep at the wheel? You are an awesome mommy :)



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