Some of Our Favorite Easter Activities

 It's been so nice to have this week off for Spring Break because it's allowed me to have time to do some of my favorite Easter Activities with the kids. 
Thought I would share some simple & fun Easter Traditions that we have done.
Planting Jelly Beans
Take some jelly beans & plant them in your yard/garden.
Water them & then see if anything the next day.....
  You could do this on Good Friday & have the lollipops appear on Easter Sunday representing that God has taken the old and given us new life. You can even read Luke Chapter 18 in the Bible.  Talk about how Jesus’s body was laid in the tomb then on the 3rd day was raised from the dead and lived again. 
The girls were SO excited finding the lollipops.
Other Easter Activities I love:
Bunny Tracks 
(on our front walkway made with flour)
 Bunny Trail 
(Marshmallows leading them to their Easter Baskets)
Empty Tomb Easter Cookies with Scripture (Recipe & Instructions HERE)
(This pic is from 3 years ago, 3 year old Kate. So sweet!!!)

Resurrection Rolls (Recipe HERE)
This year I am also excited to use the Easter Egg Coupons in their Eggs!
Download them HERE if you haven't already!

What is your favorite Easter Tradition?
Mine is making Resurrection Rolls with the girls & re-telling the story of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and have my girls understand more and more what that means each year.
I also love spending Easter day with family & friends. 
And of course, eating a Reese's Peanut Butter Egg. Best Easter Candy EVER.


  1. I love all of your Easter traditions! My son is obsessed with lollipops so can only imagine his excitement to plant jelly beans!

  2. So many great ideas...what a fun mom you are!!!
    I may try the jelly bean idea. My daughter would LOVE it!
    Have a woderful Easter with your sweet family...

  3. definitely best candy ever! We love dyeing eggs!

  4. You are so creative! I just love your blog! Thanks so much for sharing.

    Happy Easter,
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  5. Great ideas! Love the planting the jelly beans, such a cute idea that I haven't seen before.

    I also love any candy bar in the shape of an egg. The best ever!

    Happy Easter!

  6. What CUTE ideas. I have to remember these for Landyn. Happy Easter my friend.

  7. we plant magic jelly beans too! although i'm debating not doing it this year -- just have too much going on and my kids are still so little they won't remember, right?

    or maybe i'll just take the five minutes later and do it!

  8. Love the Easter Egg Coupons! Great alternative to loads of candy!

  9. LOVE planting the jelly beans!!! What a cute and FUN idea!! We do the empty tomb cookies every year with our boys and like you said, its so neat to talk with them as their understanding grows each year! Happy Easter!! =)

  10. You are such a cute mom! Love all the ideas! Love the girls' faces in the pics where they saw the lollipops! Thanks for sharing all your creativity with us! :)



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