Luke :: 7 Months Old

Luke is 7 months old today!
Still such a happy, happy, happy guy.
 And, a great traveler. He did so well on our Disney trip.
(Which I will blog more about next week. This week was CRAZY BUSY. I haven't even looked at all the 1000+ photos that I took!)
Here are Luke's 7 month stats:
Weight: 17 lbs 14 oz (50th %)
Height: 28 inches (50th %)
Clothing: 6 months
Diapers: Size 3
Sleeping:  8-10 hours a night!!
 Tricks: Sits up on his own like a big boy! Loves to roll & get up on all fours.
Wants to crawl SOOOO badly. Rocks on his hands & knees and scoots around backward.
Teeth: 2 bottom teeth, and I think one of his top ones is coming in, there is a little tooth bubble there.
Since he gained less than half a pound from 4 months to 6 months, my doctor wanted him to have a weight check this month. He gained over a pound this month! Yay!
He loves his food. He eats 2 meals of baby food a day.
When he sees me getting his food ready he starts squealing and going "mmmmmm".
Like Claire, he got his Daddy's long lashes. Lucky.
And, big brown eyes to go with them.
He gets so frustrated that he can't crawl. He will rock back & forth and get angry that he isn't moving.
He loves his football. And holds it in his left hand.
 Maybe he'll be a lefty like Kevin & Kate?

And, because I love comparison photos, all 3 kids at 7 months:

I still think he is a combo of Kate & Claire!

Happy 7 months Lukey Guy! 
You are officially closer to 1 than you are to being a newborn. Cue Tears.


  1. He is such a cutie.
    I agree he's a good combo of both girls, I love comparisons

  2. I think he is looking more and more like Claire. I love the picture of Kate reading to him!! Too cute!! He is going to have 2 extra little Mommies growing up huh?

  3. adorable. Can't believe how time is flying

  4. He is so handsome :) And those pictures are making me want another baby... another boy? I just hugged my almost 8 year old son and wanted to cry because he's so grown up now!

  5. So cute! He is so mobile in comparison to Liam! Granted, Liam is 5 mos, but he is so fat he is only showing signs of learning to roll over! And, he's in 9 mo and 12 mo clothes :)

  6. such sweet photos! I love his little tie onesies! he does look like baby Claire.
    can't wait to see your Disney pics!

  7. He is such a sweetie!! =) He is a cute little mix of his sisters!! Our littlest is totally a mix of his two older brothers and i love it!!

  8. Hi! Visiting from the hop! Luke has the most gorgeous eyes!


  9. he is so cute. i can't handle it. I need to see him.


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