Bloglovin and Basketball

On July 1st, Google is getting rid of Google Reader, which is how some (most) people read blogs that they follow. 
I read my blogs using my Blogger Dashboard, so I don't know if that is going to be affected as well.
Rumor has it that Google Friend Connect is going bye-bye also.
(Although, I did some research and couldn't find any info that said Google Friend Connect is going away, just Google Reader)
Anyhow, people are  assuming that Google Friend Connect will be gone on July 1st (or shortly after).
If that's the case, then I might as well jump on the Bloglovin bandwagon that everyone has hoped on.
Not sure if I like the format of it (and I will keep my fingers crossed that Google still lets me read my blogs on my Blogger Dashboard).
So, to be on the safe side, I created an account with Bloglovin.
If you want to follow my blog with Bloglovin, click here:

Now, onto more important things.
Specifically, March Madness.
I love, love, love, love, love this time of year for College Basketball.
Do I watch College Basketball during the regular season? No. (Well, just my Colorado Buffaloes)
Do I watch the NBA? No way. Not a fan.
But, March Madness? I am OBESSED.

I have filled out a bracket every year since I was in high school.
The past few years, I have been in charge of the Basketball Pool at my school.
It's just so fun. I love seeing all the upsets.

March Madness is what competition is all about. 
All these teams & players trying their hardest to win.
Giving it their all. Doing everything they can.
 I love that most of the games come down to the last few minutes.
The buzzer beater games are the best. 
It's so exciting and I don't even know anything about most of these teams.
I just randomly pick teams for my bracket and then hope they win. 
And, this year, for the 2nd straight year, my Colorado Buffaloes made it!
They are a #10 seed & play Illinois in the first round. 
You better believe I will be picking Colorado to win that game.
I will probably pick Colorado to win the 2nd round also, but that could be a bracket buster for me. 
I always pick with my heart, rather than my head, which hurts my bracket most years. Ha!
And, almost every year, I pick Kansas or Duke to win the whole thing (and that rarely happens)
I haven't filled out my entire bracket, but as of now Duke & Kansas are both in my Final 4.

Do you fill out a bracket?
Who are you picking to win the whole thing?


  1. I never liked Google Reader, so I read from my dashboard or from my blog roll on the side of my blog (for non-blogger blogs). Not sure how I feel about all this stuff changing!

  2. I can't wait to fill out brackets! (Probably later today.) So excited CU is in it for the second straight year!! Go Buffs!! I'm also thrilled they're a higher seed than Oregon, who won the Pac-12!

  3. I'm with you on March Madness! I very rarely watch during the season but this is the 10th year I've followed March Madness and I absolutely love it! I usually pick Duke to win it all but this year I'm switching it up and going with Gonzaga.

  4. I'm sad about Google Reader. I have been using Flipboard from my iPhone or iPad and I like it a lot. But, it's synced with Reader so I'm not sure how that will work either.

  5. I am with you... don't watch any BBall until March! I am in charge of creating our family bracket. I usually totally stink, but it's so much fun!

    and I am super sad to hear about google reader, I also use flipboard. :(

  6. I'm a Kentucky girl so I always cheer for UK or Louisville. Last year was so exciting when they played against each other! It was called The Battle of the Bluegeass and everyone was in the spirit that day. My daughters and I ate at CFA that day and there was such friendly rivalry. So, all that being said....I am rooting for Louisville to take the whole thing!!!

  7. Mel,

    I love your blog! I stumbled upon it through the blog hop. I'm your newest follower. Following you through bloglovin also! I would love it if you stopped by my blog in return.





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