The Happiest Place on Earth {Part 2} + A Giveaway!

{Read Part 1 HERE}
Day 2 at Disney was all about one thing:
 Going to Cars Land in California Adventure.
Cars is the girls favorite Disney movie. 
The princess movies scare them (they all have an evil villain!)
As soon as we entered California Adventure, we headed straight to Cars Land and to get in line for the popular Roller Coaster, Radiator Springs Racers.
We got there as soon as the gates opened.
{The sign as you enter Cars Land}

Cars Land did not disappoint. It was even better than I imagined.
{The long line of people that we were in to go on Raidiator Springs Racers.}
We waited in line for over an hour & then finally got to go on the ride.
Views from the ride:

SO fun!!

This was the first fast ride the girls had ever been on.  I wish you could see their faces!

Kevin waited with Luke while my mother in law & I went on it with the girls.
TIP: Did you know that Disney has a parent pass?
We showed them that Kevin was waiting with a baby, so they gave him a parent pass.
As soon as we got off the ride, he got to go on it!
(And, the parent pass is good for 2 people, so there were a few rides we got to go on back to back)

After we went on the Racers, we walked around Cars Land. I seriously felt like I was in the movie.


 Inside Luigi's tire shop was a ride, Bumper Tires.
After Cars Land, we decided to explore the rest of California Adventure. We went to Bug's Life land to ride bumper cars.
Then, we headed to the Paraidse Pier area of California Adventure.
Since this was our first time at California Adventure, we had fun checking it all out.

I love how new/clean it feels. It is also very spread out which makes it not feel crowded. Loved the lake in the middle. 

Kate wanted to ride the Ferris Wheel....Mickey's Fun Wheel.

Oh boy, this was quite the Ferris Wheel.
Not only did Kate want to go on the Ferris Wheel, she wanted to go in the swinging cages of the Ferris Wheel.

 It was quite the ride. I wasn't prepared for how high it went and how much it swang. We all loved it (except my mother in law. ha!)

Fun Boardwalk shops that lined Paradise Pier.
When Luke was born, one of our neighbors was at Disneyland & bought Luke this cute Mickey shirt!
 We packed PB & J sandwhiches for lunch each day and after the Ferris Wheel, the girls were eating lunch on a bench with my mother in law, so Kevin and I went on the California Screaming Roller Coaster since it was only a 10 minute wait!
Loved it. We love roller coasters, especially ones that go upside down!
Phineas & Ferb had a little parade:

The girls went on this jellyfish ride (by themselves!)
Another perk about California Adventure is that they sell alcohol! Kevin stood in the one and only margarita line for 30 minutes. Ahhh...yum.
I fed Luke & drank my margarita while everyone else explored Redwood Creek.
Super cute area of California Adventure.
Then we went on Soarin over California. Another great ride.
I was pleasantly surprised with all the fun rides.
 Cute newsies show/parade:
Hollywood town:
We knew it was time to take a break from the park & go to dinner. Meltdown Central. It was bound to happen. Wasn't the first time on this trip & it wouldn't be the last :)

We walked over to Downtown Disney!
Had dinner at a cute Italian place & Luke sat in a high chair for the first time.
View from dinner:
After dinner we checked out all the fun stores in Downtown Disney:
Lego store!
Can you believe these were made out of legos?
I don't know who had more fun at the Lego store. The girls or Kevin.
Building legos was a perfect end to their day.
 We walked back to the hotel & got the kids in bed for the night. They were wiped out!
After the kids were in bed, my mother in law really wanted to head back to California Adventure and see the Color of Wonder Show.
California Adventure at night?
Everything lit up was amazing. The pics don't even do it justice.
 The Color of Wonder show was pretty neat.
 The color of wonder show was neat, but I was more excited about going on Tower of Terror again!
On our way back to Tower of Terror, we cut through Cars Land.
Cars Land at night?

 Incredible. Even better than the daytime. Everything was lit up. If you have a kid who loves Cars, you need to go to Cars Land ASAP.

My mother in law and I ran to Tower of Terror to go on the ride one last time!
It was even scarier the 2nd time, because I knew what was going to happen.
Then we ran over to Disneyland to go on Space Mountain before the park closed!
I love hanging out with my fun mother in law. Blessed.
We closed down the park. It was awesome.

Day 2 was a great day. So tiring, but fun.
Loved exploring California Adventure. It surpassed my expectations.

Cars Land
California Screamin'
Soarinn' over California

Part 3.....the Final part will be up tomorrow!

Now, it's Giveaway Time!

Remember these cute shirts from my first Disney post?
On my post yesterday, several of you commented on the kid's adorable shirts that I bought from THIS Etsy Shop. Rhonda, the owner is so sweet and wants to giveaway a $25 shop credit to one of YOU!
Her shop has tons of cute appliqued & personalized shirts. Her turn around time is FAST!
I got the shirts in less than a week!
(Which was perfect since we decided to go to Disneyland 3 weeks before we went!)

To Enter:
Like Sewn with Love's Facebook Page HERE.
(Leave a comment letting my know you did)
 For an extra entry, let me know your favorite ride at Disney!
My favorite ride? A tie between Tower of Terror and Space Mountain. I love them both!

Giveaway ends on Monday, March 18th and a winner will be chosen via random.org


  1. I just "liked" Sewn With Love's FB page! I love your posts about your Disney adventures! We (my kids and I) keep begging my husband to let us plan a vacation there, but he feels that kids are a little too young...he wants them to remember their first trip. The last time I went I was in high school, but my favorite ride was the Tower of Terror:)

  2. Some of these pics had me totally laughing...loving the meltdown one of Kate and Claire, you and the Cars ride with the girls and you and Kevin on the ferris wheel-ha!
    World of Color is my fave!!! Jill cracks me up! My favorite picture though is the one of her and Kate in Bugs Land...cutest picture ever!

  3. Gosh it's looks like you guys had so much fun you made me want to take my son soon ill have to start a Disney fund!
    I liked the shop on Facebook those shirts are the cutest! Growing up one ride has always been my favorite & stil is to this day Splash Mountain, my dad & I would go on all the time & ride through singing the songs I can't wait to take Kayden on that ride someday.

  4. I liked the facebook page! Its been awhile since I was st Disney, but I love splash mountain!

  5. I love the shirts. Will be ordering from her soon!

  6. Oh- I am a big fan of Thunder Mountain Railroad!

  7. Liked her page! Your Disney trip looks AWESOME. I'm even more motivated to plan ours now!

  8. Liked her page! Love Thunder Mountain!

  9. Ahhhhhh we need a Disney trip. We went to Disney Paris a few years ago, we so need to go back and take Alice with us. Looks like your kids had an amazing time :D

    I've liked the page...my favourite ride is definitely tower of terror :)

  10. I will like her page as soon as I am back on fb. I have it up for Lent. We are going to DW in October and I am soooooo excited. Clark would never want to leave Cars land. We need to head to CA fast. I have not been to DW in ages, but I always loved Space Mountian and the Teacups! We need some Dinsey shirts for sure! I hope I win!!

  11. That should read GAVE it up for Lent and I meant to comment on how adorable your kids are, yay for first high chair, love the meltdown pics, it looks like y'all had an amazing time! I will be checking out the parent pass for sure ! Thanks Mel!

  12. Wow looks like you had a blast, I have liked her page on FB

  13. I just like Sewn on FB! What a nice giveaway!

  14. I have never been to Disney but am planning a trip for next year, but I know my kids would love Cars Land

  15. My favorite ride at Disney is the Rockin' Rollercoaster. My kids' favorite? The carousel. :)

  16. We are about to have a little girl and my husband is so excited for her to be old enough to take to a Disney park! I love the classic splash mountain ride!

  17. "Liked" them on Facebook! My favorite ride is a toss up between Tower if Terror and Rockin Rollercoaster (at Disney Hollywood Studios -WDW).
    My girls love Cars too! We are planning to go to WDW next year, and considering staying at the new Disney Art of Animation resort. They have a whole section of the resort with the Cars theme. The rooms are themed to the max, I love it. They even have a Cozy Cone pool. If you ever head back to WDW, you should check it out! :)

  18. My favorite ride at Disney World (I'm in Florida) is Thunder Mountain, mostly because it's my girls favorite ride and I love hearing them giggle the whole time we're on it. :)

  19. My favorite ride at Disney is It's a Small World--yep, I am that person. I am afraid of heights, so roller coasters terrify me--the ferris wheel would have scared me silly! I do like the Aerosmith rockin' roller coaster.

    I have never been to Cars Land and now I really want to go. I am sad that Coop has outgrown his Cars phase although I bet he would still like it. As always, I am amazed at the detail that Disney puts into their parks--like you said, it looked just like the movie!

  20. We're floridians, so I love riding the Barnstormer with my boy at Disney world!

  21. Liked her page and I love the nostalgia of It's a Small World.

  22. I liked Sewn with Love... Such cute stuff!

  23. Also, my favorite Disney Ride is The
    Carousel at Disney World. It was my favorite as a kid and now after riding it with my little girls, it is still the best! ( I really like the thrilling rides too... I've always loved Thunder Mt.

  24. I just "liked" Sewn with Love" on FB and see that it's in Elizabeth, Colorado...less than an hour from the town I work in...cool!

  25. I'd have to agree with you, I love Tower of Terror and Space Mountain!

  26. Oh, and I forgot I love Space Mountain!

  27. I "Liked" Sewn with Love on fb. I love the kids'shirts, so cute - especially with all of them wearing them at Disney!

  28. i just "liked" sewn with love's fb page! and get ready for it...i've never been to disney. {gasp} our vacation budget is limited and being a military family that hasn't lived near family for years our vacations always center around going to visit family. unfortunately, no family lives near disney.

    cars land would be a dream come true for our youngest! i cracked up b/c Cars is playing in the play room as i type!! he's not into watching tv much at all but he LOVES Cars!! =)

  29. My favorite ride at Disney has to be a tie between Radiator Springs Racers and the Indiana Jones ride. I love your Disney posts! Esp the pics. :) Thanks for sharing your trip!

  30. I love Space Mountain, went on it with my oldest daughter at Disney World and she loved it. She was 6 at the time. Fun memories.

  31. I just liked "Sewn with Love" on Facebook!!

    My favorite ride is a Disney World and it is Peter Pan's Flight!! I can go on that ride all day!

    I am pregnant with my first baby (a baby boy) and I cannot wait to take him to his first trip to Disney!!

  32. Hi! We're going to Disneyland next month so those shirts would be perfect! I liked "Sewn with Love" on FB & have my fingers crossed. Thanks!

  33. My favorite ride is Soarin' over California. :)

  34. I liked sewn with loves page. We are hoping to take our 4 year old and 4 month old to Disneyland this spring or summer. James (the 4 year old) LOVES Cars! I think he watched it everyday during my first trimester of pregnancy. My very favorite ride in the world is Tower of Terror. There is nothing like the first time you ride it when you have no idea what to expect!!!

  35. Love that you had a margarita...I did too when I was there over Christmas break. It was delic!

    Also love that you brought your good camera. I used my point & shoot and would have loved to get some better pictures of our trip. Maybe next time!


  36. I LOVE the Tower of Terror!! So scary but still had a blast riding it!

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. I was just at Disneyland last summer and had a blast! Loved Cars Land and the Cars ride (we had early park admission and went straight there are still had a 40 minute wait!) and Tow Mater's Junkyard Jamboree (did you go on that one?)

    We wanted to see World of Colour, but it was cancelled due to technical difficulties and it was our last day there so we couldn't see it. Was super disappointed!

    Anyways, loved the pictures, looks like y'all had a great time! - and I don't need to be entered for the contest - don't have any little ones! :)

  39. I checked out her shop the other day when you posted Part 1 and linked to her shop. Super cute stuff. Just liked her page on fb.

  40. And...my favorite ride at Disneyland is Space Mountain. But, you really make me want to go to CA Adventure now!

  41. The picture of you and the girls on Luigi's Flying Tires is SO CUTE!!! It could be a Disney ad! We are going to CA Adventure this summer and I KNOW I will get teary in Cars Land. Its' my favorite Disney movie and my kids favorite Disney movie, too!

  42. I just liked Sewn with Love's FB page. Such cute shirts!! My favorite ride at DIsney would have to be Pirates of the Carribean or Soarin over California! Love them both!!

  43. I liked her page. Taking my kiddos for the first time this April -- will have to let you know the favorite ride!

  44. I liked her Facebook page. Looks like a really fun trip. Don't you just love Disney memories.

  45. I like sewn with love on Facebook! I've never been to Disneyland, but my husband took me to Disney World for my 24th birthday :) My favorite ride the Haunted Mansion! I can't wait to take June when she gets a little older!

  46. I liked Sewn with Love on FB! I am so jealous that you went to Cars Land! I have never been to Disney Land but we were just at Disney World and are going back in a month! I am not a roller coaster fan so I loved watching my son's excitement about Peter Pan (yet when you ask him he says his favorite ride is the monorail!)

  47. I just liked Sewn with Love on FB. I love Tower of Terror. I haven't been to Disneyland in many many years. Are California Adventure and Disneyland connected?

  48. How fun!! I liked her FB page - and saw she is from Elizabeth, CO! I am like 30 minutes from there! Crazy!! And I have to say I have only been to Disney one time. Sad. And my fave rode was Space Mountain! Your recaps are making me want to go so bad!!

  49. I am ready to hop on the next plane to California after reading this post. Looks like one fabulous weekend!

  50. I liked her page, so many cute things!!!!! We haven't been to Disney yet, with an 18month old and another one on the way we are waiting until they are a bit older to go. But can't wait, I LOVE roller coasters too! But my husband doesn't so I usually have to find someone else to go with me, maybe one of my kiddos will like them!!!

  51. I just liked Sewn with Love's Facebook page. We are leaving for Disney World the same day the kids get out of school for summer vacation. Those shirts would be perfect!

    Also, where did you get your girls skirts? They are so cute! What kind of camera did you use for your pics at Disney?

    Lisa C.

  52. Favorite rides at Disney are Splash Mountain, Soarin' & Small World. :)

    Lisa C.

  53. I liked her FB page and can't wait to order a onesie for my baby boy! :)

  54. I liked her page!! Such cute stuff. Even though we don't have a trip planned to Disney anytime soon I would totally get Pearson a Mickey shirt. He is obsessed with "MeMo"!! He is also obsessed with trucks and cars so we will definitely have to take a trip to Disney someday!!

  55. My favorite ride at Disney is Space Mountain!!

  56. I "liked" her page! Darling shirts!

  57. Can't remember my favorite ride...it has been years! But look forward to taking my girls when they are a little older:)

  58. My favorite ride is probably Pirates of the Caribbean!

  59. I liked and commented! We are going on a disney cruise in June and our girls don't know! How exciting would it be to win and get them cute shirts too :) Thanks for this opportunity!

  60. Visiting from Kelly's Korner. We're going to Disneyland in May! Thanks so much for your post to get us even more excited! I liked the facebook page! I was just shopping for shirts like that this morning!

  61. I just showed this post to Clark and he loved it. He says "they are real humans in the CARS movie?? That is awesome!" He was enthralled with the Legos too. Clark snyder approved!

  62. Hi! Can I just tell you that Disneyland looks so much more fun than Disney World. After reading your post, it's on my list for our next family vacation.

    I love Space Mountain & any roller coaster, but really prefer the ones that do inversions.

  63. Came over from Kelly's Korner because we are taking our girls to Disneyland in September! :)

    I even have the Etsy shop open in another window when I saw your giveaway! I have liked her FB page and am so glad I read this in the knick of time.

    My favorite ride at Disney (a long, long time ago) was Thunder Mountain Railroad. Or maybe the Matterhorn.

  64. I like Sewn with Love's facebook page.

  65. My favorite ride is Snow White's Ride.

  66. My favorite ride is Soarin' Over California. Such a fun experience!



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