Running Errands With Kids.

Kate's Birthday Party is this weekend, so for the past week, we have spent a few afternoons running errands after school to get things for the party. 
You know, because it's fun to run errands after everyone (including me) is tired from being at school all day.
Normally, I avoid going grocery shopping or on errands with all 3 kids, but I am pressed for time this week.
I usually try and go on the weekends or at night (by my myself or I just bring Luke).
This comic is SO spot on.

Times this by 3 kids. It is not pretty.
Let me tell you, running errands with multiple kids is not for the faint of heart. 
People with more than 3 kids....I don't know how you do it. Heros.
Can someone please tell me WHY OH WHY do my children always have to go #2 when we are out in public running errands. Not at the same time, of course. At two different stores.
Mel = Germaphobe. Can't handle public bathrooms.
Not surprised Claire has a cold this week......I wonder where she picked that up?
On that bathroom floor of Party City, that's where.
*Shudder, again*
And,  Thank you random lady at Joann's letting me know I have my hands full...Like I didn't know that
Your friend's stink eye? Yeah. I saw that too.
Now, please excuse me while I go refill my wine glass.


  1. This post made me laugh! I only have one (who is 3 months old) and it is MUCH easier to run errands by myself. I can't imagine when she gets older and there are more of her!

  2. I've always said errands where SO EASY when the boys were still in bucket seats because I could get them in and out so easily! Now I do just about anything to avoid errands by myself. Whenever Jon goes on a trip, I make a massive errand run so that I don't have to drag the boys along.

  3. When I found out I was pregnant with #2, I received a valuable piece of advice from another mom-- try your very best to only go grocery shopping with one of them. It's not always easy to plan it, but SO worth it.

  4. I have five kids and I try so hard to never go out with all five at one time. However, there are times when it is unavoidable. I have gotten to the point where I am sure I just look pathetic when I am out with all five. The other day at Walmart I was pushing the cart with my four year old son, who was throwing a fit because he wanted candy, which I refused to buy. My five year old was riding by hanging onto the front of the cart. My eight year old was walking along and sulking about candy as well. My ten year old was pushing my 18mo. old in the stroller behind us...the baby was in a full out screaming mode. I was in yoga pants and an oversize sweatshirt because that is all that was clean. I had my hair in a clip and had on not a stitch of make-up. I would honestly not be surprised to see myself on "People of Walmart". It was a low moment for me.

  5. I have three kids and the only errand we all do together is grocery shopping on the weekend. With my husband along, too! So, one parent shops while the other keeps the kiddos happy and in line. If we shop without each other, though, we don't buy everything we need.

    I will hire a babysitter before bringing all three kids (plus the one I babysit for) out and about. I'm lucky that my oldest is 10 so if I have to run into the PO, I can leave her in the car (legally) and put her in charge of any siblings. I can't wait until she's 12 and can babysit!

  6. Hysterical! This is the best and oh so true.

  7. This is so true! Yes, I have three kids and it is SO hard to run errands. My two younger are always fighting in stores.

  8. Oh my goodness. Hilarious. I now feel for my mom and what she went through with 3 kids!

    Btw, I have an amazing giveaway going on to Social Dress Shop... would love if you checked it out! xo

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  9. Love ur post....gettin ready to go from 1 to 2 boys and a little freaked about shopping trips!

  10. This made me giggle. This is so how it is when I just take my daughter. I can't imagine it times 3.

  11. So hilarious and so true! I just returned from Target and Chick Fil A with my toddler and infant and can't even tell you how often I apologized to someone for something! My friend that I had lunch with probably thinks I am losing my mind. There was certainly a stink eye or two.

  12. Um... yes, yes and YES!!!! This is my life.

    Wouldn't it be nice if we were paid for each 'hand full' remark we get? It would be enough to hire my own full time nanny. Then I could run errands again.

  13. I still get told either "You have your hands full" or the most often now that theyre older "Boy are YOU busy!" Yeah thanks for that!!

  14. OMG, I love this post so much!!! So hilarious, and SO TRUE!!!! Thanks for the comedic relief! :)

  15. I almost ALWAYS used to take my then 4 little ones (4 in 6 years) with me. I was pushing a double stroller and pulling a shopping cart with two more...oh the memories - ha!

    It does go fast though...I have a high schooler now...enjoy the chaos :)

    You have to watch the "runnin' errands with my mom" if you haven't already seen it. MY KIDS LOVE THIS!!!!



  16. Hi Mel,

    I love your blog & have enjoyed following you. I am a new mother & I am breastfeeding as well. I was wondering what you do as far as breastfeeding & drinking wine? My daughter is 7 weeks old & I am a wine lover as well, I have heard all sorts of things in regards to drinking while breastfeeding and would just love to hear what you do as far as pumping & dumping, etc... Thanks!! Jen Baker

  17. If you come up with a clever response to, "Wow, you sure have your hands full!" I would love to hear it. I mean come on, do we look that exasperated that they feel the need to comment ALL. THE. TIME. ???

  18. oh my goodness. yes! like you, i generally avoid errands with all 3 kiddos but sometimes i have no choice!! And you would think with 2 of mine being older that it would be easier ~ NOPE! ha! that comic is perfect! and again like you, i DON'T DO public restrooms. Hand sanitizer & clorox wipes are permanent fixes in every bag/purse i carry!! and why do people think they need to say things like "you've got your hands full"??!! ahhh!!

  19. I can relate...
    I have 3 kids myself...
    Grocery shopping was a nightmare...
    2 carts...
    One with the car seat...
    and the other with.. one in the buggy seat, and one IN the buggy..
    Pulling along behind me...
    I must have looked a right fool!!!
    I wouldn't change a thing...
    Now I am a proud Gramma of darling 6mth old Vivian...
    Your sweet Luke and her would make a pretty darn cute couple...
    In a few years, that is!!! hahaha..

    Linda :o)


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