Nothing Finer than a 49er

If you know me, you know I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sports.
(You've seen Luke's nursery, right?)
I especially love my beloved University of Colorado Buffaloes, San Francisco Giants & my San Francisco 49ers.
Kevin & I both grew up rooting for the SF Giants & 49ers.
It has been such a FUN year for our teams.
First, in October the Giants won the World Series!
And now, the 49ers are going to the SUPER BOWL!!

Today's game was a nail biter. 
We were down 17-0, and then I put Luke in his 49er outfit that he wore last week when we beat the Packers (Yes, I am a tad superstitious)
And, I am not kidding, a few minutes after I changed Luke's outfit, we scored. 
Guess what Luke will be wearing on Super Bowl Sunday?
Lucky Luke Larson? I sure hope so!
(My Lucky 49ers shirt)

The last minute of the game was intense. I just love a fun ending. Wow.
The Niners are going to the SUPER BOWL!

 It's been a good year to be a San Francisco fan!
If we win the Superbowl AND the World Series I will totally freak out.
And, how fun is it that we play the Ravens? 
Our coach Jim Harbaugh versus the team his brother John Harbough coaches, the Ravens. 
Gotta love the Har-Bowl. 

On my bucket list was to go to a World Series game that the SF Giants were in.
I crossed that off in October 2010 (read about it HERE)
Another thing that is on my Bucket List is to go to a Superbowl that the 49ers are in.
Well, that isn't happening this year (anyone want to hook me up with a ticket? Ha!), but I am just so excited that the Niners will be playing in it.
Can't wait for Superbowl Sunday...February 3rd can't come soon enough!

Who are you rooting for? 
We can still be friends if you say the Ravens. Maybe ;)
Let's Go NINERS!

P.S. Thank you SO much for all the book recommendations you left me on this post!!! WOW! You guys sure like your books. Love it! I now have a list of about 20 books I want to read ASAP. I think I will start with the Divergent/Insurgent Series and then Gone Girl. You guys ROCK!


  1. If the Giants don't make it to the playoffs...and my Rangers do...would you mind putting Lucky Luke in a Rangers outfit?? :) We could use all the help we can get with the horrible choking that has happened the last two years!! Yay for the 49ers!

    And Luke, of course, looks adorable as usual!

    Have a great week :)

  2. Well...since my Pats are out, I am definitely not rooting for the Ravens;) Congrats!

  3. NINERS all the way!! Even ordered a banner from Heather!!!

  4. I used to be a football fan when I was younger. I remember being crushed when Montana went to the Chiefs. Just crushed. I don't really like football anymore but the Niners are still my team, I am thrilled that they are going to the SuperBowl and so hope they win.

    We're big hockey fans here. The San Jose Sharks are my first love followed closely by the Colorado Avalanche (used to live in Northern California, now live in Colorado Springs)!

  5. It was such a good ending! Go Niners!!! Luke is TOO much, Mel. I cannot handle how stinking cute he is!

  6. I'm no Niner, but this absolutely adorable!

  7. I was so hopeful that my team, the Pats, would make it. Since they didn't, maybe I'll cheer for your 49ers.

  8. It was a nailbiter of a game, but so exciting! It will be a great Super Bowl. We are Cowboys fans, so we will just enjoy the game :) Heather

  9. oh man that little man is so cute!!! love his 49ers outfit.

    we'll be cheering for the 49ers since our broncos lost... :0(

    great books to start with... i loved all 3 of those books. i also noticed on your recommendations someone recommended before i go to sleep... i loved that book. i could not put it down.

  10. Go 9ers! Our first love are the Seahawks but we've lived south of the bay area almost our whole lives so we are 9ers and Giants fans too! Yesterday's game was AMAZING!(thanks Luke!). Mel, you have, have, have to read Francine Rivers books Her Mother's Hope and Her Daughter's Dream! Sooo good. And then read her book titled Redeeming Love. (I will even let you borrow my copies if you want!) Then for something fun check out the blog Krista's Reflections (found her through bowensheart.com)and read Krista's new book: Sandwich With a Side of Romance. She could definitely use the support!

    GO 9ers!!!!! (we won't get to watch because we'll be at a volleyball tourney in Sac...but we'll definitely have a radio up to our ears!)

  11. Your lucky little man is TOO cute!! We are some sports lovin' fools in our house and while our team didn't make the playoffs this year, we've enjoyed all the crazy close games!! I'll have to cheer for the 49er's just for you!! =)

  12. Great game! What a year for our Northern Ca. teams.

    Oh my is Luke cute in his outfit or what!

  13. Definitely the 49ers...I'm an Ohio San Fran fan!!! I love them and was so excited that they won. This is the year for San Fran...woot woot!!!

  14. Thank you for changing his outfit! That was a crazy game. Go Niners!


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