1.  When I was pregnant with Luke (we didn't know if he was a boy or a girl until he was born)
I saw these cute containers in the Target dollar spot and bought them because if was having a boy, I knew that I wanted him to have a Nautical Themed 1st Birthday Party.

That's right, I was planning (and buying) decorations for my unborn baby's 1st birthday party.
I have party planning issues....I just love thinking about & planning parties.
I even have a link above dedicated to parties I have thrown!

2. A family friend gave me this Target giftcard for Luke.
I was planning on buying diapers for him.
I bought this instead.
It is a zipper front, so it totally counts as a nursing dress...right? Right.

3. Luke wears footie pj's 95% of the time.
With the girls, I had them in super cute outfits & headbands every.single.day
They only wore pj's to sleep in.
I don't know if it's because Luke is a boy & the outfits aren't as cute, but I just don't mind that he wears his footie pj's all day everyday. He has about 10 different ones in size 6 months. He just looks so cozy in them and since we are having a cold winter (for California), it's just easier keeping him cozy with pj's.
He wears an actual outfit to church on Sundays, but that's about it. 
The majority of pictures for his first 5 months of life are him wearing a onesie or pj's.
I feel bad about this & am going to start putting him in real clothes more often.

(Maybe I should have used that Target gift card on clothes for him.....)
Glad I could get all this off my chest. 
I feel much better now. 

Anyone else have any silly confessions?
Entertain me in the comments :)

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  1. Keep him in those cuddly pj's!!! He's adorable. Made me laugh that you bought a dress instead of diapers! :) Much more fun!

  2. So adorable! Something out footie pajamas just makes babies even cuter! Love it!

  3. We are the same way about keeping our son in his PJ's all day! It's mostly because when we put him in normal clothes he seems to pee/poop through by 9 am so we just switch back to PJs.

    My other confession is that I ate 4 strawberry shortcake cupcakes yesterday. They were mini, though, so we'll just pretend it was like 2 :)

  4. I ate a half pint of Ben and Jerry's Red Velvet ice cream last night. It was not my proudest moment ;)

  5. Love it. It is good to know that others lead a normal life as well. And I totally got your back on that nursing dress.
    I have actually designed pregnancy announcement cards even though I am not pregnant. You know, just in case. :-)

  6. I think it might be because he is a boy and also the baby of the bunch right now! My first son stayed in onesies a lot. Not the plain white ones but ones that looked like outfits. It's because he was a Summer baby and we live in Texas so its always hot. Once he was about 5-6 months I started to dress him in jeans and sweaters for Winter. (: My second son, similar thing!

  7. I saw that dress at Target the other day and I loved it! So cute!!

  8. Ok, I have five kids. When my first child was born I swore up and down I would never be one of those parents that takes their kid out to Target in their pjs. I thought it showed a considerable lack of effort on the part of any parent. I mean, how hard is it to put their kid in actual clothing instead of footie pjs? Fast forward to my fifth kid and you will almost always catch me pushing a cart through Target with my youngest sitting in the basket wearing footie pjs! I still feel badly about it, but not badly enough to actually do anything. :)

  9. Footsie PJs keep them warm! I do a little bit of both. Love the Hanna Andersson PJs, too! Just got 3 at Costco to wear at daycare, outfits are reserved for weekends :)

  10. Ha, I did the same thing with our little guy! I just loved how snuggly he looked in them! And I have this irrational fear of wasting a cute "real" outfit on a day where we don't leave the house. Haha. I got better about it as he got older and more mobile. :) That dress is super cute, btw.

  11. Hahahaa, funny! Nope, I think you used the Target gift card wisely! ;-) Luke is absolutely adorable and he looks perfectly happy...must be the PJ's. Lol! Thanks so much for dropping by and following...following you back! Very lovely blog, btw! Have a wonderful day!

    Michell @Prowess and Pearls

  12. I love those nautical boxes! I'm sure you already have amazing ideas planned for Luke's party, but in case you needed more inspiration, here's the nautical party I did for Nolan http://floralandfudge.blogspot.com/2012/10/a-nautical-first-birthday-party.html :)

    and I got my ideas here: http://floralandfudge.blogspot.com/2012/10/the-makings-of-nautical-party.html

  13. Momma deserves something too!! :-)

    A nautical theme is SUCH a cute idea!

  14. I love that you didn't find out if Luke was a boy or girl. We were surprised with both of ours as well! I just got your comment on my blog how fun. Glad to know more than just my book club friends are reading it. ;). Not much action over there lately but I'm itching to start reading again.

  15. Just buy some cute little matching hats to go with the footsies. Then it will count as an "outfit"!!!


  16. My confession...if I could, I would wear pj's everyday!

  17. Confession... My #4 wears pjs to mothers day out sometimes @ our church. I justify it bc I am the director... What are they gonna do fire me???

  18. You are totally right about the boy clothes not as cute. My son wears his footie pjs all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays (no school those days). I love him in them. He's a lot of pairs too. We actually go shopping for PJs. LOL.

    Let him enjoy them. It's A-OK!

  19. Footsie pj's are a must have in our house!! It's especially handy when you have to go places cause it minimizes the amount of outfits you have to pack! And the birthday planning is just impressive, because it means you're super organized! My confession is that i constantly leave everything til the last minute and then fly into a mad panic trying to get things sorted!lol Loving your blog! Thanks for following! :)

  20. I love these confessions! These all sound like they could come out of my mouth a few years from now, when I have kids. :-)

  21. YAY for footie pj's. All the time.

    I'm going to need you to save all that nautical party decor... Marlee's 2nd will have an "out 2 sea" theme. Thanks. :)


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