Luke: 5 Months Old

 Luke is 5 months old ....I  can't believe he is almost a half a year!!!! 
What the what? Why is time flying by so fast?
I can't even handle it. 

This has been a big month for our Lukey Guy.
2 weeks ago, his bottom 2 teeth broke through. 
I could not believe it!!! 4.5 months old & 2 teeth?
The girls didn't get teeth until 7-8 months. I was not prepared for teeth that early.
And, ouch...he has already (accidentally) bitten me a few times while nursing.
He has been in so much pain teething, breaks my heart. 
He was grumpy grumperson for several days, but now my happy boy is back.
We are making good progress with his sleeping since his 4 month update.
He is totally out of our room. The pack n play is packed away and we are no longer letting him co-sleep with us. He likes his crib now....but it took some time.
We got an obnoxious light up mobile for it & we have given him a little lovey for his crib.
He is also a rolling machine & loves sleeping on his tummy.
And....I don't want to jinx this, BUT...the past 3 nights out of 5 he has gone to bed for the night at midnight & I have had to WAKE him up at 7:30 to feed him before I go to school, because you know, I am about to explode.
I feel like a new woman with a few nights of decent sleep.
Here are Luke's 5 month stats:
Weight: 16 lbs 15 oz (50th %)
Height: 27 inches (75th %)
Clothing:  3-6 months (getting small), so mostly 6 months
Diapers: Size 3
(Moved to a size 3 on 12.22.12)
 Luke is the exact same size that Claire was at ONE year old, and bigger than Kate was at a year!
So crazy he the same size at only 5 months.

 I swear Luke wants to start crawling. Ugh. He is on the verge of scooting. Slow down little guy!
And, of course....comparison pics!
I still think Luke is a combo of both girls!


  1. Yes to the combo! I think I'm about to be in shock at the end of the month for Liam's 4 month. We already know he is big, but you said Luke is in 3-6 and 6? Liam is in 6 and 9! Happy 5 months, Luke! :)

  2. I want to squeeze his little cheeks! Such a cutie!! Happy 5 months Luke!

  3. He is so handsome! My Jocelyn is an awful teether, too. She only sleeps with a dose of advil in her when she's teething. I had to wait until 6 mo, though, to let her have it.

  4. Such a cutie! Yes, I think your kiddos are a combo. I sure miss having a baby around the house.

  5. I think that the little dude is the spitting image of Claire. He is a super cutie!

    It is party day for Alexa over here and I am mental. Do you get like that before parties?

    Thanks for the comment on the writing post--it was lovely. :)

  6. You can tell they are siblings! They are all so cute, I do love his little tie onesie. My son also got his first 2 teeth at 4.5 months - and then they just all kept coming in hard and fast (and now he has all bar the 2yr molars at 16mths!). Happy 5 months to your little man!

  7. Luke is too cute! Can't believe how much he weighs. My daughter is almost 13 months and she weighs 19lbs (25th centile). Well done Luke :)

  8. He is just so cute! Love those big eyes.


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