Office/Guest Room Remodel: Before, During & After

As promised, here are photos of the Office/Guest Room Remodel.
Last week I showed you pics of our Master Bedroom/Bathroom Remodel.
As a refresher, here is a picture of what our master bedroom looked like when we first moved in, our master had a extra 11x11 room attatched to it that the realtor called a "sitting room"

I used it as a "junk area"

When we found out we were pregnant with Luke, we decided to wall it up & make that room a Guest Room/Office and make the old Guest Room into a nursery.

Framing out the new wall & adding a door way to the hall:

Adding the sheet rock to the framing:

Other side of the room:

 View from the new doorway:

 And, after we painted, added the carpet, new baseboard, crown moulding & new door:

{I used the same bedding & side tables that we had in the previous Guest Room}

View of the "Office" part of the room, which is just a desk.
This is where we could have added a closet, but we wanted to have have an office/desk area instead.

We were originally going to make this room an Office with a big L shaped Desk, but Luke was on his way, we need to make the Guest Room his room and combine the new Guest Room with the office. We like having a Guest Room for ALL those visitors that we get, you know once or twice a year ;)

Above the desk is my framed jersey from when I played college soccer at Unversity of Colorado.
Each senior got one when they graduated. 
It's been stored in a closet for the past 7 years, but Kevin said we should finally hang it up. The girls think it's cool :)
 So, there you have it. Our completed Office/Guest Room/Master Bedroom Remodel!
Along with this remodel, we also put in new baseboards, crown molding & doors in all our other bedrooms. Here are updated pics of those rooms!
Kate's Room:

Claire's Room:

Luke's Room (which used to be the Guest Room)
{More pics & details of Luke's Nursery can be found on THIS post}
Now, to figure out (& budget) for the next thing we want to remodel in our house!
Thanks for looking!


  1. Of course my favorite part is the framed CU jersey. I'm with the girls, it's totally awesome!

  2. How exciting! It's also amazing what crown and baseboards alone can do to a room!

  3. Love all of the wall colors! Looks great! :)

  4. I love the happy, cheery colors you picked for the 3 kids' rooms and your guest room! I'm going to come stay in that guest room some day ;).

  5. where did you get the furniture in the girls rooms? I am looking to finally put real furniture in Z's room, as right now it just has a bed and her changing table-now-dresser.

  6. It looks GREAT! Love it!! Finished products are always fun to enjoy. :) Hope you're having a wonderful week!


  7. LOVE the side tables! So cute. We have to make our office a guest room as well. So much wasted space on a stinkin bed. I need a sewing table AND a computer desk dang it! lol

  8. Your kids rooms are so neat and clean. Where are all the toys stored at? My kids room rooms are just covered in toys!!!

  9. You did an amazing job!! What a beautiful house!

  10. ok first I have to say I love the new doors!! Your home is beautiful. Love the girls' rooms! Isn't it crazy what a difference crown molding makes?? I wish I could have it in every room.

  11. Beautiful!! SUCH a good feeling to get projects done!

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