Master Bedroom Remodel: Before, During & After

I realized I have never posted the pictures of our Master Bedroom Remodel that we did last Spring/Summer!
When we bought our house almost 3 years ago one of the things we wanted to re-do was the Master Bedroom. When our house was built over 30 years ago, you had the option of having an extended Master Bedroom with a sitting area OR you could make the sitting area a 5th bedroom.
The original owners of our house chose to have an extended Master Bedroom. 
Here is what it looked like when we moved in: 
  The "sitting" area is the size of the girls bedrooms, 11 feet x 11 feet.
We knew that we wanted to eventually convert the "sitting" area to a 5th bedroom and make it an office.
This is what the "sitting" area looked like for the first 2 years we lived there:
It was my junk area. It is where I kept the nursery glider, the decorative pillows from our bed (that we only put on when we have people over), where the dog bed was kept, where I would pile laundry & store other crap like suitcases, an old mirror, etc. 
It was a TOTAL waste of space! We knew we wanted to convert it to an office one day.
It was a storage area for stuff that had no where to go. Not a "sitting" area like the realtor advertised. We have young kids. Like we have time to "sit" at night.  HA!
Our bedroom wasn't relaxing because every night when we went to bed, we would stare at the crap in the "sitting" area. 
Here is what the rest of our master looked like:
Our furniture was our 10 year old bedroom furniture from when we were first married. It was cheap & falling apart. We never really decorated our room because we knew we would eventually re-do it. 

When I found out I was pregnant with Luke in December 2011, we decided that it was time to convert our sitting area to the 5th bedroom and  make it into a Guest Room/Office and make our old Guest Room the nursery for Baby #3.

We started this project in Spring of 2012.
The first thing we did is that Kevin ripped out the floor of the "sitting" area.
If you noticed from the pictures, it was a step up from the rest of the room. 
One of neighbors who has the same floor plan as us told us there was a sub floor beneath, so it would be easy to make the floor the same height.
I am very thankful that Kevin is so handy & that we didn't have to hire anyone to do this step!
Once that step was taken care of, it was time to put up a new wall to separate the rooms & to cut a door opening to the new room.  
We hired our neighbor's son who is a contractor to do this for us.
See how nice the sub floor is now that it is even? That was all Kevin!
Here is a view of the new doorway to the hallway:
We also decided to change the master bedroom door. Before we had double doors (that were broken & from the 70's) We decided to get rid of the double door and put a larger single door:
(Framing up the door)

After all the framing was done, it was time for electrical & dry wall. 
We decided to put in ceiling fans in our master & the new bedroom because in the summer, the upstairs gets SO hot. The way our house faces is brutal in the summer and all the bedrooms get so much late afternoon sun, so ceiling fans were a necessity (even though some people think they are a designer no-no, they are necessary for our house)
Here is our room with the dry wall up:
 The door framing:
 And, a view from the Guest Room/Office with the dry wall up:
Because we were adding a new door to the new Office/Guest Room and changing our bedroom door, we had to order 2 new doors. Our old doors were the original doors with the original hardware from over 30 years ago, so we decided that if we were getting 2 new doors, we might as well update ALL the doors in our house....

Our contractor tells us that he has some extra crown molding from another job & that we can have it if we want it.  Free crown molding? We just need to pay for labor? Sure!
There was just enough for our master bedroom. But then we loved it so much we thought we would also have him put it in the new Office/Guest Room. And, while he's at it....go ahead and put it in the other 3 bedrooms and bathrooms. Oh, and we might as well get new baseboards to match. 
Isn't that how all household projects work? :)

 Our 10 year anniversary was in August & we had always planned on going back to Hawaii for our 10 year.  But, since I was due 10 days before our Anniversary, we decided to use that money on the remodel & new bedroom furniture for our room.

Before I show you the After pictures, here are the before pictures of our master bathroom:
 Shower/Toilet Area Before:

One of my biggest dilemmas with our bedroom was deciding on what color to paint our room.
I knew I wanted a greyish blue. Look at all the samples I bought:
 After a few weeks of stressing about it, I decided on a color. Kevin painted the entire room.
It was NOT what I had envisioned.  It didn't match the bedding I picked out.
But, I didn't want to have him re-paint, so I returned the bedding I bought and bought new bedding (which I ended up liking better!) 
So, here is the AFTER of our Master Bedroom...it was completed a few weeks before Luke was born!
 I love how it turned out.
 Our room still has plenty of room, no need for a sitting area!
 I got our bedding at Pottery Barn.
 The coral pillows are from Target
 As you can tell, my style is pretty simple. I don't like a lot of clutter....I like a clean, fresh feel.
*Please note...our room is rarely this clean. I took these pics after our cleaning lady came. Just keeping it real. Usually the pillows are on the floor & I have a pile of laundry/clothes in our room.*

Here are the AFTER pics of the Bathroom:
The changes to the bathroom were: Paint, crown molding, a new shower curtain, new art work & a new bathroom door.
We eventually want to re-do the shower/floor/vanity, but that will wait for another time.
Hope you enjoyed the tour!
Stay tuned for AFTER pics of the Office/Guest Room!


  1. oh my gosh it is amazing! i woulda never known that there was a sitting room in there. great job to you and your husband! i'm a little anxious to see the office/guest room re-model now.

  2. Wow! This looks so good!! I love when a project comes together. : ) I love all of the pillows on your bed. It looks so comfy and inviting! Hope you've been enjoying it!

  3. I love it! Your furniture is so pretty. We did ours over last year in a similar color BM Wedgewood Grey and I love it! It's so calm and soothing with the dark espresso furniture. Love your bedding paired with all of it.

  4. We have ceiling fans in EVERY room. It helps so much and I don't care that it's a decorating no no. It's practical and that's my style.

    Love the remodel...especially your new doors :)


  5. Wow what a transformation! Great job! xoxo

  6. it looks amazing. love the bedding & the wall color.

  7. Looks great! You are motivating me to finally do our master!!

  8. looks great. Your lucky your husband is handy.

  9. So pretty and relaxing! I can't wait to see the office.

  10. Wow! It turned out amazing!! Love transformations like this.

  11. The paint color is beautiful!!! This is an awesome transformation! Way to go!

  12. This looks so great, Mel! What a great option y'all had to convert that space to another room! Love it!

  13. What a beautiful remodel! I love the combination of blue walls and the coral bedding. The whole remodel turned out to be so nice!

  14. That color is GREAT! And I love your bedding. Well done!

  15. I LOVE it, Melissa! Longing for the day that we'll have our "forever" house. Like my little house, but it's nearing time to move on. Next up, we are getting ready to do the bathrooms in the next month or so, just "lipstick" them (aka, get rid of 70s, update w/o breaking the bank, and good enough to sell). I'm excited to move to the next phase of being closer to moving! Where is your furniture from? Love!

  16. It looks AMAZING! We bought our home in 2008 and I'm soooo embarrassed to say my son's nursery is the only room truly decorated. Our master bedroom is just a disaster. We have similar styles and I'd love for mine to look like yours one day!

  17. Beautiful!
    I love what crown molding can do for a room!! Want to add it everywhere in our house!

  18. Looks UH-MA-ZING!!! Love the bedding and the furniture.

  19. Love it! I really like the color of your room. We will be moving into a new home in the next few months and I am looking for some new colors. Loving the grey and blues right now.

  20. It looks fantastic, what an amazing transformation! Your husband did such a great job, I am blown away by how he ripped up the floor to make the space an extra bedroom. Can't wait to see how the new room turned out!

  21. Loved the honest picture of your "sitting room." We have one too, and also use ours to store exras. Luckily ours has doors to hide my clutter!

  22. Love the paint color and everything else too! Y'all have a great house!

  23. Your bedroom looks so comfy & beautiful! I love a big fluffy duvet! I've got the itch for a redo for our bedroom. February will be my month for projects :)

    Job well done!

  24. Ooooh!!! I LOVE your new bedroom! And the furniture is fantastic!! That is next on my/our ;) to-do list too- new bedroom furniture! I just love what you guys did with the space- how nice that the extra "sitting area" was big enough for a bedroom!

    Looks awesome, Mel!


  25. House remodeling is a team effort (you and your husband) and it came out beautifully. The color of new bedroom is so pretty,calm, and soothing. It'll give you that very relaxing feel that will make you fall asleep very serenely. However, your daughters' photos made the room extra special. It really looks awesome!

    Keaton Oakes

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  27. You’ve done an amazing job in remodeling your rooms. I know it’s really difficult to choose the colors for your walls, but I can see that you made a great choice. I’m planning to renovate the guest room also and I’m really inspired by your room! I’ll put this in my list of room inspirations. :)

    - Chase Conely -

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  29. What a serene retreat you've created. Great job!

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