A Visit with Grammy.

Over the weekend, we took a trip to visit our beloved Grammy because she reached another milestone. It was her half birthday. And, when you are already 100 years old, things like half birthdays are definitely worth celebrating!
We hadn't seen her since her 100th Birthday in October so we were way overdue for a visit.
She lives 3 hours away, but between the holidays, major morning sickness & busy weekends, we FINALLY had a weekend to visit her and it just so happened to be on her half birthday!

The girls were so excited to go visit Grammy.
Claire ran out right out of the car & gave Grammy a big hug.
Visiting Grammy's house is full of vintage goodness, especially in the toy department.
Gotta love old school Little People.
I remember playing with these when I was a little girl.
The girls played with them for what seemed like hours.
Gotta love Vintage Raggedy Ann & Andy.
Grammy then told me about some Cabbage Patch Kids that she had in her closet.
These Cabbage Patch kids were from 1984 & 1985 and were still in the original boxes. One even had the price tag on it still. $33.97 was pricey back in the day!
Grammy's house also have these blue plates hanging up.
Whenever I see blue plates, I think of Grammy :)
Grammy is how I developed my love of Pumpkin Yankee Candles:
Grammy's yard also has beautiful flowers.

The smell of geraniums reminds me of summers at Grammy's house.
Claire loved Grammy's rocker.
Four Generations:
Is there another girl in my belly? Or a boy! We will know in August!

Grammy, my mom & I:
Grammy, my mom & sister Elyse:
We headed to a local cupcake shop to get Grammy a cupcake in honor of her 100 1/2 birthday.
Then we headed over to the Dairy to get the girls some ice cream.
I just love in the inside of the dairy.
Anxiously waiting for her ice cream.
Ice cream makes everyone happy!
Sampling each other's ice cream.
Back to Grammy's for dinner & cupcakes.
Happy 1/2 Birthday, Grammy!
Grammy's cute house & her waving good-bye to us.
It was a great visit with Grammy.
I have to admit, I wasn't sure what to expect when we got there since we hadn't seen her in 6 months. I talk on the phone with her regularly & have noticed that her hearing is getting worse, so I wasn't sure what to expect in person.
Well, her hearing is getting bad (what do you expect at 100 years old!)
But, she is still as sharp as a tact & she looks really good!
I was quite relieved on how well she was doing because at her age, you never know.
I am so thankful for my Grammy & so proud of her making it half way to being 101.
Between now & her 101st birthday in October, she will have 3 new great-grandchildren, so she is trying to hang on to meet all of them.
Hoping & Praying she gets the chance!


  1. those little people pictures sure brought back memories! I never had the camper, though :)

  2. what a blessing... and a precious legacy she is leaving all her girls. hold on grammy :-)

  3. Sweet pictures. I am so lucky to still have my grandma here with me as well...she is 93.
    Your tummy looks cute!

  4. love the girls purple dresses.. soo cute :)

  5. Grammy's house looks like fun! I have those same little people and camper and school house and ferris wheel and... you get the point. My girls love visiting my parents house to play with the weird little people - ha!

  6. Happy 1/2 birthday indeed!

    I've been a blog reader for a long time but took in a quick gasp when I saw your superior dairy pictures!

    That's where I went to high school. Many of my friends worked there and my high school prom was in the park, which I presume is where your lovely girls were eating their ice cream! What a small, awesome world! :)

  7. I love your Grammy and will be praying she gets to meet her great-grandchildren, too! Love that she kept the Cabbage Patch kids in their original boxes. She is too sweet!

  8. I never realize that the vintage "little people" were associated with that brand. I remember playing with those. There is just something about grandmothers and toys. They always have the BEST ones!

  9. Those toys brought me back to my childhood! I still have my Fisher Price kids. But I have no idea where my Cabbage Patch Kids went. Love the Gemco tag. I miss Gemco.



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