Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs 2012

Last year I dyed Easter Eggs using silk ties and had so much fun, that I wanted to do it again this year!
Here are the ties that I got at Goodwill!
Here is how they turned out once I dyed them:
Claire's Favorite:
Kate's favorite:
This one was a fail. Didn't really turn out:
I liked this one:
This one is fun:
This was my favorite:
All of them together:
Step by Step Tutorial HERE!
I just love making these Tie-Dyed Eggs!
We are off to dye more eggs at my In-laws!
It's a great way to start off my SPRING BREAK! Woo-hoo!!!
Happy Good Friday, friends!


  1. Whoa...those are so neat! I'll have to show Eric. He's the official egg-dyer with the girls:) They're planning to do them today.
    Happy Easter Mel!

  2. So cute!! I will have to try that! Happy Spring break to you--me too: ) Leaving Monday to celebrate ten years of marital bliss. Blessed!

  3. Love this idea!!! We are boiling our eggs right now. Happy Easter!



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