A Summery Weekend

We have had some crazy weather in 2012.
January & February were very mild, not like winter at all. The weather was nice & it didn't rain at all.
Then March & April came and they were colder than the winter months & we got a lot of rain.
Then, all of a sudden, this past weekend was in the 90's. It was bizarre.
My favorite part was that it stayed warm at night, so we ate dinner outside and slept with all the windows open at night. It truly felt like summer.
(Crazy to think that the weekend before we were skiing in Tahoe and then, just 5 days later it was in the 90's and we were swimming in our backyard. Gotta love California!)

Because it felt like summer, I decided to embrace that the whole weekend, including the food we ate. To me, summer is all about fresh fruits, veggies, grilling on the BBQ and eating outside.
And, I am FINALLY getting my appetite back, so this weekend was focused around food!
Fresh Blueberries for Blueberry Pancakes.
I have been all about Panini's this pregnancy. Here is my pesto, fresh mozzarella, tomato & avocado panini on sourdough before I grilled it. SO GOOD.
We did our first BBQ of the summer. My appetite is slowly coming back and all I wanted this weekend was steak (along with my tortellini pasta salad)
Summer weather also means sherbet & ice cream cones.
But, for me, I made an ice cream sandwich using my Reece's Peanut Butter Cup Cookies.
SO good.
We also started demo of our 5th bedroom which will now become the guest room/office and the current guest room will become the nursery. Stay tuned for before/after pics. Construction begins later this week!
I also got some beautiful orange tulips to brighten up my kitchen. I just LOVE tulips!!!
Bought my veggies to plant in my garden. I love having a garden...hoping my garden is as good as last year's!
I was also able to do a little photo shoot with my girls. It felt so good to get behind the camera again. I have been slacking with taking pics of them the past 5 months because I haven't felt good. My mom wants new photos of them for Mother's Day, so we did a little photo shoot & I love how the pics came out. Here is a teaser.....
And, finally....here is a Winner from my Giveaway!
Congrats, MS Posh! Leave a comment with your email!

Hope you are having a lovely week. I am so thankful we had a summery weekend, because the forecast calls for rain later this week. This weekend made me SO excited for summer.
Only 7 more weeks of school!!!


  1. cute pictures. Cant wait to see more pics of the nursery and spare room/office.

  2. I want your metabolism, pregnant or not.

    and crazy how fast the time goes...summer is right around the corner!

    and is that the nursery you are working on, or guest room for me?

  3. We are in california as well and yes the weather has been crazy. 90s this past weekend and the older kids swam..now rain and 60s. My husband may take the kids to Tahoe the weekend because there may be more snow!

    Yummy looking pancakes and salad!

  4. I'm not sure I can read your blog if you eat steaks well done like that.


  5. So ready for summer! That panini looks amazing.

    Um, I'm coming to crash your pool party this summer. :)

  6. glad you're getting your appetite back.

  7. Lovely! And I want that ice cream sandwich NOW:)



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