The Best thing about Easter.

The best thing about Easter isn't the Bunny.
The best thing about Easter isn't kids crying on the Easter Bunny's lap.
(Although, you know I love a good crying Easter Bunny picture, which my girls seem to have grown out of. This was our first year with no tears. Click here to see years past. Keeping my fingers crossed Baby #3 will give me some good crying pics. Ha!)

The best thing about Easter isn't the Easter Baskets, the cute bunny shirts, Easter Egg Hunts, Easter outfits, the Chocolate or Dyeing Eggs.
All those things are fun things & great things, but the best part about Easter is JESUS.
He died on the cross for You & Me.
He rose again, defeating death so that we could have LIFE.
Thank you, Jesus for your LOVE and FORGIVENESS even though we don't deserve it.

"He is not here; he has risen, just as he said."

Matthew 28:6

Praying you reflect on Jesus today & remember all HE has done for us!
Happy Easter!!!


  1. What a great verse! "Just as He said". Amen!

  2. Ha! I always love your "crying" pictures. . . He is RISEN INDEED! :-) Hope you had an AMAZING Easter!

  3. Hope you guys had a great day! love those crying pics...hahaha

  4. Yes, definitely. So many people don't even understand the meaning of Easter - to them it is just chocolate, Easter eggs, and the Easter Bunny. They have no idea how it came around, or what it means. I'm so glad that there are still lots of people out there who do.
    Cute pics, by the way. I can see that it's taken your kids this long before they finally tolerate the Easter bunny. Xox



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