24 Weeks!

Earlier this week I hit 24 weeks!
I look as tired as I feel in this photo. Yikes.
This pregnancy is actually going by slowly for me. I feel like have been pregnant forever...and I have 16 weeks to go!
How Far Along:
24 Weeks 3 days
Size of baby:
Baby is the length of an ear of corn
Total Weight Gain/Loss:
I have gained 14 lbs
(looks like I am right on track to gain the 50 that I gained with Kate & Claire! Yikes!)
Maternity Clothes:
I wear some regular clothes & some maternity.
(In the photo above, those are normal skinny jeans & normal cardigan, but the black shirt is maternity)
Don't know...It's a Surprise!
Lots of kicks & rolls. Baby got the hiccups for the first time this week.
I'm sleeping pretty good!
What I miss:
Coffee & Wine.
Still have all day sickness & nausea. And, i am tired...so, so, so, tired. I don't remember feeling this exhausted with the girls.
Best Moment this week:
Not throwing up!!!! It's been 10 days since I barfed! YEAH!
I am pretty excited about that, can you tell?
Now, I just hope the all day nausea goes away.
With the girls, it went away at about 26-28 weeks.
I still don't have any "gut" feeling about if it is a boy or a girl.
With the girls, I just *knew* they were girls by 12 weeks, but I don't have a feeling yet on this one.
Anyone want to make any guesses after seeing my belly?


  1. you are just precious!! congrats on your new bundle!

  2. Congrats on not barfing. As a fellow extreme barfer with my pregnancies, I know that is a big thing to celebrate. You look adorable!

  3. I think it's a boy! You look adorable! God bless and good luck with the last 16 weeks.

  4. You're cracking me up with the barfing comments. I am at the end of 12 weeks with my first pregnancy and I feel you on the tired. I am not nauseous anymore, thankfully. Good luck to you! I think it's a boy!

  5. You look so great!

    I would say girl just by the barfing. I'm with you on that. (Just got done,actually... TMI).

    And as you know we are on little lady #3!

  6. Hooray for not barfing in ten days!!!!!
    You poor thing. Hope the better part of your pregnancy is upon you now.

  7. you look fantastic!
    Hope you start feeling even better & get some rest!

  8. Ughhh...I feel so bad for you! I wasn't sick with sweet Elyse, but I can't imagine how long the days must seem with not feeling well! Hope it stays away for good!

  9. I am sure it is a boy...
    or a girl :-)

  10. I am sure you are extra tired since this time you have 2 active little girls to chase around. And I am guessing boy only because that is what I am hoping you have. Ha!

  11. I say boy, because I have had so many friends who the first two were the same gender, and the third was the opposite.

    2002 was a great year to get married, wasn't it? Though I see so much stuff that is available for brides today that we did not have. If I was getting married now, I would go bonkers on Etsy. :D

    I hope that the barf-free streak continues!

  12. you look GREAT!

    i am 10 yrs post-partumn and i think you are still tinier than me. :-)

    boy. that is my guess. but i'm almost always wrong.

    i was sick with all of mine. that is why they are so cute. the sicker you are the cuter the kids. i feel sorry for people who don't get sick, they have ugly children. hehe.

  13. Awww!!!! Baby Bump!!!!! I vote Boy and I am glad you haven't barfed lately :P

  14. So glad you are feeling better. You look terrific. I love surprise deliveries. They are the best. We did that with our middle child. So,so fun!!!!!

  15. Look at your cute belly! I don't know you can stand not knowing- I would be too curious :)

  16. You look so great! I just had our 2nd little girl and I wanted to tell you that old navy has very cute maternity skinny jeans that look very similar to those you are wearing! Cannot wait to find out if you will have another cutie girl or a sweet boy!!

  17. Congrats....love the pics/stats. New follower of your blog-please stop on over and check out mine.

  18. Mel you are having a boy, I am SO sure of it!!!!!!! I was extremely tired & sick like that with both of my boys!!!

  19. How exciting for you all, I didn't realize you were pregnant! Cute cute pics!

  20. Not going to guess by the belly...I looked the same belly wise with all 3, and 4 so far! But, I say boy because of the so, so, tired part! That's how I was with Kieran...I wanted to hibernate! :)

  21. Girl, you are smoking crack!! You do not look like you could possibly gain fifty lbs. You look great! Hope you feel better soon :)



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