Grammy's 100th Birthday Party!

I finally have time to post about Grammy's 100th Birthday Party that we had last weekend!
Grammy lives in the Central Valley & so we all traveled there last weekend for her party.
This is the house that Grammy lives in...by herself! Isn't it adorable?
My aunt, uncle & cousins live in the same town as Grammy, so she is lucky to have family check in on her. We had the party at my aunt's house which is a few blocks from Grammy's house.
My job was to make cupcakes & cupcake toppers.
Even though Grammy wasn't announced on the Today show, Willard Scott sent her a Birthday Letter.
President & Mrs. Obama sent her a card congratulating her for become a Centenarian.
What present to you give to a 100 year old? I let the girls pick and they chose 2 dozen pink roses & a balloon.
My aunt had a matted photo of Grammy & we all signed it.
(Note: Grammy calls me Missy. She is the ONLY person who is allowed to call me that)
Grammy's name spelled out with Scrabble letters (aka: Words with Friends letters)
I found this 100 tiara at a local party store! Score!
My sisters & I with our only girl cousins with our Vodka Cranberry's in honor of Grammy.
(Side note: my cousin is getting her Masters in Genealogy and she has done amazing research on our family tree and found records of our ancestors all the way back to the 1600's when they came over on the Mayflower. Also interesting is that most of our ancestors had very long lives. Some even lived to their late 80's & early 90's in the 1800's. That is pretty amazing.)
Vodka Cranberry "cheers!" with Grammy!
A funny story from the weekend: During the day while we were having lunch (before the dinner party) We were going to my cousin's to make caramel apples & I told Grammy she should go home & take a nap before the Big Birthday Dinner Party. She told me that she doesn't nap during the day anymore because she is going to enjoy daylight while she can because it is dark 6 feet under!!!! Classic! Grammy has the best lines!

Waiting for the cake & more Vodka Cranberry's!
Happy 100th Birthday, Grammy!
Grammy, my mom & sisters:
Me & Grammy:
I love this photo of us.
It was such a wonderful weekend celebrating Grammy becoming a Centenarian and her 100 years of life. It was the first time all of us had been together in one place in almost 10 years. Who knows when the next time that could happen. When someone turns 100, you never really know.
The next day as we were leaving, Grammy sat with me and told me what a wonderful Birthday weekend she had.
She hugged me as I was leaving & said,
"I hope you know how proud you have made me. I am so lucky to be your Grammy."

Hello, tears.
Thank you Grammy for being such an inspiration.
We are the ones who are lucky to have you in in our lives as the matriarch of our family!
In other news, the Happy Day Project started this week.
happy day
I encourage you to check it out & spread Random Acts of Kindness to those around you.
The girls & I made treats for our neighbors & I can't wait to do more this week.
Info here!


  1. Oh wow.. Reading this with tears in my eyes! Your Grammy reminds me of my Ma who passed away a couple of years ago. Her birthday is coming up.

    SO AWESOME you all got to celebrate your Grammy's 100th Bday!! :o)

  2. your grammy is TOO cute.
    the pink is awesome.
    and i hope to be 100 someday just so i could wear that tiara. ;)

  3. wow that is incredible! looks like you all had an amazing time together celebrating!

    it's just crazy how much all you girls look alike.

  4. What a fun weekend! My grandother is 92 and lives along and drives all over town. I feel so blessed to have my grandmother alive and that my kids know her and love to spend time with her as well.
    After I am done sending this I am going to give to a call just to tell her I love her.

  5. What a fun bash! Looks like you might be around awhile, Mel. I hope you have enough to keep you busy for the next 60+ years... ;)

  6. We were blessed with lots of grandparents and great grandparents growing up, so I really appreciate this post. Happy Birthday Grammy! What a wonderful way to celebrate. :)

  7. Your Grammy is awesome!!!

  8. awww what a special time! love all the pics.

  9. That is amazing! Happy birthday Grammy xxx

  10. WOW! I don't know you or your Grammy ...although I have been reading your blog for a couple of years now...I feel as if I know you and i had big alligator tears reading this post...the tiara was priceless...what did you day awhile back? FTW! It made me miss my gramma SO much...God bless gramdmas and the beautiful memories.

  11. Wow!! What a beautiful celebration. She is a beautiful lady!

  12. Thank you so much for sharing this! I loved reading this.

  13. seriously? made me cry!

    i miss my grandma so much!

    your grammy is one sweet little lady!



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