It's Crock-tober!

I don't know about you, but I LOVE my Crock Pot.
In the Fall/Winter, I try and use it at least once a week.
But, I am in a crock pot rut.
I have about 4-5 recipes that I rotate through.
(Including this, this and this)

It is time to expand my Crock Pot repertoire.
In honor of my favorite month, October & one of my favorite kitchen appliances, my Crockpot, I have declared it Crock-tober.

Do you have a go-to & fail proof Crock Pot recipe?
Do you want to get new Crock Pot recipes?

If so, join me for Crock-tober!

Crock-tober will be next Wednesday, 10.12.11
Come link up your favorite Crock Pot Recipes!
(Main courses, side dishes, soup, appetizer, breakfast or desserts! If you make it in a crockpot, link it up!)

I will also have a new recipe that I am excited to share with you!

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Let's use our Crock Pots this Fall & Winter!
I hope you will join in the fun next week!


  1. This sounds fabulous. I've been using mine already, but am always up for new yummy recipes to try. I've been thinking about buying a smaller crock pot because our 7QT one is just too big for two people. It's nice when feeding a group, but too big for us. What better way to convince me than new recipes, right??

  2. i am SO in! i always want to link up to your recipe parties - and this time i have one that I call my very own! :) woot woot!

  3. Crock-tober!
    you're so clever.
    I'll think on it.
    I love my crockpot too but I am also in a rut.

  4. This will be great! I can finally add to my 2 crock pot recipes :)

  5. Crock-tober sounds awesome! Always looking for new crock pot recipes. By the way, your "Cream Cheese Crock Pot Chicken" is a favorite in my house. :)

  6. What a crock! Im totally looking forward to this!:) Since going back to work full time my crockpot and I are best friends. So bring on the ideas!:)

  7. I am SO excited about this! Hopefully I can remember to link up.. I've been awful about blogging lately :( Totally in a rut!

    This is a great idea... can't wait to see what everyone else is making.

  8. LOL I love that the previous commenter said "What a crock"!

    So fun!

  9. I'm a bit of a crockpot loser, but I can't wait to borrow some ideas so I can take it out, dust it off, and put that baby to use!

  10. Fun--I'm up for the challenge--I think. I use mine on Wednesdays--football nights but I could use some help in the new recipe department!!

  11. I found a recipe for chicken cordon bleu last week. http://sixsistersstuff.blogspot.com/2011/06/slow-cooker-chicken-cordon-bleu.html - It was DELISH! I'm all for Crock-tober!!

  12. yay!
    I'm in.
    I have several faves I make weekly that I'd love to share :)

  13. SOOO in. but i need to buy a crockpot. sad, i know. i sold ours at a garage sale years ago because i never used it.

  14. Ooh, I have just the recipe. I will be ready.

  15. i have to confess. my crock pot lives in the garage and sorta frightens me. is it because i don't know what to do with it, or is it because crock pot cooking feels like cheating? i dont know. i have a stigma against it. and its ginormous. but just what if you changed my crock pot life with the linky?? i'll be checking it out :)

  16. Fun! I'll be a part of it :) Love this idea!

  17. my rock-pot is crock-tobering it right now! french dip sandwiches for dinner. so easy.

  18. You know I love a Larson Lingo recipe linkup! I don't have a recipe yet, but I'll come up with one so I can join in the fun. By the way, "Crock-tober" is so cute, clever and fun! Love it!

  19. yes! i can't wait.

    i use my crock pot all the time and definitely need some new recipes!

  20. This is too funny- I just posted nearly an identical call to readers on my blog. And this is not where similarities end- my maiden name is Larson. And I wrote about Fall.
    Amazing. All that to say, hooray for Crock-tober- I'm right there with ya! :)



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