10 on 10 :: October 2011

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month!
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}
Can't believe it is already October 10th!
This month is flying by!
Today was a busy day (It is conference week at school. Fun times!)
Here is a snapshot of our day!

On the way out the front door. I heart pumpkins.
Surprise Rain today. That was not in the forecast. Drizzly all day.
Good thing I had my new umbrella with me!
I had 3 Etsy sales today in my shop & 2 of them were the Cowgirl Invite!
I will be working on those tonight!
On my way home from school (Don't worry, I was at a stop sign!)
The girls wanted popcorn for a snack. Don't have to ask me twice.
Sneak peak of Claire's Halloween costume. Any guesses?
Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti. It's What's for Dinner.
Light up Pumpkin...Have I mentioned how much I love Fall? :)
Hope you had a great 10th!
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Also, don't forget to enter my Erin Condren Giveaway!
And, get those Crockpot recipes blogged....The Crock-tober Link Up is in 2 days!


  1. I always forget 10 on 10! And I NEVER remember until I see you blog! Darn! Great Pics Mel!

  2. love that umbrella, and the chicken spaghetti looks delicious!!

  3. happy 10th. my favorite is the rain on the window shot. loving the drizzly day. :)

  4. I have never made that chicken spaghetti but it is something I have always wanted too! It looks great!

  5. Chicken spaghetti---yumo! Glad you added the reminder about Crock-tober!

  6. this is so fun! i love the light up pumpkin. :)

  7. I participated for the first time this month with 10 on 10! It's such a fun link up!

  8. I really have been wanting to make that chicken spaghetti! And cute umbrella- love it!

  9. Is she going to be tinkerbell? My youngest is going to be her for Halloween. I LOVE your umbrella.

  10. Fun 10 on 10 Mel. I linked up today for the first time. I liked it. :)
    You got rain your way? I'm jealous.
    We got 100 degrees in our forecast!
    Cute umbrella.
    I've thought about making PW's chicken spaghetti multiple times but I am always intimidated for some reason. I think it's all the steps. Not to bad? I might try it.

  11. Great pics! I so want to try that spaghetti now!!

  12. I am with everyone else that chicken spaghetti looks delicious!

  13. I love your ten on ten set! beautiful pictures of your life. :) Also.. I guess tinkerbell!

  14. Awesome set!!

    We've been getting rain for the past 3 days. It's been awesome!

    I wish I would have remembered 10 on 10, but mine wouldn't have been as awesome as yours! I was stuck at work all day. :o)

  15. I reallly need to go and get some pumpkins for my front porch. Will be on my list for this week!
    And I took like 3 pictures today for 10 on 10 and then forgot the rest of the day. Darn!

  16. Just plain adorable. I always love peeking at your day.


  17. Looks like a great day!!! I actually included you on my 10 on 10 and linked to your giveaway. That chicken spaghetti looks delicious :) I love that light up pumpkin. Fall is my absolutely FAVORITE time of year.

  18. Wasn't the rain yesterday crazy?!

    I'm guessing Tinker Bell for Claire.

    We had PW's Chicken Spaghetti last night too! SO good!

    I can't believe it's October 10th... time to start working on Christmas... :P

  19. we are having rainy days too... boo! it has cooled things off and it definitely feels more like fall.

    i have the same light up pumpkin :o)

  20. Love the light up pumpkin and love your love of pumpkins!

  21. adorable umbrella! Great set, as always from you :)

  22. I am a new follower, and liked Erin on FB!



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