Today, Grammy (my Grandma) turns 100.
100 years old!!!!!
Triple Freaking Digits!!!!
That is amazing.
Even more amazing is that she still lives by herself!!
At 100 years old! By herself! In her own home!
Amazing, amazing, amazing.
Grammy, FTW.
(Grammy at age 3 - circa 1914)

Grammy was born October 27, 1911 in the Blue Hills of Idaho.
She was the 3rd child of 7 children.
(She and her youngest sister, Jean are the only ones still alive. Jean is the baby of the family & is in her late 80's)
Her family moved briefly to Oregon and then settled in Eureka, California.
She married and then became a bank teller for Wells Fargo.
She survived the Roaring 20's, The Great Depression & The World War Era.
She is a Daughter of the American Revolution.
We have had 44 US Presidents. Grammy has gotten to experience 18 of them! That is 40% of our total US Presidents.
When she was born, there were only 46 states in the USA.

In 1952, she had a surprise baby at age 41...my mom!
She has 2 daughters, 6 grandchildren, 7 great-grandchildren.
(with an 8th on the way, my cousin's wife is due in May)

(Grammy on her 99th Birthday)

Grammy is a remarkable person.
She is the matriarch of our family and has been through so much in her life but always has a positive outlook on everything.
She is an inspiration to all who meet her.
To know her is to love her.
I remember at her 90th birthday party -10 years ago- my cousins and I were all telling Grammy that we just knew she would make it to 100 year old. We chanted Triple Digits!!!
She said if she did make it that long, then she wanted Willard Scott on the Today show to mention her on her 100th birthday.
I emailed them in September about Grammy, but I never heard back.
Sorry, Grammy. I tried. I really wish you could have been mentioned on the Today show!
But, we are going to throw you an awesome 100th Birthday Party this weekend.
I can't wait to celebrate Grammy this weekend with all of our family...aunts, uncles, cousins.
All of Grammy's favorite people together in one place to celebrate her. Can't wait.

Everyone always asks Grammy her advice for living so long & for being in such good health (physically and mentally....her memory is still sharp!!)
Here is her list of advice:
1. Surround yourself with your family and people you love.
2. Drink Coffee every morning.
3. Have a Happy Hour cocktail everyday (Grammy's preference is a Cranberry Vodka)
4. Stay away from hospitals & doctors.
5. Be positive.

Congrats on making it to Triple Digits, Grammy!
(I hope to make it to 100 one day also...Grammy is my inspiration)

Happy, Happy, Happy 100th Birthday Grammy!
I am SO proud to be your Grand-daughter!


  1. Happy B-day from Italy, 100!!!!! OMG!

  2. Wow!!!!!!!!! A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM ENGLAND!!! xoxo

  3. FANTASTIC!!! Happy Birthday to your Grammy!

  4. Oh wow!! Cherish her!! She's beautiful! :o)


  5. words to live by! Happy Birthday Grammy!!

  6. Awesome! I went to my hubby's step-grandfather's 100th b-day party and few years back and will NEVER forget what a wonderful celebration it was. Enjoy your precious grandma and the time you have with her!

  7. Happy birthday to your grandmother! Inspiring and amazing! I hope I live to be 100 also!

    PS. Jon's sister's IVF did not work so I would like to amend my request for prayer.

  8. Go Grammy!!! #4 on her list is priceless. Bummer about the Today show...I wonder if you could tweet them???

  9. That's impressive! She sure has lived a full life. Happy Birthday to your sweet Grammy (:

  10. wow! what a wonderful milestone!

    happy birthday to your grammy!

  11. Love the advice. I'm going to pass that on to my kids (well maybe not the happy hour part...just yet).

    Happy Birthday Grammy!


  12. happy 100th birthday, grammy!!
    she is adorable, mel. loved this post!
    and her advice is after my own heart, including the cranberry vodka;)

    love you, happy thursday! xo

  13. As always, my favorite post of the year! The world is well when it's Grammy's birthday! LOVE her and I've never met her! Have a great time this weekend! Miss my grandparents, so give Grammy a big hug for me! :)

  14. I love her.
    Drink vodka and stay positive??
    I can do that!


  15. What a great post. I love celebrating that generation- like you said they've experienced so many major events in our history! Happy Birthday to her and now I've got good reason to enjoy a morning cup of coffee! :)

  16. Aww, happy bday to your Grammy!
    Love her tips for a long life.
    My great gma is 97 and she says a scotch or a corona a day is her secret! ;)

  17. Made me smile :) Happy Birthday to your Grammy! What a precious lady. Have a blast celebrating! I love all of Grammy's advice. Priceless.

  18. that is so awesome! :) i love the fun facts of what your grandma has lived through. pretty incredible! :)

  19. Happy Birthday! I love the advice. If life is happy (as hers seems to be), reaching 100 is awesome and such an honor!

  20. WOW! absolutely amazing! you have good genes, you lucky girl. happy (day-late) birthday to grammy!

  21. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAMMY!!! Congrats and wishing you many more..

    Sending birthday wishes from Kentucky!

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  23. i love granny and i love her advice.

    freaking hilarious.

    happy birthday to her! for the 100th time! WOW!!

  24. she looks better than me!!!!

    I love how you know so much about her life.
    You must make her so proud.

    happy birthday!

  25. What a sweet post, wow 100! Talk about a celebration, how cool is that!? Love it, #2 i think you said, "drink coffee every morning" yep!

  26. happy birthday grammy!

    she is so cute.

    i love her life rules... awesome.

  27. Your grandmother is
    absolutely adorable.
    How blessed you are to still
    have her!

    And her list is awesome.


  28. Your grandmother is
    absolutely adorable.
    How blessed you are to still
    have her!

    And her list is awesome.




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