Back in Business!

Happy October! It is my FAVORITE month of the year!
In honor of October, I (finally) re-opened my Etsy Shop, Daylight Designs.
I closed it for summer & meant to re-open it last month, but then busyness of Back to School started and I just didn't have time!

But as of today, I am back in business!

I have added a couple new designs, including the invite from Claire's Cowgirl Party
A new Circus/Carnival Invite:
Rainbow Party:
Important Dates Print:
Other favorites are also back in the shop:
And, the ladybug invite (from Claire's Ladybig Party)
Birth Announcements:
I have baby shower invites:

Wedding Shower Invites:

Holiday Cards will be added in November!

A few changes to my shop include:
1. Like always, fonts, wording & (most) colors can be changed.
I will not be doing any custom work at this time.
I just don't have the time between teaching part time, doing photography, being a mom of 2 little girls and being a Wife!
I hope you understand!

2. I will not be offering printing services at this time.
All invites will be sent to you via email for you to print on your own.
Again, I just don't have the time to do the printing & go to the Post Office.
Thank you for understanding!

Click HERE to shop Daylight Designs & view all my products!


  1. Yay for you! So exciting. I will definitely check back in November for Christmas cards. How fun would that be??? Happy weekend. :)

  2. Your stuff is so cute!! Will definitely be saving your shop so I can Christmas card shop! :). How does it work --would i email you photos that you put in the card?

  3. Hey Melissa...I went to Boulder today to cheer for your Buffs. It was my first CU game and it was VERY VERY fun!

  4. Yay for October!! And I will definitely be back for Christmas cards again this year. :)

  5. I'll definitely be ordering some baby announcements from you in January :)

  6. super cute designs... i will have to remember you for our next party! oh and i always enjoy the photos you take for Heather M :)

  7. Hey if you are not doing printing this year, do you mind telling me who your printer is? I loved the quality of ours last year!! Tons and tons of compliments.

  8. Your stuff is soooo cute and I was just thinking about Christmas cards...not that I'm that organized. I may be back to check out what you have. We're getting the family picture taken next weekend. Maybe I'll end up more organized than ever this year :)

  9. LOVE!!
    Excited for you.
    I've been designing some Xmas cards myself, but not sure they are ready for "SALE"...just messing around. It's fun!

    Also - props to you for limiting your options! It allows you to do your best work - as a mom, as a teacher, and as a graphic designer!! Love it.

  10. Are we allowed to promote one another in our listings? I would love to encourage my buyers to buy your circus invite! I would work with my tee!!!!!!

    I've always loved your party planning. In fact, I wanted so badly to have a pony Party for mckinley's third. I didn't come close to your amazingness. Boo.



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