A Trip to the Patch

One of my favorite things about Fall is our annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch.
My mom, the girls & I headed to the same farm/pumpkin patch that we go to every year.
It is simple, rustic & fun.
And, like we have done every year in the past, we go in the late afternoon.
We go always go at that time:
1. Because that is when I get off work
2. Because when you go in the late afternoon on a weekday, you have the whole place to yourself!
A downside of going in the late afternoon is that none of the rides are running, but my girls don't know the difference (yet). I don't think they even realize that these barrel cars should be pulled by a truck. But, it was fun for them just to play around on the cars (and free!)
And, we didn't have to pay for the corn maze because it was so late in the afternoon. I love the corn maze, although we have never successfully found the exit. We always go out through the entrance.
Another perk is that there is no one in the background of your pumpkin pictures :)
The annual posed pumpkin patch picture:
Another one of my favorite things about the patch is all the pretty gourds, pumpkins & fall decorations on display:

I just love all the colors & textures!
We stayed until the sun was literally setting & the patch was closing.It was a great day at the patch.
Can't wait to go again next year!


  1. Love!!! Such wonderful memories you're making for your little girls!

    You know, I live in South GA and have yet to ever visit a true pumpkin patch??? I'm trying to remedy that this weekend. :o)

    I'm with you! late afternoons look like the best time to go.

  2. So cute.. I love pumpkin patches and I love going to these places in the fall as well.

  3. Looks like so much fun. We are pumpkin patch peeps, too!

  4. Such cute girls you have.
    So fun.
    The patch by our house is so terribly over the top. It's really cheesy and I wish we had a fun farm close by. I guess that is why we go to Oak Glen and enjoy a less commercialized day in the mountains with the pumpkins and apple picking.
    Great pics. Love all those colors!!

  5. Such cute pictures! Looks like your girls had a great time!!

  6. Fun!!! We did our first corn maze this year. Two of them, in fact. One was just me and Matt and we got lost and quit after almost two hours. The other was with Mase (much, much smaller) and we actually found the end. Omgoodness.

  7. oh my your pics are so amazing!!! i am in love with pumpkin patches. i think i may love my kids more too when they're in one, it's just so much awesomeness in one place.

  8. How fun! We've got to go visit the pumpkin patch even though my girls are way too big for those rides. I just love getting the pictures. Love your pics!

  9. gosh, yet another reason why i miss norcal. this pumpkin patch looks so awesome. and trust me, i've been to a nasty one (the only one near us here in charleston) so i know a good one when i see it. at our pumpkin patch there were donkeys (doing the nasty), old refrigerators and car parts sprawled everywhere and cows with diseases pouring out of their eyes. no exaggeration. it was sick. i'm living vicariously through your patch visit. : )

  10. Great pictures. Love the fall. Your girls are darling. We are headed to one this weekend :)

  11. great pictures.

    i love going to the pumpkin patch. it looks like you had a great afternoon.

    your girlies are adorable.

  12. Just baked your pumpkin bread (2 batches!) for the first time this fall. It's actually the first thing I've baked in a long time. And it's a beautiful east coast fall day, so it goes perfect with a cup of coffee....thinking of you! Happy Fall friend!

  13. so fun...i think this is the one we went to...love all your pictures! we love the pumpkin patch too!!!

  14. These are all such cute pictures! We're going to go pumpkin patching this weekend, finally!



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