Sugar Weekend

This week has FLOWN by!
I am still recovering from Blog Sugar.
While I was in So Cal for the weekend, I didn't get much sleep.
Too much staying up late & chatting.
It was my first girls weekend in 2 years!
The last one was also in So Cal for the Project 320 Launch.
Here is a snap shot of my Blog Sugar Weekend via Instagram.

It starts off last Friday when I made these cookies to bring down to So Cal.
I also made these delicious chocolate chip caramel bars (aka: Caramel Crack)
Our flight was at 7 am on Saturday morning.
Which meant I had to leave my house at 5:30am.
If you know me, you know I am NOT a morning person.
And, I went to bed at 1:30 that night. Woke up at 4:45. Ouch.
Bags were all packed before midnight...that is a record for me!
(Yes, I used my 3 year old's suitcase. And, that is my vintage Gussy laptop bag, circa 2009)

View of the sky as we were flying (On the way back our flight had wifi. So neat!)
Myself and 10 other girls stayed at Julie's house for the weekend.
She lives out this poster in her guest room:
Our friend Heather wasn't able to make the trip, but she sent these adorable California cookies:
The agenda for Saturday was to go shopping & eat at Cafe Rio.
Cafe Rio did not disappoint. Yum:
Lindsey, Erin, Heather, Kim & Jeannett at Cafe Rio.
I was so excited that DrewB met us at lunch! Love her.
Drew, me & Julie:
After lunch, it was time to go to Coffee Bean!
A trip to So Cal isn't complete without going to Coffee Bean!
Saturday night we all headed to Fashion Island for shopping & dinner.
Excited to meet up with some other Blog Sugar girls:
{thank you Jess for the photo}

Dinner at Cheesecake!
(Denise, get off your phone!)
{thank you Jess for the photo}

Sunday was Blog Sugar Day, so 10 of us headed to The Dry Bar.
The Dry Bar is where you get your hair done & get a drink. So fun!
{thank you Jess for the photo}

Dry Bar Mimosa:
Mel is a happy girl right here:
Me & the girl at Nordie's who did my makeup.
Yes, I am tall. Yes, she is short.
Time for Blog Sugar!
My first session was with Heather who talked about sharing your story.
Then, I went to Lindsey's session about Balancing Life.
Both sessions were awesome.
Then I went to Julie & Jeannett's session about using your blog for good.
They BROUGHT it. Big Time.
Meg & Kimberlee. The Kansas ladies!
Blog Sugar was ending & I had to snap a picture of my friend Denise Vlogging. Hysterical.
Side Note: 2 ladies in that picture (Janae & Laura) are girls who I didn't get a chance to chat with & I am SO bummed.

Heading back to Julie's at almost midnight, Erin, Heather & I stopped at Sonic!
I got Tots. This is our car hop who roller skated our food to us. Wish we had a Sonic nearby!
Back at Julie's all of us sat around the kitchen & reflected on Blog Sugar.
Such a great night!!!
{thank you Jess for the photo}

So, there you have it, the Insta-Recap of my super fun weekend.
life rearranged
Click HERE to read my other Blog Sugar Recap!

I am still recovering from being gone for 2 days & not getting much sleep.
My house is a disaster, my floors are dirty & sticky, my laundry pile is unbelievably big and we have no food in the fridge. But, it was so worth it!
Looks like this upcoming weekend will be spent getting organized!


  1. Um, next time can I be the nerd that follows the cool girls around? :) Looks like you all had a blast!

  2. I love seeing your girls weekend through pictures! I keep hearing about the DryBar and I have yet to go... must put that on the schedule. Sound like you girl's hit all the fun OC places.
    I agree with Kyla, next time I wanna play with the cool girls too. :)

  3. Loved reading about the weekend. I almost feel like I was there! Was that a dream? If feels so long ago already!

  4. Dry Bar sounds awesome. Great concept. Do they blow out a short do? Great weekend recap. Girl time is awesome and so needed. It fills the tank, doesn't it???

  5. This looks like such a great time! And I'm sure it was so inspiring. Glad you had fun! :)

    Happy Friday! <3

  6. I always take pics of shopping and Sonic - great pics from what looks like a great trip!

  7. Such fun pictures! My house is in shambles too. Each day I've been trying to set one big goal for myself so it actually gets done--but it's taking so much longer than I would like...Oh well, at least Blog Sugar was definitely worth it!

  8. Looks like an awesome week for you!!! Love all your fun lovin pics!!!

  9. fun fun pics!

    i hearty heart heart sonic. i make too many stops there during the week. their diet dr pepper with cherry is my fave.

    it has seriously taken me all week to recover from blog sugar. yesterday was errands all afternoon. today i need to get laundry done and get the house cleaned/organized before our full weekend. i think i am ready for a nap already :O)

  10. What a great re cap!!! I love all of the pictures and kind of wish now I would have visited the Dry Bar. It looks so relaxing!

  11. This post makes me want to meet more bloggers. You look like you had a blast.

  12. you got to meet drewb!!!
    LOVE her.
    don't know if i told you this at blog sugar, but thanks again for the chance to win her unposing guide. i LOVE it! she has some really great ideas in there.
    i bet you are still exhausted, i feel like i am still recovering and i didn't even have to leave town for the weekend. :)

  13. So fun!!!

    I live right in the same area and recognized all of the places you visited. It would have been so funny if I had run into your group by chance...


  14. love all of the "sweetness" you captured. the cafe rio pic is so cute!

    i have always wanted wifi on the plane! what airline did you guys fly?

    heather m's cookies were DELISH and a total surprise that they were lemon.

    cheesecake factory was a blast.

    and denise's vlogging is SO out of control (in the awesomest way possible!)

  15. looks like you had an amazing time in CA, I'm bummed we didn't get to meet. Maybe at blog sugar 2012 :)

  16. Next year we need to get some quality time together Mel! It was so funny running into you girls at Fashion Island. Everyone in our group was walking and talking and I almost jumped when I saw you. I was saying "theres Mel...get outta my way!" :)
    Getting back into the routine has been tough on me. Thankful we've had this week off from school to recuperate!

  17. i feel slightly left out that i didn't get to enjoy that caramel crack.

  18. So fun. And I know you thought of me at The Coffee Bean, right? Let's play soon.

  19. Looks SO awesome!! Sounds and looks like all the stuff to catch up on was so worth it! :)

  20. Not that you don't always look so put together at school, but I so totally noticed how glam you looked with your "hair did" and makeup...Dry Bar and MAC makeup=fun girls day! Love it! :)

  21. Looks amazing!!!!!! It was fun to see some familiar faces :) Can't wait for next year's Blog Sugar-- I will be there for sure!! xoxo Such a great blog BTW!

  22. I am kind of mad that it is over. Like super bummed. It was so fun and went by so fast. It could have been seven days and not long enough. Come back!

  23. Would've loved to attend Blog sugar! You have a good way of storytelling through instagram :)

  24. LOoks like tons of fun! I wanna come! Thanks for the pretty pics of girls weekend! Can never have too much of that! Thanks for stopping by everyday beautiful!

  25. Such a fun weekend! I'm really regretting not going to blog sugar after seeing all of these posts.

  26. y'all are so fancy! next year, i should plan better and squeeze some pampering in before blog sugar;) love all your photos, those cali cookies are adorable!

  27. Loved your post... next year I am Definitely going to Blog Sugar ... until then I'll have to make due with a trip to the Dry Bar!! Thanks so for sharing your trip!

  28. love your insta-recap.

    your obviously jealous of my flip phone.

    i can't believe blog sugar was already a week ago. boo.

    word on the blogville street is cuppakim has a vlog airing tomorrow!! i can't wait.

  29. That looks like SUCH an amazing time. There's nothing in the world like a girls weekend. Um, that food at your first stop looks delicious. Glad you all had a wonderful time. Hope you got some rest over the weekend :)

  30. I would LOVE the recipe for those yummy looking chocolate chips and caramel bars. I recently tried your chocolate chip cookie recipe and I'm hooked!



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