Kate's Cinderella Party

Saturday was Kate's Cinderella Birthday Party.
About 6 months ago, she told me she wanted a Cinderella Birthday Party.
My response? Yes. Done. You got it!
So, for the past 6 months, I have been "mentally" planning this party and had ideas swirling around in my head.
I was SO happy with how it turned out!

Here are the invites that I made:
{Now available in my Etsy shop!}
Because Kate's favorite color is purple, I knew I wanted to have touches of lavender along with "Cinderella" blue. I made some tissue pom poms:
The pom poms were hung above a kids table that I rented. It sat 12 kids which was perfect because we had 10 of Kate's friends at the party, plus Kate & Claire, so 12 total!
When the little girls arrived, I had crowns set up at the table so each of them could make their own crown. One of my neighbors still had some mini pumpkins leftover from Halloween, so I asked her if I could use them for the party. I added some glitter paint to them to give them that Cinderella feel!
I also printed out some Cinderella coloring pages, so that they could color if they finished their crown.
Other decorations included some fresh flowers & balloons:
The tables even has glass slippers on them (thanks to my friend Erin for mailing them!)
Napkins & Balloon
At 11:30, there was a knock at the door & guess who walked into our house?
Cinderella, of course!
As she entered the Family Room, a hush went over the room & she asked the Birthday Girl, Kate to come up. All the little girls were speechless & in awe (including Kate!)
She read Kate a Royal Birthday Proclamation.
Here is the proclamation she read:
And, then she gave Kate a Birthday crown:

Then Cinderella sat the girls down & told them the Cinderella story and sang to them.
She was an AMAZING Cinderella.
You could have heard a pin drop when she sang. All the girls were so attentive.
I was SO impressed.
Claire (aka Belle) wasn't that impressed & walked away for part of the story time:
I think she was still a little bitter she didn't get a crown from Cinderella but Kate did.
After the story, Cinderella did some fun little magic tricks for the girls, like turning tea water different colors.
After story time, it was time for lunch!
The Spread:
I set up the food table in my dinning room:
The Menu for the kids:
Sandwiches (PB & J or Turkey & Cheese)
Mini Pizza Bites:
Bibbiddi Boppidi Fruit Kabobs:
Veggies & Hummus
For the mom's:
Carriage Wheels (turkey & cream cheese pinwheel sandwiches)
2 types of salad:
While the girls were eating lunch, Cinderella called up each of the girls for face painting.
I wasn't sure if Kate would let Cinderella paint her face, but she did!
Kate asked for a pink & purple butterfly:
I noticed that half my friends/family wore some shade of purple to the party.
I think the subconsciously wore purple in honor Kate :)
Claire loved getting her face painted:

After face painting, it was time for cake!
Here is the dessert table:
Behind the dessert table was a banner I made Kate:
I made these cupcakes & designed some fun toppers for her:
I made dipped pretzles (Princess Wands) and dipped marshmallows ( to resemble the pillow that the Glass Slipper was carried on)
And, of course, my mother in law made another one of her beautiful cakes:

She loved having everyone singing to her...big smiles!
Trying to blow those candles out....
Kate's favorite part of blowing out candles is getting to take them out & lick the bottoms! ha!
After cake, it was time for Cinderella to go
All the girls gave her good-bye hugs...
And walked her to the door....
They all crowded at the door because they wanted to see her carriage....
(But, she came in a car & parked at the edge of our court, so we had to close the door....all the little girls huddled around the door trying to sneak a peek)
The party wrapped up soon after that & it was time to say goodbye to our guests.
For favors I got each girl a Cinderella book (because Kate LOVES to read books)
And, they got a glass slipper cookie that my friend Heather made.
Aren't they adorable?
I made the favor tags.
Kate saying goodbye to her guests:
It was a memorable party, one of my favorites for sure!
Thanks to all who came & helped celebrate Kate's 4th Birthday!

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  1. Perfection! I bet you have one happy princess! Even if little sis is tad bitter... I can SO relate! :)

  2. It was such a cute party!! Belle and I had a great time!

    P.S. I've never loved a pb & j so much - best jam ever!

  3. I LOVE that party! I wish I was little again so I could have a party just like it. I guess I'll just have to wait until I have my own little girls. :)

  4. What a fun party! I bet she was in heaven when Cinderella walked in.

  5. Great party!! I love the cake and those cute cookies!

  6. Wow! That is one amazing party!! How awesome!

    You are going to have to tell us how you got a real Cinderella too!

  7. This is adorable!!! Love the touch of purple and blue together. Just beautiful. I am wondering what kind of turkey roll-ups those are. Would you mind sharing?!! Thanks!

  8. A great party Mel, happy Birthday Kate, from Italy.


  9. What a beautiful birthday party! Every detail you created is great! And how amazing was Cinderella- every girl's dream! Love that they were looking for the carriage :)

  10. Looks magical!!
    Good job mom.
    Makes me want a little girl even more! :)

  11. I don't know how you do it! Such awesome party ideas. Super cute. You have inspired me to actually start planning Ella's party...

  12. Mel, oh my word. This post brought tears to my eyes. What a perfect princess party!!! She will remember this for the rest of her life!

  13. That looks like an AMAZING party!! Happy Birthday Kate!

  14. Will you please plan my next birthday party?! You do the best parties. Your girls are so lucky!! Kate must LOVE Disney. She can come do the same internship I'm doing in about 15 years!

  15. I love Princess parties! With 3 girls I have definitely done my share of them.

    You did a wonderful job!!!


  16. OMG, I am going online right now to plan Anna's Sleeping Beauty party! And, don't be surprised when you have work to do in March for her birthday in April. AND, keep those princess dresses 'cause Kate and Claire are going to need them! SO GREAT!

  17. What a great party! You did such a good job with this. Love all the little details...princess wands, carriage wheels, etc. Lucky birthday girl!

  18. Love the party/pics and especially how beautifully you incorporated the purple/lavender in the mix

  19. Oh my! That looks fabulous! Perfect!! And where do you get a princess?! Is that a blessing of living in Cali?!

  20. What a beautiful party and birthday girl! You did an outstanding job Mama!

  21. That is just adorable! I hope I get a girl one day to throw a fun princess party for, your's is perfection! I loved licking the frosting off the bottom of my birthday candles, too. I loved all your little details and goodies!

  22. Such a cute party! All the details were perfect. I love that Cinderella came. So cute!

  23. Such a cute party! All the details were perfect. I love that Cinderella came. So cute!

  24. it was such a fun, cute party, everything you did was amazing! and cinderella was perfect!! :)

  25. Wow, you did amazing! I bet the girls were just in heaven:)

  26. What an amazing princess party, I think you thought of everything!!! I bet Kate was thrilled that you had a REAL Cinderella!

  27. find your blog adorable! how lucky kate is to have such a creative mommy!! LOVED the cake! you really did a wonderful job w/ her party!!!

  28. Cute party! Even a Cinderella in attendance!! Wow. What fun. Hannah just saw me looking at this post and came up to me and said, MOM Go back to those princesses! I think she would have loved that party too.

    Happy 4th to your Kate. :)

  29. Hey Mel!! I'm so happy you found my blog. I've missed all of my blog buddies :)

    That birthday party is amazing!! Girl, you should be a party planner. Cami was sitting here w/ me and said "Can I have that party please please?" So I may be trying to imitate it a little for her bday in May :)!!

  30. Perfect. Makes me wish I had a little girl. I LOVE Cinderella. So glad I came across this marvelous party.

    Just Another Day in Paradise

  31. Wow! what a magical party. love the beautiful details, the cake, cupcakes and the wands!

  32. Such a good time.
    Go to my blog - I want you to do a 20 truths and no lies post. I know you have some good ones.

  33. What princess wouldn't love that?!? Adorable! You definitely have a gift for hostessing:)

  34. Mel, this is a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Honestly, I've seen some cute parties but this takes the cake (ha)! LOVE the Magic wands and shoe pillows. What blessed little girls to have you as their mommy!

  35. yeah, that had to be every four year old's dream party...

    and cinderella showing up, that would have been so cool to see all of the little girls faces!

    happy birthday kate!

  36. What a beautiful party! You've outdone yourself. :)

  37. Wow, you are one fun mama! Love that party!

  38. Awesome party!!! I love it all. Super cute and I love that little Ariel girl... That is too cute.

  39. I absolutely LOVE this!! How I wish my daughter was little(r) again! Thanks for linking up. xo

  40. Oh my goodness! My girls would LOVE a party like this. How fantastic! Nice job!

  41. Oh, I love everything you did!!!!! I am bookmarking this in case my princess decides she wants Cinderella next year. Thanks for sharing!

  42. My friend's having a princess party for her daughter and I passed this along! LOVE the pumpkins and the slipper cookies!!!

  43. What a gorgeous theme! I love that you hired Cinderella! :)

  44. I thought that picture looked familiar! :)

    I probably already commented before, but I will again- what a beautiful party!!!

  45. Oh how fun! You are super talented!


  46. You have the best parties ever!

  47. Can't stop crying , thank God for a great mom like you .Beautiful party for the princess .



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