10 on 10 :: January 2011

Ten on Ten: 10 pictures on the 10th day of the month!
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}
Happy Monday & Happy 10 on 10!
It's the first 10 on 10 for the year 2011!

My morning coffee in my new *awesome* coffee mug that looks like a Canon lens. My mother in law gave it to me for Christmas! It trips me out drinking out of it because I keep thinking it is a lens!
Good morning! Ready for work!
The desk in my classroom, Hello Monday morning!
Lunch of Champions....Trader Joe's BBQ Chicken Salad is SO yummy!
On my way home from work (Don't worry, I was at a stop sign) It was 48 degrees at 1 pm.
Brrrr.....It has been SO cold the past few days.
(I am sure all of you who have real winter weather & snowy conditions are laughing at me right now)
We are wimpy Californians....we need warmer weather. We aren't used to this :)
While the girls napped, I was able to finish working on an order for my Etsy shop for Cowboy Invites & Cupcake Toppers. This is one of my favorite themes!
And, I cleaned the bathroom. Monday is my new cleaning bathroom day.
This scrubber is my no-sponge solution, since I am a sponge-a-phobe.
Which, by the way, I find comfort that I am not alone in my phobia. Thanks for all the comments & support :)
This scrubber brush worked GREAT! Totally recommend it!

Making dinner....Chicken Teriyaki Stir Fry! It smells AMAZING!
We are having an early dinner so we can watch the BCS National Championship!
We will be rooting for Oregon since they represent the West Coast. And, because it would be fun if a Pac-10 (soon to be Pac-12) team won. Plus, I have a ton of friends who went to Oregon.
And after the football game? The Bachelor, of course!

Hope you had a great 10th!


  1. What a great set! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Love your 10! It looks like you had a great day. Good luck with potty training.

  3. that mug is seriously impressive :)

  4. Love your blog! I have a question... and maybe you won't be able to reveal your sources, but can I ask how you design/print your invitations? I've been doing this on the side and would love some guidance!

  5. That coffee cup is AWESOME! Ah i would freak me out too!

  6. I love your outfit!!! So cute! And I've seen those mugs before, I want! :)

  7. Woo-hoo, hot stuff!

    Fantastic 10.

    I adore that mug. I've seen a few out there in Blog Land and just turned to The Mr. and told him that Valentine's Day is a no brainer this year.

  8. How adorable are they sorting the new underwear! Best of luck potty training! Finally getting my last one to flush on his own this week! Hoorah! Now,...wiping his own behind is next on the agenda!

  9. Hahaha, love the panty sorting, that's too cute! I forget to do this every month... I am putting it on the calendar for next month! Yay for cleaning bathrooms on Monday!

  10. I love your 10 on 10! That mug is seriously fantastic.

    And good luck with the potty training.
    **fingers crossed!**


  11. I seriously want your coffee cup...although I'm a Nikon girl...and I don't drink coffee. lol *goes to google anyway*

  12. First. Love your coffee mug. So much

    Second. Your work outfit is adorable.

    Third. I love that your scissors on your desk have your name on them.

    Love you 10!

  13. I just had to comment to tell you I love your blog line "live laugh photograph!"

  14. Love your pictures, especially the first one. Happy 10!

  15. My husband got me the same exact coffee mug for Christmas! And a portable flash drive in the shape of a mini canon :) Love it!! I will have to take a pic of mine and send it to you and we can be Canon coffee cup drinking buddies!

  16. I am going to copy all of your outfits, just FYI. They are very "me"... only stylish. :)

    Cute invites! And mmm... that stir fry looks awesome.

    Love Bachelor Mondays!

  17. great 10! your chicken stir fry sounds so yummy!! :)

  18. that mug is so cool!! your day was SO busy! but looks like you had some great moments. maybe not the cold one-brrrrr!!! happy day!

  19. That coffee cup is really neat! I think i would have a hard time drinking out of it to. Your dinner looks great! I love stir fry!
    Here is my 10on10 for Jan

  20. Your Monday outfit was super cute- and so were the girls sorting the panties, they remind me of my girl.

    {Whispers: War Eagle} :D

  21. I agree about the cold. It was in the 30s here in Houston this morning and to us that felt like the coldest thing ever! EmmyKate keeps telling me she wants to wear shorts again.
    And that dinner looks great. Can you post the recipe, or email it to me?

  22. LOVE that coffee mug!!
    We have a Nikon and I barely use it. I REALLY need to start taking more pictures!!

    Your Wed. outfit was so cute!

  23. I love 10 on 10 and one of these months I am going to give it a try! That stir fry looks so yummy! Give me the recipe!

  24. What great pictures! And I totally forgot to do it yesterday...bummer! Next month, I am writing it down now!

  25. Please share your stir fry recipe! It looks delicious!!

  26. LOVE this month's set of pictures!!! Visiting from 10 on 10...remember me? I'm the one who had poop on her jeans. I'm THAT girl.

    What is it you are eating with all the veggies? A stir fry. Looks delish!

  27. At first I was confused at you staying up to watch the Bachelor, but then I remembered you are in CA. The game ended here after midnight. My friend has that same coffee mug and loves it too. Oh how I love Trader Joe's and your dinner looks amazing. I love these 10 for 10's. I may have to try it.

  28. This is random, but I have a similar shower scrubber brush and love it! I use it with Bon Ami---only thing that gets my shower floors clean! And that Soft Scrub Gel w/ Bleach does wonders for the walls. It took me forever to find good cleaners!



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