Random Fact about me:
I am a Sponge-a-phobe.
a persistent, irrational fear of sponges & compelling desire to avoid them.
Sponges are also known to me as "porous rectangles of germs"

Sponges give me the heeby-jeebies.
I can't even touch them. They freak me out.
They are nasty germ & dirt traps.
What is that material they are made of?
Gives me the chills.
I avoid sponges like the plauge.
I do not and will not have a sponge in my kitchen sink.
For our dishes, I use a scrubber (with a handle, of course)
For our counter tops, I use Granite Wipes or I use Granite Cleaner with washcloths.
It is a great system for our kitchen.
My house has successfully been a Sponge Free Zone.
Our new Master Shower/Bath is a different story.
It is tile (the first tile shower or bath that we have ever had)
Nothing has been getting it clean enough.
I have tried several cleaners/objects/wipes.
Nothing made the cut. Didn't cut the grim like it should.
I knew the only thing that would really give it a good scrub down & cleaning would be a sponge.
So, I had to suck it up & buy a sponge.
Now, I just need to get over my fear & open the package.
Wish me luck.


  1. You can do it, Mel! I believe in you. :)

    Love your random facts.

  2. I'm a sponge-a-phobe too! I haven't had one in my kitchen in YEARS (probably more than 10!) Gross.

    Good luck with that bathroom tile cleaning. A friend told me about this Shaklee stuff to clean my oven and it's awesome. It got my tile shower cleaner than ANYTHING I've tried since we've lived here. It's called Scour Off Heavy-Duty paste. It's AMAZING. I'm hooked. I don't sell it but i bet you could find someone who does...and then you wouldn't have to use that sponge!

    Oh, by the way, I thought of you when I got my Caramel Apple Spice from Starbucks today. It was a treat for finishing my marathon grocery shopping! :)

  3. I hate sponges too! Gross. But my boyfriend keeps bugging me to buy some for the kitchen. Doesn't he understand how sick & stinky they are?

  4. I will not touch them either!! So gross.

  5. Mel, I'm an avid sponge user, on this we differ! (we're so much alike on so many other things, this one shocked me ...haha!)

    TIP: I put mine in the dishwasher every time I run it. It keeps it clean and I replace it about every week.

    BTW, we're a healthy family of four...just sayin'. :-)
    C'mon...don't be afraid of the DISH SPONGE!

  6. Put your sponge in the microwave for 2 minutes. It kills ALL germs. 100% effective.

    But don't listen to the Caltech educated scientist :)


  7. You crack me up! I hate the sponge, too, but we still use them. Actually, I mostly just hate dishes in general.

  8. eww! I dont like sponges either. I wont use them! I use dish rags and wash clothes! Good lukc with the shower!

  9. After every use I wash my sponge in the dish washer...try it it works! I sometimes think of you when I use a sponge lol

  10. So funny that someone else said they think of you when they use their sponge! Because I know you hate sponges, I have thought of you too! As in, Melissa would totally be grossed out right now that I am using a sponge! I do, however, use 2 separate sponges, one on the wand for dish washing, the other for countertops. I shudder when people use the same one-can we say, staff room?

  11. I hate sponges too, for the kitchen, but will definitely use one to tackle our tile shower. It's a bear to clean, but like you said, the sponge is the only thing that seems to work. Embrace the sponge, my friend, embrace the sponge! (I hope that didn't sound gross, LOL!)

  12. Oh no. That is a bad phobia to have. Good luck getting that baby opened. Showers are a pain to keep clean. Good luck!!

  13. soak it in a bleach/water solution after and you'll be OK :)

  14. I do not like sponges either :( We are a sponge free zone at our house.

  15. YES YES YES! me too. the smell. can't handle it. have you tried mr. clean magic eraser bath scrubber? he is my bf. definitely.

  16. I totally agree! I buy them to clean the bathrooms and throw them away after each use! Expensive, but well worth the peace of mind!

  17. I'm with you Mel! They seem smelly and slimy to me. Totally gross. My mom is so funny - she has the scrubbers with handles for the kitchen, and one is labeled "for clean dishes" and one is labeled "for dirty dishes." Uhhh - what's the logic? Why do you need a scrubber for a clean dish? And once you use it, isn't it dirty? And why would you use a dirty scrubber anyway?

    Sorry, that had nothing to do with your post.

    I only use a sponge for the bathroom, and like someone else said, I throw it away afterwards. Grosses me out. AND I use rubber gloves, which follow the sponge right into the trash. Eww.

    Oh! And I've heard the microwave and dishwasher thing before, but it skeeves me out to wash my dishes with that nasty sponge! How do I know the sponge nasties aren't getting all over my dishes? And how do I know the sponge nasties haven't plastered themselves to the inside of my microwave and will get all over my left over pizza? I just can't bring myself to do it. But if you will, I will.

    Holy long comment, batman.

  18. I have a special sponge thingie with a long handle for my bathroom. And kaboom!

  19. Oh lord, I hate sponges as well but find them to be (sadly) a somewhat necessary evil.

    When fiance leaves it sitting in the sink instead of in its sponge cradle, I die a little bit inside.

  20. Thanks everyone for your support of my phobia. I should have also mentioned I also have a phobia of those nasty rubber gloves *shudder* so, those aren't an option :) I did find a solution to my sponge-phobia....stay tuned :)

  21. i totally know what you mean!! i avoid them too as much as i can.

  22. Hate. Sponges. Ewww-ey. Yuck. I triple-heart cute dish towels but I actually hate using them, as well. Yes, I'm depleting the ozone and creating lots more trash by using paper towels but dish towels and sponges are sort of one-in-the-same to me....breeding ground for germs.

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  24. i found you by searching for a quiche recipe and had to comment on this post. every christmas my mom buys me one of those sponges because i despise them! but she loves them and thinks they should be in every kitchen in america. have you tried something simple like baking soda and vinegar and letting it sit for a while? i like making my own cleaners but shaklee steps in when i have a tough cleaning problem.



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